Three generations ONE roof

That is right, we moved the week after Christmas.  Not something I really recommend (“duh” as my friends, the lovely Fairbrother women, would say) but we survived.  Barely.  Merging households is NOT for the faint of heart either, but again we are surviving and dare I say thriving once again.  Everyone hates moving or at least understands its work but it always has its upsides too: organization, culling, throwing out, a fresh start, decorating opportunities and more. And as always, the opportunity to be grateful. We are moving . . . yes it’s work, it’s the holidays but hey we get to be homeowners and we have running water and heat and on and on.  So all is good with the actual move, on the flip side especially.


{I promise I have scraped these windows and adding new door hardware since this photo! BTW the exterior color is SW Dress Blues, that project was completed by the previous owner, Denetta McKelvy, she did so much!}

So this is the deal.  My mom had a cute tiny house on quaint Baylor St in our little town…the kids and I lived a few blocks over near their school (along with my walk-closet I do miss daily, I can admit it). It was great..she could get away at her house and rest and we could have our own time. In fact, the house the children and I were renting was so cute and wonderful it is being feature in the May issue of Country Living! But we didn’t own it and inevitably we spent a LOT of time together with Nana…most meals, some nights if I worked late she would have to go home to a dark house.  She did our laundry and picked up kids many days. (HUGE HELP be jealous) Oh and did I mention we (mainly she) are chronic house hunters.   So after nearly two years of me paying rent (“you are not building any equity” says Nana over and over, did I mention she is a Real Estate Broker) we started looking at properties often.  And driving our friends crazy with “how much would it cost to rewire this house and plumb it and convert the garage” on and on . . . . We finally deciding flipping wasn’t our best option.  She has done that many times in the past (before it was cool I might add) but with my level of work load and they boys sanity to consider, we decided to buy something a little more “done.”  And by pooling our resources we were able to do this more easily.  The figures just make sense.  Share a mortgage, share utilities, share the cost of yard maintenance, SHARE THE CRAZY lol and on and on.


{Yes it is a 1927 Tudor with painted brick, worth living with your mama for I say, even if does need some yard work still and a more fluffing but we thrive on that right? And can I just say i SO see a curved black awning with white trim over the front door!}

Of course there is a flip side.  An adjustment period I might.  My ego.  I will be honest, approaching 42 and “living with my mom” wasn’t my vision for life. But this isn’t the house I grew up in…we made the decision and share the financial burdens together. But still, two women learning to bend to one another and *gasp* give up a  little control of their castle is a journey you might say . . .  But we decided it was worth it.  We try to laugh a lot and apologize a lot when boundaries are crossed.  Oh yes it happens.  See my mom is a spitfire.  She is cute and small and always in a good mood but she IS BUSY and the safety police.  I am moody and more blunt and frankly this honey badger doesn’t care about a lot of her concerns (“Holly, there is crazy wire in the attic OMG what is it, there might be some cardboard under the house, that is hazard!!”).  Deep breaths.  But I really try to respect her and be loving to her.  Watching her go through breast cancer 5 years ago makes that a little easier for me these days. Although I may have said last Sunday,”OMG leave my sh*t alone” or something of that nature, I also know deep within my heart and mind that


So lots more coming on this social experiment.  And the house.  And meshing our stuff, and styles.  And how its messing up the boys.  I kid, I kid…they love it. They have their own rooms upstairs and a charming playroom and larger yard! Maybe Nana will even do a guest post.  Maybe she will even become a dog person eventually. Maybe I will become less controlling and moody and learn to let some little things not irritate me so much.  This may not be forever but it’s for now and it is good even though we are only about six weeks in . . . so I will keep you posted.

So pray for us, that this is a sweet chapter in our family’s story.


#dontmovemystuff (unless you are sweeping or vacuuming or folding clothes please don’t stop doing that)

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  1. Truly, a lovely new chapter is unfolding! I love the thought of multi-generational living, my mom and I look for houses all the time that could possibly suit my family plus my parents! so keep us posted – I just know you’re going to have great stories to share! So happy for you, your mom and your boys!

  2. Lol so glad you chose that word Holly. You and your Mom are such good role models for the boys…and you are showing them the right way
    to treat your mama! Can’t wait to see what you have done inside your new home. xo

  3. Holly I love this post so much. I don’t know you in real life but I have been reading your blog since the beginning. Your honesty and transparency makes your readers feel like you are speaking directly to them. Your openness and candor about your new reality is beyond refreshing and just so downright brave! Just know that you have bunches and bunches and bunches of strangers rooting for you and your family! ❤️

  4. Wishing all of you nothing but the best. The house has real potential and so do the relationships. Can’t wait to follow this journey. xo

  5. Sounds lovely- and fun!!! So glad to hear you’re moving into a content time & looking forward to all the home updates!

  6. Oh sweet friend, I love your honesty and your heart! So excited for you and this new chapter!!! Can’t wait to see how you decorate the inside! Hugs & Kisses

  7. How refreshing! Real life that I can completely relate to portrayed in a beautiful post for all the world to read & see! It is a blessing to have a mom with such energy doing life with you and your boys, helping you, because its HARD being a Mama & running a home & a business! Thanks for sharing with us! I can’t WAIT to see all the things you’ll do in this home…I will be inspired as always!

  8. Love everything about this post !
    I know that this is a true blessing for all of you!
    And YES to the awning!!

  9. Can’t wait to see what special touches you and your mom add to this house. It’s adorable already but not doubt you’ll put the cherry on top! Congrats on your new phase in life!

  10. I just love you.

  11. YAY! so great! Can’t wait to see inside. So great for your boys!

  12. I truly love everything about this post: your honesty, your humor and the beautiful place you now call home! This is going to be good, Holly. Really. Thank you so much for sharing the truths about this transition with us. I can’t wait to see the inside of that perfect house!!

  13. Did the same thing with my father years ago. It had its struggles, but his presence and support enabled me to work shift work at the hospital (required for all employees), keep the homefires burning and provide an adult presence for my 3 daughters. My father has been gone for 5 years now and I really miss him. He was such a help and my girls loved getting to know him better. Embrace this time of your life. What’s wrong with sharing a home? It was a norm generations ago. Love it.

  14. The house is so pretty. I love the color!
    I love your honesty. I think we can all relate with the “don’t touch my sh@t” comment!???

  15. Holly…..such a cute house and I think this is a good idea cause it’s hard to live with anybody even a husband:) Congrats!

  16. JoAnn Heath says

    Hey, Holly! When I was in college, I had this one roommate who I loved, but her habits drove me
    crazy. I always said she was preparing me for marriage. No matter who we live with or bump against in life, it’s a refining fire, huh? So, prayers for grace for both of you! Hoping to see you this summer to work on the dining room. (We’re also talking about moving, so consider yourself warned!) ?

  17. Holly,
    I so admire you for making the tough and smart decision to do this. I know how challenging it can be for both parties. I’m probably more like your mom, but remember well how much I valued placing things where I wanted them when I lived alone, and wouldn’t want things moved. 🙂 Still, your sons will have this wonderful memory of the years they lived with Nana. (My grandma (favorite person ever) lived next door when I was growing up and I wouldn’t trade those years for all the gold in in the world.)
    The house definitely has charm and curb appeal and I know you will make it wonderful.

  18. So inspiring!! Starting over is not a sign of failure, but a mark of courage – Scott Stabile

  19. Your mom sounds just like my mom! Your kids are going to be so blessed to grow up with such a strong connection to her.

  20. Love you dear Holly! <3 <3 <3

  21. i love reading about the latest chapter in your life…i truly believe that the best is yet to come for you Holly!

  22. I LOVE this house…I can’t wait to see more! Also…looking forward to your feature in the CL May issue! I really miss you not being able to post, like you use to…but, I will take what I can get!!! 🙂

  23. Love it!!! I can already see the line of shrubs under the window and sweet shutters❤ Hey…how about a Jimmy Don sign=;)

  24. This is wonderful. such an enriching experience for these boys to have two strong capable women looking out for them. It takes a village…

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