CURATE welcomes Kayce Hughes art

So excited that we will have 9 pieces of Kayce Hughes art to share with our customers. If you are here from Round Top or live here in Brenham you can see Kayce’s art in person…we may have something you love or it may help you decide to contact her for a commissioned piece.

I adore Kayce and have followed her work and been her online buddy for years..remember PEARS AND BEARS????

I love this piece, classic Kayce style!

ID by Pencil & Paper Design in Nashville, we won’t have THIS piece
but def some similar and smaller!

We also still have Artie Vanderpool and many other artists work to browse as well. Kim B our CEO and head curator is KILLING it on mixing this art and finding good pieces!

Kayce back in the day, and she just gets more lovely, she won’t be at this event but hoping to get her on the phone???

I am also loving this little space y’all! Curate Art & Decor has survived covid I think! It’s feeling like home! My office is even getting organized upstairs and you can take a peek! Please come visit. We are a located at 712 Park Street in Brenham, see post below for more info! SHOP LOCAL SHOP SAFE *we do have a tiny space BUT we have lots of outdoor space for social distancing and we have sanitizer and masks if you forget yours!

HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! And have a blessed Holy Week if you share my faith,


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