House updates–The Study

We keep loving our new old house and doing more little by little like getting drapes, things on walls, and shrubs for out front. Here a few more peeks.  I hesitate to show full room shots because well it’s just not fished and perfect but that’s okay. It’s a home and it takes time as I have said and I know y’all understand.


The biggest transformation has been in our little study.


When we bought the house I knew I wanted gray walls and a cozy place for chairs after all it’s only 10 x 10!  All of the elements above are finally really coming together! We really want vintage leather chairs for this space eventually but that will be a big splurge so for now I have done IKEA karlstad chairs and ottoman and they have been slipped in a dark gray by LS Slipcovers (of course) the long skirts and fabric really changed the look of these chairs.  They are actually so comfy, I think the high arm on these chairs makes them especially comfy for Ikea furniture and I may have Laura add down cushions to really add comfort.

Below is the view from the kitchen. And you notice we chose the Schoolhouse Electric light in our lighting debate  . . .


It’s the Vega 5 in brass and we love it.  Even my husband. Come to find out his light he wanted to use needed some work after all so this was a great alternative. Right babe? “His light” needed rewiring and some work anyway. If you follow me on Instagram you know about this lighting discussion we had going between my husband and I;; Thank you Schoolhouse for this fab light! If I am ever in Portland I will so be visiting in person!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.39.02 PM

Another one of my favorite things in this room was unplanned..the botanical chart from IKEA in the photo above..yes IKEA…I had this piece rolled in my garage still in the box for maybe 2 years or since it first came out…never knew where I would use it but it anchors this space..I need something big with so many smalls on the shelves.  There is a lot going on in this tiny room.  Notice the trumpet and the big tortoise shell I found at Round Top…it’s on a stand..I couldn’t resist. I hung my friend Sheryl Campbell’s beautiful little paintings of the Mississippi River at sunrise and sunset inside the bookcase window area, I love how the chairs nestle in the window space.  It means no room for drapes but that is okay.


I got this little ladder at Round Top its from an old dept store apparently…love it! Not exactly a library ladder but i love the nod. This wall is opposite the chairs. There are shelves on three walls and a portion of the fourth.


I am just playing with this vintage ribbon may not stay?

You may remember this space was originally very dark stained knotty pine.


I am sure it made many wince that we painted it but we really like it and well it’s our home and we want to love every inch. My husband and I sit in this room a lot while kids are in TV’s also a great place for coffee and just thankful for this tiny little room filled with books we love!

Below this is looking in directly from the entryway. I love the little barley twist tea cart because it has wheels and makes for easy coffee maneuvering;  BUT I may end up getting a lower and larger end table. I have to come clean that lamp is totally from Hobby Lobby lol. I actually used some in a client’s gorgeous house too and they work..they are a great scale… I have a great vintage one but it’s just too big for the space. There is no shame in the Hobby Lobby lamp y’all (if used with caution); And yes I may have changed the shade.


I am still tweaking shelves and just when I think i have it like I want it, I find another box of books somewhere!


So there you go..our little study!  I think I will likely streamline shelves a bit and add sisal under the old rug to give a layered look. I have already added the martini stool from West Elm just since I took these photos!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.29.55 PM

A big “thank YOU” to Schoolhouse Electric for sending the Vega 5 in brass to us….we love it and  we worked with Schoolhouse on several other lights in the bathrooms, can’t wait to show you the striped schoolhouse shade we used in the boys bath upstairs! Select Blinds also sponsors my blog and gave me a great discount to use my favorite blinds throughout the house. What a blessing. These are lined but not privacy lined.  I wish wish wish I had made the extra investment and gotten the “top down” option on these blinds like I did in our master bathroom. In full disclosure these items were discounted (the blinds) or “comped” (the Vega 5!!) but I would not have used them if I did not love them in the space be assured! For more on my disclosure and blog policy read at bottom of page here. Basically and simply some of my favorite companies have offered to work with me and give me discounts or sample items because I have already used their products so much and recommend them to clients and readers and we know its a good fit for us to work together.


{Sources: Ikea Karlstad chairs and slips by LS Slipcovers, antique rug from Round Top/The Arbors’ MR Rugs, Vega 5 overhead light in brass from Schoolhouse Electric, SW Intellectual Gray on walls, Selectblinds Tropical Isle blinds in bamboo tortoise, pillows from etsy, lamp from Hobby Lobby, Buffalo check blanket purchased over a year ago from Schoolhouse Electric, tea cart from ebay,} Note: I noticed the bamboo tortoise blinds are out of stock right now at Select Blinds but order samples there are several similar including the New Guinia camel..their samples are fast and simple to order and really help with decisions.

Thank’s for looking y’all..I will try to share more soon!

Gorgeous pumpkins

I have such a thing with pumpkins, I love the ghost and heirloom variety and its something I splurge on every year.  I would rather have scads of awesome pumpkins every fall than buy lots of fresh flowers throughout the year (don’t get me wrong I love tulips and other great cut flowers but pumpkins top the list!) And yes I love the PLUSH pumpkins offered by my friends at Leftovers Antiques here in Texas and online at LoveFeast Table! LoveFeast is sponsoring the blog this month so I wanted to highlight their pumpkins, acorns and more!


You have probably seen the LoveFeast pumpkins (made by same source as the Leftovers pumpkins) on other blogs and websites…be sure and look closely and don’t be fooled by imitations! Did you know that LoveFeast also sells my beloved Sugarboo art and products as well as some gorgeous tablecloths and other home decor, baby gifts, etc… I love this little bag and other items for teacher gift or a friend (or myself!;;)!


So sweet!


But it is the plush pumpkins with the wonderful stems I always think about when I think of LoveFeast and what Chris Ann and Kristin do!

Have you seen the new linen and metallic pumpkins???


And the acorns…I love the acorns but the problem ladies is I wanted about FIFTY! lol!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 6.23.50 PM

I love the colors and I love their friendship!


Admire them so much! Read more here!


I also admire how they articulate their philosophy

A beautiful life is built of many pieces—the people, things and experiences that inspire us to breathe deep and savor each step in our journey. 

They believe that beautiful things happen around the table as families and friends share and do life.  And good to remember this time of year!


So I am thrilled to have LoveFeast as a sponsor on the blog!  Be sure and check out their acorns which I love and the breast cancer Hot PINK pumpkins that benefit Breast Cancer Research..

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 6.23.23 PM

I need to get one of these for my mom, a breast cancer survivor (she is doing well thank you for everyone that continues to ask and pray) and she is a lover of plush pumpkins!

Note: Holly Mathis Interiors occasionally does blogs posts highlighting sponsors who purchase ads.  They do pay me fees for their ads and I will always disclose any products or paid advertising at the end of posts.  I also work with several online shops and ad networks such as google to help with the expense of maintaining the site. As a rule I do not do embedded links or giveaways. Read more about my blogging policy and philosophy at the bottom of this page.

Fall, puppies & peace

Oh y’all…oh oh y’all.  We have two new puppies.  And two HAPPY little boys.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.19.15 AM

Working from home is suddenly not as peaceful.  Pray for me and my attitude about these puppies. I know boys need puppies so here we go . . . While I am dealing with the puppy chaos, and dreaming of our North Carolina mountain trip in two weeks, I am going to repost this fall West Elm post from last year.  West Elm sponosored this great “Gather Around the Table” last year and it was fun to style with some of their goodies…and yes these photos do make me miss my old backporch just a bit.

Last but not least the “Gospel is Peace” sign pics are for you my dear friend Hadley;…remember you can get these great signs from my friend Lindsey Letters…I have been getting some emails about them and all you need to do is visit her great site!

Happy Tuesday! (and I can’t help but thinks what these puppies might do to this tablescape given a chance!)


I am so excited to be a part of the Gather Around The Table campaign being sponsored by West Elm.  They have asked bloggers to talk about their traditions and favorite things about the holidays and share how they incoprorate some of their products with those traditions and ideas. I visited the West Elm Market store in Brooklyn in the Spring and was so impressed with the store and products.


In South Texas, we often have warm weather off and on throughout the fall so dining on our porch is a wonderful tradition this time of year.


We are finally getting a break from the heat down here and its a great time for my family to enjoy this space in our home.


I also love using heirloom pumpkins in my fall decorating every year as well as my favorite Spode dishes. And every fall and winter we love to gather items from our family land for decorations whether its leaves, Christmas trees or berries.  I love your using things from nature in our decorations and going out in the nice weather to hunt for the best of nature’s bounty. My hubs might have even snapped photo of me driving our “mule” to gather leaves for this project.  Honestly, not something I do too often (are you shocked); Maybe I will share it on the next post or instagram, but for now let’s keep moving with the good stuff;


So along with the leaves and pumpkins, I decided to use Shanna Murray plates from the West Elm collection with my Spode plates.  I like the idea of using something traditional, something we always use, with a fresh new accent from a more modern store like West Elm and West Elm Market.  In case you don’t know, West Elm is the hip cousin of Pottery Barn; Or at least that is how I see it…their products are bit younger and more modern…but they mix well with many things. AND I love that they support and feature a lot of etsy artists including Shanna Murray. I was so pleased to see these Shanna Murray plates (and coasters) in their collection and her cute teal towel in the West Elm Market.  I have been following her work for years!


The napkins are also from West Elm’s fall collection, I love the red stitching. My mom often used cloth napkins when I was growing up and I love doing the same.  Not every night I admit but often.  And these have a casual enough feel they work with my pine table.


 Speaking of pine tables, I have rustic farmhouse tables both outside and in our dining room.  I love the patina and finish of the wood so I rarely if ever use tablecloths or even runners, these plaid blankets from the Brown Shed worked great to add some warmth to this table but not totally cover my beloved pine.


These old tables are a part of our family traditions as well as daily life. I love that my kids are using old items daily and are engraining a sense of history into their “growing up”memories and traditions.


I am also adore how the Shanna Murry plates and West Elm napkins are working with my other fall decorations I already had like my burlap banners and also my new Lindsay Letters canvas. I love to change it all a bit each time so it’s great it all mixes well.


 My new canvas is really for Christmas, its a verse from Silent Night, but I think words are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving too..being grateful for those we love and gather with to count our blessing and remember what is truly important. It used to annoy me how the seasons mingled this time of year.  More and more I am okay with it as I understand the joys of fall and gratefulness and how that all CAN and SHOULD mingle with the coming celebrations that are the core of our faith and our family.


 I will be back to share a few more of the fall touches on the porch…and later in season I will share another festive table setting.


 Thanks again to West Elm for sponsoring today’s discussion on fall decor and traditions.  What is your  favorite tradition or thing to use in decorating this time of year?

Round Top hangover

Well another Round Top Antiques show has come and gone!  It was fun and productive and yes exhausting!  I am trying to get myself together to tackle computer work and catching up! and laundry! But I had to drop and show you a few things…first, a photo from a fun Country Living dinner that design besties Becki Griffin and Jenny Johnston and I went to last week.  So fun! I didn’t get great photos of the styling but it was so cute and I bet Becki will do a fun post on it in the weeks to come!  She always gets better photos because well she is a photographer and all;;

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.16.09 AM

Also speaking of Country Living, the November issues is ON STANDS and in mailboxes and it features the Old Glory house I told you about..the project I was working on over the summer and blogged about here! This is my first time to have my work in this publication so I am excited! AND Becki yes OUR BECKI of Curious Details styled it for Country Living…so proud of her..she rocked it! of course!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.14.59 AM

Sorry for the cheesy grainy picture and goofy frin…hubs took this with his ancient cell phone (laying on the sofa) when I ran into the house to show him!! SO proud of this project and adore the homeowners and everything about what we did so much! Holly Kuhn gave us a lot of creative freedom and trusted me on this project and also gave me a great canvas to work with and all of her antiques at my disposal..dream job!

So aside from all of this, I was also searching for antiques and rugs the past few weeks for clients in Louisiana and Oklahoma and Dallas!  I found a great rug for my Dallas client and also THE most amazing table for my new Louisiana house I am working on…Just look at this…8 feet of French cherry BEAUTY!  19th century yall!  SEATS TEN!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.15.42 AMScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.15.49 AM

It has a leg in the middle and I love the apron on the ends, it will look so amazing in my client’s new home with monogrammed parsons chairs all around!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.16.02 AM

Oh and last but certainly not least…Melaine from the fab blog MY SWEET SAVANNAH was in town for the show with her gorgeous friend Tonya!  It was so fun to finally meet Melaine.  Paige and Smoot Hull of the Vintage Round Top hosted us at their place for a little mini blogger get fun! I can’t wait to see Melaine’s blog post about her visit to Texas.  She is just as gorgeous in person and so sweet…Loved meeting you Melaine!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.15.08 AM

(from the left, Tonya, Paige Hull,Becki Griffin, moi, and Melaine from My Sweet Savannah)

That’s it for now..sorry I didn’t get more beauty shots of cool stuff in tents but my iphone kept getting clogged up with photos (I haven’t found my cord to download and erase since moving)…

Have a great week y’all!  I will be back soon to show you more from the Old Glory house that Country Living did not show…so many nooks and crannies in that house that need blog time!

Decorating a Castle

Taking a break from Round Top Antiques Week to share with you a recent project! If you are wanting more Round Top info be sure and visit my post here and my friend Becki’s fab post here.


Ok so this is an e-client that I have been working with via email and when she kept referring to her “castle” I thought she was just using a figure of speech….But then she sent photos and oh my!  She was serious! And what a castle it is…they did an amazing job making this dream of a Scottish castle come alive in the middle of America! I love it when people follow their dreams and heart and don’t worry if others will laugh or criticize or say (or think) “why would you do that?” It takes guts to build a castle y’all!

This hallway below is one of my faves she sent me . . .


This is how the room looked at beginning of our work. That is cute client in the background and her adorable Westie!


 And this is during . . .we are changing rug..natural with something on top probably takes time remember!


This is the castle room before…their formal dining with the piano.  Pretty of course but my first thought is WE NEED DRAPES.  I do love the barley twist lamp of course and the chairs are from Soft Surroundings!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 5.18.19 PM

This is what the sofa looked like before Laura of LS Slipcovers got a hold of it! Yes my slipcover comrade Laura Seibert travelled up to “the castle” and made this beautiful slip for the owner’s red sofa mistake (her words not mine) She has a red AGA (I know can you believe) so now worries red lovers, there is still red in the house, castle I mean;

And the sofa now!


I love this little game table area off to the side..we are redoing several seats and chair backs!


So fun!  It makes me want to hole in my my bedroom and watch Monarch of the Glen ALL WEEKEND!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.43.02 PM

The homeowners and I knew we wanted a “cozy castle” look and while they love plaid and a Ralph Lauren look we didn’t want to go overboard with the castle/Scottish theme…after all they are a young and casual family with two boys so we want it to make sense in the structure but be livable and well not cheesy. So we chose this blue RL plaid and will mix it with some of my favorite Schumacher prints and a little leather for the man of the house. So this is what I came up….this is a working mood board not a perfect and polished one like you see on Pinterest…but this works!


The owner and I have been trying to decide on keeping a rug she has and layering an old rug or doing a neutral seagrass..I think we have decided on neutral for now…we can always layer an old Heriz later as budget allows.  Rugs for castles are not cheap! Lol! So for now we are focusing on draperies and pillows, slipping her sofa and getting the ottoman and a few accessories.  We are also covering some occasional chairs etc you can’t see in photos and renderings. We really wanted to be sure before I bought a rug at Round Top and shipped it up north so I called in a secret gun….Jane Gianarelli someone I found out through my friend Jenny Johnston.  Jane is a designer and artist and she does amazing renderings.  I do not draw or do autocad so sometimes helping my clients visualize my idea for a space can be a challenge.  Working with Jane really helps be sure of the direction you are headed with a design and I thought the castle project was the perfect chance to try out her services…and I am so glad we did!  Isn’t her work amazing.


I can’t wait to add simple linen drapes with big blue tape on leading edges! The rendering helped us see we want to add the fawn Schumacher print on sofa i think and not so much navy and that the leather ottoman is def worth the wait.  It also helped really visualize the idea of a rich colored old rug.


And she even got the dog in the rendering..not only is this usual to help us with design decisions its so artistic…i would totally mat and frame this! Thank you again Jane for your wonderful help with this project!

So there you on the castle continues! I had to share this one!

Shopping at Leftovers Antiques

As many of you know one of my favorite stores in Texas, and a longtime blog sponsor, is Leftovers Antiques & Home Mercantile in Brenham. Texas. And one of the best times to visit the store is during the fall and spring Round Top Show.



I mean just look at this table…i have to show a close up! And the walls from a French hotel! You have to see this in person.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.15.11 PM

And the blue pond boat!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.14.43 PM

I have been working with them for over a year on rebranding their business and developing a new website. I have enjoyed working with them so much and learning more about antiques and the business of buying abroad and importing etc.  They are also sponsors on the blog and I am proud to report each season what new is going on at their wonderful store each season as many of you travel to our area for Texas Antiques Week or just a weekend getaway.


That is great thing about Leftovers, they are open all of the time whether it’s rain or shine, antiques week or not.  But during the time before and during the Antique Shows they do truly BRIM with antique goodness…both European and American, big and small.  Huge pieces to fill a wall or build a room around or a small collection of bottles, a Christmas ornament or turtle shell!  I love this green handled box.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.19.22 PM

And they always have blue and white which you know I love, both old transferware and now some new blue and white lamps!



If you follow them on Facebook and Instagram you will know when containers arrive and can truly get first pickings.

Are their pieces an investment? yes but they aren’t things you will find at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.  They have survived wars and travelled across the ocean to give your home some character and history.  I think that is something we all crave a bit.


Ed and Michael spend months each year living and traveling around Europe looking for antiques to bring back to Texas and offer for sale.  That is an expensive venture and adds into the cost of the piece. Some pieces also get special attention, restoration or retrofitting so they are ready to use once places with customers.



This summer, Ed and Michael totally flipped the store and added a “Lake Leftovers” section with an American camping/hunting/fishing vibe.  Clearly more American and rustic in feel than what they usually do, the new displays also have some Scottish plaid mixed in for a great mix of American and European we all  love and expect of their store. Such a mix of rustic and glam!


Of course they also know for bedding and rugs and they continue to carry Bella Notte, Traditions, Pom Pom, Dash and Albert and now Arte Pura!  This line also includes some amazing drapery panels!  They have also found some antique beds (which are full size) and had them stretch to larger sizes to fit modern that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.16.16 PM

The store is full of new antiques straight from Europe as well as gifts and bedding, rugs, books, lighting, epicurean and more.

Stop by anytime during Round Top and YOU ARE INVITED to their annual JAZZ NIGHT party this Saturday with music and yummy food and drink from 6-9 pm! I will be there and would love to meet you!



[ Photos by Becki Griffin of Curious Details and Natalie Lange of the Shady Acre]

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Texas Antiques Week “Round Top”

It is time for Texas Antiques Week or Round Top Antiques Week as it has been referred to for 43 years.  One of the number one questions I am asked is “When does Round Top start?”  and/or “When is the best time to visit Round Top?” My answer and suggestions vary based on the situation.  As a rule the fall show is the first weekend of October and the spring show is the first weekend of April (and the weeks before).  What started as 3 days is now THREE WEEKS. I think most would agree it started yesterday Sept 19th this year…so this weekend is good as are next week, next weekend and the next week! Through Saturday October 4th this year. And always remember different/specific shows start on different days.  These are my favorites and dates this year.  

More info on ALL shows and just good general info here at Round Top Chamber. 


So when should you go?? Well are you going with children or girlfriends?  Are you going to shop or just browse and hang out?  Recreational visit or SERIOUS GET OUT OF MY WAY SHOPPING?  And I am no expert these are just my humble suggestions, observations and recommendations. For instance Marburger is a beautiful show, if you are looking for something you will likely find it here but maybe not the best bargains.  Bargains you will find early or late out in the dusty fields.  Big Red Barn is the original show and fine antiques…really amazing pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.50.49 PM

My bestie Melisse of Campbells Melange sets up at Red Barn with her wonderful prints shown above.  Her parents are veterans of the show and her daddy can tell some fun Round Top stories.  You just might see me at her booth during the show…I like it there because its AC and not dusty (I admit it;…we are both pale…we like inside shows;;)

So there are a lot of variety and choices…but don’t get overwhelmed!


First off, come during the week if you want to do serious shopping.  The crowds aren’t as bad and I think it’s just easier.  It is hard to say whether the beginning or end of show is better.  Sure if you get here early you get first pickings BUT many dealers have series of stuff they bring out.  So talk to dealers and others if you are looking for something specific.  They may have something in storage they haven’t brought to tent yet or know of something.

Friday/Sat/Sun are busier but fun… Just be patient with traffic and strollers. I did a post here about shopping Round Top with kids.  It can be really fun.


My boys love Round Top … taking photos, seeing old Army stuff and treasures….but you can bet if my only chance to go was with out without them I would go without. Just being honest.  Luckily we live close and I can do mommy and work days as well as family days usually….


Also I hear this year there will be a trolley going betweens shows.  You have to realize that Round Top isn’t like Brimfield or other antiques shows are flea markets…we are  in Texas after all and it is BIG and spread out.  You can walk a lot but you can’t walk it all.  It will be interesting to see how the trolley works out..I hope it is a success and fun! Here is the map!


Don’t miss a chance to eat some Royers Pie or visit my fave PIE HAVEN owned and operated by my beautiful friend Tara.  She is one of the most heartfelt and hard-working women in Round Top and there are many many! The town and shows are full of  just great people!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 4.50.34 PM

Also be sure to explore nearby small downtowns like Brenham which have their own charming shops, my fave downtown is ANTIQUE GYPSY on Alamo.  Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream. Go to my favorite stores Leftovers Antiques (more about their annual party and store on the blog next week) which is on Hwy 290 between Round Top and Brenham and Old Glory Antiques in Burton (also off 290). SO whether eating exploring tents or fields or stores its all wonderful and SO worth the trip!


Bottom line have fun and be kind!  The weather is going to be gorgeous I hope! It is going to be a great show! Maybe I will see you out there!

Fiddle Leaf Figs * Tall Plants, Houston

There is a great plant store along I-10 in Houston (exit Blalock from either direction) that I have been going to for years for topiaries and fiddle leaf fig trees. It is called TALL PLANTS! The owner is Houstonian Dennis Carola and he and his family have been running this great business for 38 years! Today his nephew Chris Culp helps him manage the shop and they are always so helpful and friendly! You have probably noticed this place as you travel between the Calico Corners and Memorial Antiques and Interiors! Like I said it is near Blalock and I-10.

Just look at the beauty!


Recently I was in there and chatted with Dennis and then a few days later his daughter Erin Hardy emailed me and said she is a longtime blog reader and she realized in talking with her dad that I was in the shop recently…it was fun to make the connection. I had been wanting to blog about the store every time I go but knew after chatting with Erin I had to do a post!


Dennis knows so much about plants…he warned me how finicky the Fiddle Leaf Fig is and I know he is right…he is so good about telling you what to do with his plants. They are patient as you debate sizes and choose the prettiest plant and always wrap it nicely and load! He says the fiddle leaf needs sun and humidity and does great on screened porches in our outside.  They love light and about 2 quarts of water once a week.  Mine is in the corner of our living room and I am afraid it may not be getting enough sun so I am talking sweetly to it as well..we will see if that works;

It is large as you can see; So far its looking healthy I usually raise blinds all the way for most of day in this corner..not sure what will happen once drapes are up!


 He has so many good fiddle leaf plants and trees..some are small and so affordable some are huge with twisted trunks…its a site to just go see them.  We talked about how decorators and magazines have made them so popular!


I love these zinc looking containers and the square shape.


They also have great topiaries, palms, orchids, great planters and more.


For 38 years TALL PLANTS has been serving Houston..that is cool!  Buy local if you can and enjoy chatting with Dennis and Chris, it is great that in a big city you can still find great locals that are friendly and know their stuff!

Tall Plants Houston

Note: Holly Mathis Interiors occasionally does blogs posts highlighting sponsors who purchase ads.  They do pay me fees for their ads and I will always disclose any products or paid advertising at the end of posts.  I also work with several online shops and ad networks such as google to help with the expense of maintaining the site. As a rule I do not do embedded links or giveaways. Read more about my blogging policy and philosophy at the bottom of this page.

Limited Mini Consults Available

Hey y’all fall is here and the holidays are coming like a freight train!  I am booking up fast and trying not to overdo it like I did in spring.  So I have made the decisions to offer mini consults again (which I had actually stopped doing for a time so if you are confused that is why) so I can help more people but quickly and fast.  I won’t be able to schedule but 2-3 more full rooms this year (that includes a board and Basecamp support and hours of back and forth and a plan) but hopefully these mini consults will fill a need and enable me to still work with those of you that have needs and interest!  Email Leslie at clients (at) to book. And I will have more info up soon on the consult page about the differences between services and what is available.


          *Mini consults will be $325 online and $395 local

*Mini consults will cover one-three questions and three emails (the initial email, my suggestions, and a followup)

*Mini consults will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will happen all in one day at the most one week, there will be no dragging on or procrastination on either end (preaching to myself mainly here;)

*Local Mini consults will include approx 1 hr in your home for one- three questions and then a followup email

*Mini consults require self start and initiative

*Mini consults receive no design board


*Give you quick answers and design therapy to get moving

*Help make decisions

*Give you my honest opinions and direction for what will best improve your space and give you most bang for buck

*GET YOU GOING on your space

Decorating takes time & heart

As I move into my second month in our new old home, I constantly have to remind myself it takes TIME to decorate a home.  I recently stopped by to see a client of mine I have been working with TWO years and our progress there reminded me of that…it has taken time and their home still isn’t completely finished but it is looking great.


The Clarke family  have a whole little gaggle of sweet kids and have added one to the family just since I have been working with them.  We have worked on their entire by room.  And we have hit slow periods and then burst of “get er done” but slowly the house is taking shape and the homeowners and I are both thrilled with the results.  I want to get portfolio photos of this home at some point but here are a few shots to show how perserverance pays off!

In the dining room we paired an easy Restoration Hardware table with an antique console, word art of a favorite hymn done by the homeowner,glam lamps from Shades of Light, a sale chandelier from Horchow, and IKEA chairs!  These clients are the most hospitable family I have ever known (more on that in another post) but she wanted her dinner guests to be comfy.. She purchased the comfy and generous Hendriksal chairs from IKEA and then had slipcover artist LS SLIPCOVERS do the flax colors to “bring them up a notch”..we did them in flax color not white so guests wouldn’t feel intimidated they would dirty the perfect chairs.


The drapes are in one of my favorite fabrics by John Robshaw called PUSHPA..its a great price point and such a pretty color.  The wonderful GRACIE did the drapes and rod.

In the adjoining formal living room the homeowner found a vintage sectional at Houston’s Lynn Goode Vintage and had it fits the space so well.  We did the flor rug tiles in the vintage vibe pattern since she has so many small kids playing in this space, this gives her the option of replacing a tile if needed.  We splurged on one Brunschwing & Flls fabric (the yellow print) for pillows but the rest are from Tonic Living. This has taken TWO years y’all.  But you know what in that time they have been homeschooling, and hosting neighborhood BBQs, having people over and giving birth to a new baby! This was up a while;


Decorating takes time.  It also takes heart.

The Clarkes knew they wanted to do something special on this wall and the photography by Kirby  Trapolino is’s wonderful color and subject matter help their home reflect their heart for people.


We wanted to have  images on our wall to engage in more meaningful conversations with our guests — to share the great joy that has changed our hearts with others.
From an artistic point of view, we love the bright colors; but then, looking closer: the little boy has such a sweet, content smile on his face — and he’s standing on a massive trash heap — probably digging through the trash to find some recyclables so he can earn some meager wages. How many times do my kids complain about being bored or I get irritated when my husband doesn’t put his laundry in the hamper! We have so much to be thankful for — and we need to be constantly reminded of this fact.  Culturally, as Americans, we tend to focus on ‘happiness’, but it is so fleeting — so temporary — and it’s based on circumstances that can change on a whim. Joy is deeper than that — it goes far beyond circumstances — and it’s based on a foundation of truth that absolutely nothing can shake.
The girls on the bottom are orphans — traded by their extended family for perhaps a bag of rice — and they are sent to work in fields  or other child labor positions. They were in such vulnerable places and could have easily been traded by their “owners” into a life of unspeakable slavery. They were rescued and are now being cared for at the orphanage — Monthly donations provide medical, food, clothing, housing, & education needs. ((Shameless plug!!… has information on children awaiting sponsorship — check it out!!))
And the doors — we just love the doors — so symbolic for us because Jesus says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”
Kirby Trapolino is an amazing artist — I’ve wanted to have his work in our home for a long time. Choosing 6 images out of tens of thousands was a challenge, but we love these — it throws people off a bit to come into a home of a white family, and there are (huge!) photos of little brown children on the walls. The first question is always, “Why?” For us, “Pure and undefined religion is this: to take care of widows and orphans in their distress” —  so, that’s our goal. And loving on people. It’s just what we do.
((Kirby Trapolino (ktrap) can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all those other places!))


So there you go..what a challenge to decorate our homes with more heart..more of who we are and what brings us joy and purpose.

More in this room later I promise! On with the sneak peeks around the Clarke home . . .

…In the other living space we did a grainsack fabric slipcover on a wing chair the Clarkes already had slipped there other club chairs as well.more in this room once the drapes are finished.  It took years for Beth to find the right piece for over the mantle..lots of texts flying between us about stuff I found at Round Top and things she found out when shopping..she finally found these pieces at Memorial Antiques and Interiors in Houston during a sale and nearly jumped through my phone when she sent texts saying YES these will work!  They were a splurge but worth the wait…they fill the brick suburban home with something unique with patina and fun.

clarke horse

We also refaced her fireplace to give it new life and the pillow is from Anthropologie of course. Walls throughout downstairs are my trusty BM Revere Pewter! Like I said more on this room and the rest of the house later.  For now we are working on the master has been painted and has bed but needs a bolster for the bed and drapes!  We are going to use this peacock fabric from Tilton Fenwick by Duralee..I know Gracie will make her windows and bed shine with some more fabric touches!


SO HAPPY MONDAY MORNING y’all..remember it takes time AND HEART when decorating a space and making a home.  I need this reminder too and wanted to share!


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