Checking in from our home to yours

A big hello and huge hug from Texas to everyone out there sheltering in place and hopefully keeping safe.  For anyone going through loss of a loved one or suffering with this awful virus. Please know my family is praying for you and send the deepest sympathy from our family to yours. We never knew this was going to happen and its such a sad reality for so many of our families to be apart and experiencing such isolation and suffering.  

For many of us, we are simply HOME.  HOME a lot.  And many of us LOVE OUR HOMES so this should be a no-brainer right?  But it can still be a challenge.  We miss going out, or having others over.  But we will be together soon.  And this post is just about that. …MOVING FORWARD, in small ways together, that is why I am working on some “designer downloads” and private discussion groups online

I even have decided I WILL do another HMI Creative Class as soon as safe, this summer hopefully or fall 2020 or maybe 2021 0r 2022 but I am NOT GIVING UP.  I have done 5 classes in the past years and while I enjoyed them all they pushed me so far out of my introvert-ness I wasn’t sure I wanted or could do more to be honest. I was pretty much done in many ways. BUT THIS EXPERIENCE HAS MADE ME SURE. Sure of my purpose to make the world beautiful, nurturing, not materialistic but homey. Its been a time of clarity. So there will be more ONLINE SOON because well we are home and need it But there will be more in PERSON in the future as well. Mark my word.

For months, honestly years I thought I would move “it” all online.  Make myself less out there less vulnerable, less a brand even if it meant a financial hit. But this Covid experience has convinced me of the need for BOTH. I need you and we need to talk about HOME and making homes and beauty together online but in person too! I feel finally read to DO THIS!

So CREATIVE CLASSES and more digital downloads will be going online soon (pray I can get the tech together not easy) and there will be continued LIVE appointments (of course but not many more e-consults like the olden days, big consults I am booked through end of year praise God) and EVENTUALLY EVENTS, maybe yearly…who knows?!

But this has to happen again. Its hard to replace a hug from this handsome fellow or hearing his voice but getting texts from him and others of you checking in is pretty awesome..seeing y’all connect and stay in touch and meet up on your own even and remember these classes means the world to me…we WILL create that community again online and IN PERSON! When time is safe and right, I know it in my bones, this is just a season y’all or staying apart, a refining fire to make us appreciate one another and home and beauty and our Creator and Master Designer even more.!

YEP, we need both, I finally get it! Covid taught me…its not all or nothing.
We don’t have to be in a classroom to learn and interact. . .But we can be and we can learn online too and Marco Polo to stay in touch, we can DO IT ALL. NOT ALL THE TIME MAYBE but a mix. We all know that more and more and I am trying to figure out the best way to deliver this kind of interaction to you as easily as possible.  Facebook groups, group chats, old time e-consults and OMG PHONE CALLS; Imagine that! I might even get a land line!

SO DO ME A FAVOR….Please check below if you are familiar with the following for online classes and communication:

  • Kajabi
  • Zoom
  • Or do you prefer private facebook groups
  • E-consult, phone call?
  • Marco Polo app

What will be on our talk agenda first??? yep COLOR!

There will be fresh flowers, hugs and mimosas again soon!
Porch luncheons and design talk will be back  but for now stay safe and hold on to the on to the ones you love! And watch for online offerings.

YASSSS, an ONLINE PAINT CLASS WILL BE UP SOON. And while the traditional classroom and design consult may be on hold, it’s not gone forever! But for now we will do a an online paint class delivered via video and multiple platforms likely KAJABI which I promise you is SO EASY FRIENDLY! There will be tutorials and more info coming soon regarding signup and how to get to the material and see it and learn and interact!

Image by French Blue Photography

Please know my family is praying for you and sends the deepest sympathy from our family to yours if you have lost loved ones or are on front lines. We never knew this was going to happen and its such a sad reality for so many of our families to be apart and experiencing such isolation and suffering.  

Image by Buff Strickland

For many of us, we are  simply HOME.  HOME a lot.  And many of us LOVE OUR HOMES so this should be a no-brainer right.  But it can still be a challenge.  We miss going out, or having others over.  But we will be together soon.  And we will talk about our homes and how they nurtured us and kept us safe and warm and helped up care for our families all the things. How we want to change them, be more content and more. Until then, stay safe and please leave comments about what you are enjoying about your home, what you are changing, what you hoped to accomplish, what you care about classes if you even care at all. Be unfiltered, I can take it and I want know how you are doing at your house and in your HOMES!

Because this country is truly only as strong as each home!

note: beautiful food by Tara Royers Steel or Royers Pie Haven and flowers by Maggie Bailey of Bramble and Bee….so many talented people helped pull this first amazing class together and we will do it again one day! Thanks also to Natalie Dawley of Two be Wed, Natalie Lacey Lange for Photos! I am surrounded by women who love and support me so well.

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  1. So happy to see this post! I don’t want to miss the next class – regardless of the format. This has been such an interesting time filled with lots of introspection. Home has long been one of my favorite words – and all if this time at home has given me some new perspective. Sending you hugs.

  2. Sarah Pettigrew says

    YAY!! SO GLAD to see new blog post up!! Made my day!

  3. Im off to a Zoom meeting. Still all new ways to communicate. Thanksforthe update. I do have a question. What is the pant color of that front door please? It just looks so happy and welcoming! Hope you are enjoying your day! Linda

  4. Mary Catherine says

    Holly! So glad to see you are back! Home is where the heart is and so very grateful to have one! Working on a few project around my home (now that I actually have to use my extra bedroom as an office) and such. Will be so happy to join a virtual class in any format!

  5. Mary Jane Moore says

    So glad to see a new post Holly! I’ve been busy painting. Living room/Dining room, Family Room/Kitchen, office/craft room and my daughters bedroom done. Master & Guest bedrooms still on list along with 2.5 bathrooms to paint. Then all the woodwork, ugh. Our family moved to Alaska last June, everything in this home was peachy beige. I’ve been following you since Better Homes & Garden article years ago. Love your style and would love to see move photos of projects you’ve been working on. Stay safe!

  6. I love you, my friend! You’re a superstar.

  7. Karen B. says

    I am so happy you have some upcoming classes online and in person. You inspire me with your style and ideas. We’re all good here, but I pray for those who are on our front lines and the patients who are fighting for their lives. It’s a strange time. But I believe we’ll survive stronger.

  8. Jacki Salinas says

    So glad you’re going to be doing more classes! And hopeful that I can participate! I just love your style, and I love who you are!

  9. I am ready for a front porch class so I can hug your neck and hear all of your wisdom! Love you so much!

  10. Kim Lubs says

    There are SO many reasons you always stand out in the design community to me and THIS POST and all you said is WHY. There are times I check out of the design community because it is all too much…too much of the same replicated in different homes, too much repeated content & messages. It becomes stale. But then a blue moon and a post from Holly Mathis and I get all the heart eyes again😍. This global pandemic has reinforced to me that HOME is our HAVEN & our SHELTER from the storm. My heart has been overwhelmed with gratitude for my home and all its elements during this quarantine…even the floors I LOATHE & wish I could rip out and replace right this minute! And tapping into my creative side gives me an escape and a peace from the storm of uncertainty outside. I attended your 1st design class and it was heaven to me. I felt at home, in my element, and surrounded by like minds. I would attend another one in ANY format.

  11. Would love to join a class soon! Zoom or pea are fb group. Love your fresh take on all things beautiful!

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