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I want to share these pictures from recent project/preperation for a little get together–hosting my book club..I wanted to use my big collection of friendly village dishes, a book page/decoupage element on pumpkins, pumpkins for placecards, leaves, get the harvest table works well with this and I loved mixing my chairs and adding white..actually, loving that (the white chairs) was a big surprise, i thought i would need to paint them black for fall but the white was great.

But my favorite thing was FINALLY completing the big chalkboard I used for a menu..i have had this frame for years (it is old but turned out to be a standard hole size..praise God!) I was able to buy a pre sized artist board that fit perfectly and just painted with the trusty chalkboard paint and voila! If you desperately want a big chalkboard but dont want to pay Ballard over $200, just wait until Hobby Lobby puts their big open back frames on sale for half the biggest gaudiest frame they have (or whatever style you like), paint it shabby, sand or throw out in the yard for a few days to rought it up.. and get an artist board for any easy fix..they come up to 16 x might be able to find something larger, foam core might even work but if you are like me and dont use a saw and dont want to have to wart your husband to help, this works great!

My other favorite thing from all of this was the gold ribbon on my dress form just thrown on like a scarf, I actually intended to use that on the table and just threw it up there for “storage” and then LOVED it..isnt it funny how little things just work sometimes and happen by accident..i am sure no one noticed but me but i love it! love the gold with the color of the form and red walls.. little things make us happy!

*edited to add** i got a question about the little creamers…the tags are labeled with dymo tags indicated the creamer flavors;;

Hope you are enjoying the last bits of fall decorations before the chaos of Christmas begins…


What are your favorite tablescape ideas?? I am not a great cook so I keep it very simple, do the same thing over and over (can we say chicken salad), or buy the food BUT I like for it to look nice of course. I figure hey, we all have different gifts right?? So what are your tricks?? I obviously like to use fabric, this tulle worked great for a baby shower..or even just short lengths of cute fabric not even sewn like on the easter table. On the Christmas table I used this crazy leopard felt to add to a store bought runner..hmm, maybe I should have used that time and effort on trying a new recipe???

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