Happy New Year

Popping in to wish you all a Happy New Year and DECADE. Wow I just can’t believe it is really 2020! The last decade has been full of a lot of ups and downs for our family and I am grateful for all of you here and IRL that have followed along with our story, this blog and Holly Mathis Interiors.

So a few exciting things to share…

First off, a new website will be launching here sometime soon, likely before the end of January. The new site will continue to have a blog space where I will periodically check in like I am now; But more importantly it will have an updated portfolio FINALLY and more! Y’all I have blessed with so many wonderful clients and projects in the last few years and there are so many photos and much inspiration coming!

Recent projects in progress

The new site will also have more digital resources dropping throughout the coming year! Quick and easy digital downloads, online classes, video and more! I know we are all so bombarded with beautiful content and it can be overwhelming. You can go anywhere to get your inspiration and ideas but for those of you who want to see MY recommendations and what excites and inspires me it will be here and more importantly I will be here, Through better e-consults/home coaching, classes, downloads and new ways to work together that WILL work even better for you to get YOU where you want to be with your home in the coming year and decade.

Because don’t we need homes we love that comfort and shelter us more than ever from this crazy world?! Not just stuff and unattainable perfection but conversation and ideas about creating real homes for our families and lives. That is what I want to bring you in the next decade. Beauty + Inspiration with Authenticity.

I also celebrate a major anniversary this year, 15 years in this business! It is hard to believe this all began when my big teenager was just a newborn. How many of you remember this article that started it all. Much of the early part of my business and the next decade included e-consultations as we called them back in the day before instagram, even Pinterest and other apps. My online business grew even faster than my local business early on and eventually it became very overwhelming and I backed off accepting that type of consulting. And then my local work soared and now it has maxed me out somewhat. But I love them both. And I want to do to them both but better with more intention. I have just had crazy growth and I am grateful, it has been a wild ride! After nearly FIFTEEN years of this back of forth balancing both online and local clients (and raising kids, flipping houses, surviving divorce and hard transitions) I am ready to hone in on new services. I have spent time being mentored, coached, thinking, praying, and figuring out what mix of business works for our family and my clients moving forward. I will be talking more to you about this coming weeks both here and in your mailbox if you subscribe. It’s mind boggling how we can communicate and learn and create in 2020 compared to even 2012.

So I am rebooting much of my thinking and planning around digital and local services and how those offerings will look in 2020 and beyond.

Looking back I see God’s plan, wisdom and provision in the push and pull I have seen in myself and my business as far as working with clients online, then more local, then rethinking online and a healthy mix, classes etc. Even (or maybe especially) my personal trials have taught me so much about the home and priorities. It’s has been hard but beautiful to see how God does truly bring beauty from ashes. Easy? NO, but rich and full of lessons I wouldn’t trade and have me made more prepared me for this new chapter!

Some amazing local projects I have worked on the last 5 years have really taught me so much about every aspect of style and design at all budget levels. I am ready to share all of this with my wider audience online. That is exciting!

I have learned so much through both life and big design projects in recent years and I am ready to share some of that with you here! I have good nuggets that can be used at any level in your home. I have realized I can’t travel to every state or take every project and work with everyone individually but there are so many ways we CAN work together and create in the next decade! I can’t wait to inspire and help you with your homes in the coming years!

And as all working women know, so much of our work life reflects our seasons with our children and what we are able to do when they are napping versus driving etc. Hard to believe I have been decorating that long but it is here and I am grateful for the road and all of the lessons and ready to bring some of that back to you here, ONLINE!

So stay tuned. I am here for you as we wade through this mountain of content on social media and all of the home sites and real life. I know it’s a lot y’all. It is a lot for me. But we can keep it in perspective and keep the main thing the main thing as we create homes in the years to come!

Homemaking should be a joy not stressful or anxious and I want to help you navigate and feel good about your spaces so you can live life!

Drop me a note in comments if you have thoughts on any specific download sheets on online class you would like to see from Holly Mathis Interiors.

Maybe a series on paint colors, a course on kitchen remodel tips and tricks, how to navigate choosing a home builder? Or just my favorite ceiling fans or shopping hacks? I know I have asked this before probably and I have heard from some of you and it has helped me get to this place.

Don’t be shy, tell me what you see out there and like, don’t like and would like to see HERE!

[A note about LOCAL projects: I am booked locally for Spring/Summer 2020 but please email if you want to get on waiting list for Fall 2020 and tell me about your local project if you live in Brenham or Round Top, Texas area]

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  1. Barbara Moore says

    I’m in for it all! Such exciting things are coming for you. Can’t wait.

  2. I’d love to see posts with affordable, ready-made decor that fits your aesthetic and is available to the general public. I also love seeing current projects and would love as many details on each one as you’re able to share. I understand the projects must stay custom, so you can’t share sources, but I am interested in the whys of your decisions.

  3. Could you discuss bookshelves please.?? Congrats on your new ventures! While I’ll miss your store on 290, this new direction sounds fun! Happy New Year!!!

  4. I love the new and exciting things that are ahead! I can’t wait to see it all, and have the opportunity to have more of your design and inspiration at my fingertips. This “New Year” is going to be wonderful, in so many ways!

  5. Kim Lippard says

    Holly, you have ALWAYS been one of my favorites. Your style is so 100% what i strive for in my home. I have been around since that FIRST ARTICLE! I promise! I saw it and still have it saved! I have Ballard design tan buffalo check in my den. Blue and white dishes and ginger jars everywhere!!! Classes would be GREAT! Choosing paint colors is a MUST. And for me personally, things that can be done to improve my home on a budget. I’m retired now, so i have time to “fluff” and style, i just don’t have the $$ any more!!! But this is my season of life right now and i am going to embrace it and cherish it. I’m so excited for you and what is to come.

  6. Yay!! Glad that you’re back. Excited to see what is in store 🙂

  7. Holly,
    It’s invigorating to be reinventing your business for what will suit you and your family’s needs. I always enjoy your posts and the creative ideas your share.

  8. I wish you the best in your new ventures. I’ve always appreciate your design work and love your style, and I look forward to what you will be doing this year with your blog.

  9. I am so excited for you!! It must be comforting to be able to see the path you have been on and put it all in context….seeing God’s plan for you! I can’t wait to see what is coming next but feel sure it will be up to your usual par excellence! Live in The Woodlands and always wished I could bring you over either in person or via this format. Can’t wait to see what you can share. Replacing my front door in a very traditional older home is on my radar. Maybe you have some thoughts on that? Happy New Year/Decade!!

  10. Hi Holly! This is so exciting! I am always so inspired by your curated, collected, but “real life” approach to decorating. It was you that inspired me to put a dough bowl filled with crayons on my dining room table and deem it part of my season in life. I would love more inspiring pictures of family homes. I always love your images filled with buffalo check drapes, blue and white chinoiserie, a pop of red, pine and, gasp,! Ikea 🙂 I’m always curious about your shopping finds and how you mix high and low. One day, I’ll do an online consult with you. Until then, I’ll continue to be encouraged by the images you post and your outlook on life. XO, Kari

  11. Your older posts that I have liked the most and returned to were the sources, specifically affordable and accessible to non-professional options for fabric! I love that checks (your trademark for years!) are rising in popularity making them more accessible, so it would be great to know if new recommendations.

  12. Beth Leakey Fridley says

    This is So exciting Holly! I can’t wait to see all the goodness on the new website! Happy new year

  13. Hi Holly! I love your work. Would you consider helping me pick out window coverings for our living room? This would be an eConsultation, as we live in Illinois. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish this year! ~Miranda

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