My new office

I have been wanting to share about this change for quite a while.  In February I made a big change, I moved my office HOME.


A total 360 from what I did the previous year when I rented an office. And loved it, thought it was best move ever and it was for 2013. At the time in early 2013, my business was bursting at the seams as was our small cottage and i needed ROOM and a place to get away.  For the next year I LOVED my little office and place to escape and catch up on work.  I loved officing with my dear friend Tami of The K Gallery.  It was a great situation that was working really well.  But then early 2014 I felt the pull to possibly rent an office closer to my children’s school, but I never could find a perfect fit.  I was honestly spending less and less time at my office and using it more and more as a dumping ground for samples and paperwork etc. I slowly realized the Lord was wanting me to move my office back home but it made no sense, our house is small, where would it go, I loved sharing a space with Tami, and how would I have boundaries to work at home again?


Also the business has continued to grow, why go backwards?  But I realized that moving home for a bit, a year or maybe longer wasn’t moving backwards it was just part of the journey.  So in the end even though it didn’t make sense I gave up my cozy little office and schlepped everything back home and up the stairs!   I really felt like it was a God thing and tried to trust His nudging, honestly not an easy thing and I did “argue” and resist a bit along the way.  But I followed through and it has been wonderful.  I feel more organized and productive than ever. Not totally there but something I have struggled with as the business as grown. This move has helped. Full circle! Summer I hope to work less and spend more time with the boys and this is the perfect solution for now.  In the fall or next year I may rent a space near school but for now this is working.


So where did I put this new office?  Yep Upstairs.  My oldest still doesn’t want to sleep up there and so we were using the big space up there for a playroom.  Or rather a toy closet.  Rarely did the kids go upstairs so we pared down the toys and cleaned the space out and voila!

Fresh paint and it happened!


The new headquarters for Holly Mathis Interiors….the larger room is my office and the smaller room (which was once a tiny guest room with the butterfly prints and linen coverlet) yep it is now my sample/resource room. When I worked from home before my “office” was a corner of our master bedroom and that did not work well as the business began to grow.  But now having a home office is different for me because its a designated space outside of our living space and its organized and set apart from our lives.  I also used the move as an opportunity to get some real office furniture with drawers and storage. I am still looking for the perfect desk chair with casters.  The little Ikea stools moved from the other office where they were a coffee table for sofa and here they are stools for the boys when they “visit”;;


 The PB kids bookrack no longer holds Richard Scarry books…its all decorating books now….and kids books all back downstairs where they will be used more. The wire baskets are from Ballard Designs.


The desk and file cabinet I bought as dinged floor samples at Pottery Barn and the parsons desk is from West Elm. Natural rug from Ikea is from my old office and fit this room perfectly.

IMG_1215 IMG_1207

The drapes were recycled from a client project….it makes me happy to have my signature check in here.


And the reading chair, oh this chair.


I love my IKEA Jennylund chair that was customized by my friend Laura Siebert of LS Slipcovers.  She is amazing and I don’t use that work freely. Laura and I have become good friends sharing about business and juggling motherhood and work, she texted me asking what prayers she could meditate and pray on as she added her handiwork to the edges of this chair.  What a blessing to share this journey with women like Laura that are so creative and understand the pull and tension of being a working mom and trying to maintain balance on the journey. Look at not only the pleats and gathers but the hand stitching around edges!  Follow Laura on Instagram @lsslipcovers and you can see her photos of the chair that highlight the hand stitching even better and you can see her other work, its wonderful! Thank you Laura for all of the love and prayer your poured into this chair for me and my new office.

And below you see my trusty Day Designer, fave linen boxes from The Container Store and my little plate from Aedriel Originals that I use often…all these things make this place a joy to work in . . .


And my Jr Asst hard at work!;;

It’s a working space so i have pinboards leaned here and there but the sunlight and fresh paint are invigorating me and (knock on wood) making me productive and feel lighter. And linen on boxes and chairs and checks on drapes don’t hurt either;


This gallery wall across from my desk makes me happy and includes some of my favorite prints from Rifle Paper Co, Kiki & Polly, and Stephanie Creekmur.


One of my fave old cracked transferware platters serves as a tray.


I even framed a wallpaper sample that a client gave me. And of course a silhouette and a John Derian chair postcard.


Fresh paint really breathed new life into the space.  The light is so good up there.  As much as I loved my other little office in town, it had no windows and I think that was getting to me.  I am learning my reaction to light is very real and needed.


The fabric/resource room is the tiny room just across the small hall from the office..the IKEA Ektorp  shelf I had in my other office barely moved up the stairs but it fits! And it works so well for fabric.


My new local assistant Kassie (some of you know Leslie who works with me virtually from Austin and she is still helping me out as well) but Kassie comes in person and color coordinates and folds fabric and straightens this room after each client visit, its a beautiful thing y’all. Love that folded fabric!  I will say I do keep some of my fave samples like Studio Bon and other special little brands out in their own little stack but for the most part fabric is all color sorted.


And here is the view from the fabric room back into the “big” office..which isn’t very big but it’s all relative;; And my fave Thibaut book and scads of natural rug samples!


So there you go, home again home again jiggity jig.  I think the lesson for me is to listen to that still small voice AND as a working mother to always be flexible and willing to change based on the needs of family and where I am business wise. Sometimes we need more space and to get away, sometimes we need simple.  The bottom line is I was so busy and so “scattered” feeling that an office even down the street had become too much.  Moving home felt simple and pointed me back to the core of our little family as number one priority..I can tell my kids feel like I am choosing them by the simple presence of my work stuff upstairs and near them and not somewhere else.

I am excited to see what the Lord brings next but for now i am enjoying my little attic office. We plan on a large home remodel next year and who knows I may include an office in that plan and never office outside of the house again or maybe I will need both, something at home and a commercial space.  We will see.  How does that song go “I don’t know what will come but I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand.” I guess that is my high-tech business plan;;

upstairs office view.jpg

Thanks for letting me share..and in the next couple of weeks my friend Whitney English and I will be doing a decorating webinar called HOUSEWORK and my part will be broadcast live from right up here in my attic office! So stay tuned for more on that.

Texas Beauty

Here to share some authentic Texas beauty with you  . . . at least I think its beautiful.


Kind of a beautiful mess kind of a thing which I love.  Authentic, time worn, a little sad maybe, neglected, but still beautiful in its own way. Kind of the way I believe God and those closest to us see us when we aren’t at our best.  When we have renovations going on, Still lovely.

. photo 1 (1)

My clients that bought this little gem in a small nearby town (much like the one where I was raised) are native Texans but work abroad.  They visit a few times a year and this 700 sq foot little house is going to be remodeled for them so they have a place to stay when visiting their hometown. I love their vision and desire to update and restore this little house.


This house has been neglected. But in its decaying state I was startled by its haunting beauty. This house is like people and hearts.  We are rotting and decaying but God and those He places in our lives to stand beside us see beauty.  I don’t want to overstate or over spiritualize but I think its such a picture of our state and God’s love for us when I see something like this.  It was honestly a blessing and treat to see this mess of an old house.


Rotting, decaying but beautiful.  Just like me.  I need so much “work” inside and out, I need “restoring” daily in fact, I am such an “Ongoing project” and “renovation” but God and the people who love me don’t give up. It’s really a miracle. In fact, it is a miracle.  An Easter miracle of love and beauty and learning that being perfect isn’t required.  God see us they way we are, where we are.  He sees beauty and loves us even when others only see an impossible fixer upper. Something that should be gutted or bulldozed.  Like this old shed.  It’s sitting on the ground just rotting.  But my client want to salvage it, want to repurpose it, make something out of it not just throw it away.  I love their thinking and how its consistent of the bigger picture of the main things in life.  Concepts like “don’t just tear down everything” and “look beyond the surface”… sure sometimes the pruning has to be painful and deep and yes some gutting and rewiring will take place.  But the soul and the strong boards and fiber of this how are salvageable and so are you and I!



But things have to be updated in order for them to live there…it can’t just stay this way huh?  I mean Anthropologie might love to use for a catalog shoot but reality is this house is decaying and it needs some updates.  It can’t stay stagnant, it must change or it will be too far gone to be of use anymore.  So I am excited to be a part as they go down to bare walls and shore up foundation and rewire and plumb and make this place able to be home again.


Just wanted to share..during Texas Antique Week (or “Round Top” as I call it) there is a lot bling and so called “beauty” and grunge hanging around which is totally fine and cool and dandy but I am glad I got to see this fading beauty last week to remind me of the authenticity and rawness of life. Not contrived or trying to hard just authentic.

Leftovers’ Round Top Party & New Website!

Have you seen the new website and branding I worked on with Kate and Whitney and Becki for my friends at Leftovers???  They are such a big part of Texas Antique Week with both their store and their booth at Marburger Farm AND their annual Jazz Night party… I will be there and if you’re in Texas, I hope you will be too!  I would love to meet you and I know they would…Oh and THE Mary Emmerling will be there and Mark Edge with his amazing jewelry.

I want that coin bracelet! I love his stuff!


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.29.36 PM

Conveniently located between Houston and Austin in beautiful Brenham, TX. Open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

3900 Highway 290 West, Brenham, Texas

Click here for more information about our location!


FOR MORE INFO ON ROUND TOP ANTIQUE WEEK visit HERE for a show schedule and please look in my  past posts on visiting Round Top. There are lots of tips and good info in comments about where to go and what to do.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE SHOW? YOUR SHOW SECRETS?  IF YOU ARE A VETERAN OF THE ROUND TOP EXPERIENCE PLEASE SHARE HERE!


Leftovers Antiques home tour

You have heard me mention and show Leftovers Antiques a lot on my blog.  They are a large antiques and home goods store near my home and near the famous Round Top Antiques Fair. They have an amazing selection of bedding, antiques, rugs, homegoods, books and more.

And they love dogs.


Well it is “Round Top Time” in Texas and I know how my readers love to not only shop, but also look inside great houses. So I have a tour today of the home of Leftovers’ Co-owner Ed Fulkerson.  Michael Breddin, the other half of Leftovers Antiques, has an amazing house too that I will show you another time.  Michael is a native of Brenham and has quite a long history with Texas antiques and the Round Top show. They both have great taste but different looks and collections so it will be great to see it all.  I want to be clear I did not design this house or help decorate it. I am just taking you on a tour. I have been working with Leftovers on their new website and branding and I can’t to show you that SOON but for now, let’s take a look at Ed’s Victorian farmhouse. It’s so handsome even with the winter landscape, things are slowly blooming and warming up here!


The outside is painted dark gray and has a wrap around porch. I adore the brick work at the street.


Inside there is a big central hall.

Fulkerson 1

Ed used lots of basic grays throughout the house on walls and floors.  A great backdrop for his collection of antiques and art. His friend dear friend and wonderful artis Neltje did the abstract art.

Off of the central hall is the living room with new black leather and Ed’s quirky animal art collection. He grew up in Kansas showing cattle so these people are both sentimental and fun.  I believe they said the dog statue was from a department store window?

Fulkerson 67

The antique sheep is so interesting. But that dog has my heart.


How about this vintage wallpaper book I found in the drawer!

From the living room you walk directly into the dining room and wow what a room! Notice the floor changed colors. Love that.

Fulkerson 42

The dining room is stunning with museum quality 18th century American and European antiques mixed with industrial lighting and leather chairs! Ed is all antiques with a dash of rock n’ roll! (I can hear him laughing and blushing at that but he is cool!)

Fulkerson 60

How appropriate is the junk dealer sign???  And the post office cabinet from England used for wine storage.  It fits the wall so well….meant to be!

From the dining into the square kitchen there is an island, old sink, vintage signage, old cabinets and exposed brick.  All in one room. I love Ed’s use or red in the kitchen!

Fulkerson 27.jpg


He set up bar in this antique cupboard, works well! They have those fab German brushes at store.


On from the kitchen there is amazing signs in hallway and darling powder and this great little man cave/tv room.

Fulkerson 23

And then he made the cutest  little tiny guest room out of this old sleeping porch.  So sweet and serene.

Fulkerson 17

Fulkerson 19Fulkerson 21Fulkerson 15

And then the master bedroom complete with Dash & Albert stripe rug and yummy bed linens from the store!

Fulkerson 3.jpg



These curved doors are so perfect and lead from Ed’s bedroom into his dressing and bath area.

Fulkerson 14

I love the utilitarian charm and railroaded beadboard.


Darn I don’t think  we got a picture of his classic clawfoot bathtub!  My fave thing in his bathroom is that striped light. I am hoping Ed will hop on the blog comments and tell us the backstory on some of the antiques show in the photos. He and Michael always have the best stories about where pieces came from and their adventures bringing them home.

Fun tour huh?  Well I can’t wait to tell you more about what I have been doing with Leftovers, along with my friends Kate Baird and Whitney English, we have been working on new logo and website for the store.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.26.16 PM

We plan on launching in the next day or two and I can’t wait to show you the the entire site. In the meantime, here is a peak at their new “style guide” so fun. Whitney really captured their style I think!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.26.32 PM

Thanks for looking and thanks Ed for sharing your home with my readers!

Photography by Becki Griffin of Curious Details.

New Children’s Room

In honor of Spring Break and kids and grandparents, I want to show you this children’s room I did last year in The Woodlands, Texas, near Houston.


Talk about wonderful grandparents huh?! You might remember me showing a sneak peak and phone pics of this space ages ago.  Well we finally finished it and did photos!


The paint by number circus art was done by the homeowners Uncle in the 1950s! She remembers them hanging in her nursery and it was so special to be able to use them in this room.  Their colors and style were the inspiration for everything including the fabric which is called CORNWALL.


The cabinet and Lee headboards are from Laurie’s Home Furnishings in Tomball, Texas, as well as the lamps.  I love how this is a Children’s Space but only the toys and art really are childlike..the fabric could be used anywhere but it is colorful!


All of the sewing and window coverings are by Monica Hancock of Custom Creations in Houston.  She is great!  I adore how the duvets and bedskirts turned out with the red linen bands!  Notice the windows and how the drapes cover so much of the wall, the window really isn’t that big so we used extra wide panels to provide a backdrop for the twin headboards so we could place them on that wall without it looking awkward.  I was determined the beds would be on that wall so you would see them when you enter the room as a focal point.  Extra long rod and “faked” extra wide drapes made it work!


Lots of vintage touchs everywhere in this room.  This is one my favorite clients for many reasons one being she saved everything for her childhood! So lots of fun stuff for me to work with like this red suitcase!


Photos by the fab Becki Griffin’s Curious Details of course. The word and dog and elephant art is by Sugarboo of course (which you can order through me) and of the little animal cars are from Wisteria.  I love the vintage blue shelf I found at Round Top last year.


You can read more about this project on a recent feature by RestyleSource here.

And YES Round Top Antiques Spring show is starting soon or has already in some pockets.  You can get more info here about show dates etc at the Round Top Chamber site and or by looking at the Round Top category in my categories tab….also lots of great pins and links to info on Pinterest of course!

I will also continue with the Southern Living house posts soon as well!


Master Bath refresher

I have been working with Leah in Louisiana in several areas of her home. For the master bath we just wanted to add a few fresh pieces to rejuvenate it a bit…the existing wall color is similar to SW Hopsack.  The Peter Dunham fabric is going to look so amazing as a roman shade!


I like the idea of mixing easy catalog items like the RH cabinet,  art from Ballard, PB towels and tray, RH jars and framed music, Wisteria mirrors and Ballard rug with more high end trade fabric like this print here from Peter Dunham.  This print is a trade only and available for order through me if you are interested.

What is your favorite way to freshen a bathroom without ripping it out and starting over (because really how realistic is that for most of us;;)???

More from Southern Living cover

Now let’s go inside the house in Birmingham. You know the one that is on the cover of Southern Living this month! Go back here and read if you are wondering what this is all about.


I so wish I had taken my good camera, but iphone shots are better than none right?  Next time I go to the Cain’s home I will get better shots for sure! Ok let’s start back at entry.


I adore this beautiful mirror, the grasscloth paper and of course that amazing lamp.  While I was there, Ragan and I found a great faded blue and white bowl for beside the lamp.


Past the entry and down the hall, Ragan did an amazing gallery wall mostly of her wedding day and her parent’s wedding day.  They both had their wedding reception at her Grandparent’s home in Eufaula, AL, her hometown.


Rugs in every hallway, they don’t “match” but they flow and add so much soul.


I could write an entire post about Ragan’s rugs and layering of rugs and mix of rugs.  She had natural on the stairs and as a base on both living areas with old persians layered on top…And she has old persians in every hall and nook and cranny..i love the mix and the COLOR…even a small one here at the base of the stairs.

You can see this one peeking out below her coffeetable/ottoman in living room!  She also has books everywhere which I love!


And her majolica, oh the majolica collection.  But lest you think it’s “old lady” she also has some ghost pieces and Jonathan Adler pillows and Chiang Mai dragon here and there to lighten it up. Its a mix of traditional with a bit of funky and young sprinkled in… just look at the downstairs powder, def “new trad” in my opinion.  And I love it. I was so inspired.


Look at the floor in this powder, and the mirror over the vanity is a rich blue, not navy but not peacock, but def a fun pop of color! A local Birmingham designer did help Ragan with this space. Notice little rug.


Yep that is me getting the shot for YOU.  And I think the mirror is not quiet that shade of blue but it is bold and very cool.  And trust me I asked and discussed with Ragan before I took pictures of every room in her home.  Look more unlacquered brass and some trinkets. I don’t know what these are called but Ragan collects them. And in case you are wondering how she can have little things like this sitting about, well there are no littles YET but hopefully soon. Until then its Judge and Gypsy the dogs.

Okay here is the kitchen. I love that is small and in keeping with the 1930s integrity of the home.  They could have torn down walls and done a mega kitchen but they didn’t and it’s great. I only got this one tight has stove on left and fridge on right. And pantry and more storage and cabinets in laundry/butler area.


 Soft gray cabinets, marble counters, THAT RUG, and then stainless backsplash to give it a bit urban edge.  PERFECT COMBO.  Ragan’s husband Brad found much of the unlacquered brass on Ebay!

Next to the kitchen in close proximity is the utility space, really an extension of the kitchen but a separate room. True to the house and how things were built then…its a fab laundry room and butler pantry combo..a great work space full of storage and the most amazing color cabinets and WALLPAPER.  All of the walls and trim in the home are white dove except for the wallpapered laundry room and entry in grasscloth.  We are about to paper two bathrooms, one is already swathed in linen. So this room THESE CABINETS, JUST LOOK!


How about that Brene Brown/Teddy R quote on the pantry door!?  AND THAT RUG! and the ceilings.  And the paper. Ragan had help from a local designer choosing wallpaper in the laundry, dining and one bath, the rest of the house she has pretty much done on her own.  And all of the walls are a creamy white.


Now the den.  This was a formal dining room but they made it a den and put the formal dining room off the front entry (which was a bedroom)


Notice the rugs, and I like the horns and the family tree.


The love of family and history is so evident in this home.  It’s one of the things that makes it so Southern I think, the family trees, photos and even family crests. But mixed with so much color and the Schumacher fabrics it stays young and fresh.

Two words: BAR. HARDWARE.


Notice her stacks of design books.  She may be an accountant by day and she has worked with other designers and now me but make no mistake, this Ragan Cain is quite the decorator! She def inspires me! I mean just look below. This is the wall beside the bar.


This wood wall in the den (it’s opposite the wall above) was clad in wood from Ragan’s grandad’s barn. Love that. More history and layers. The painting is from an estate sale and notice the Jonathon Adler pillow on the plaid chair;


And the other wall in this den looking out to more formal living area.  The blue sideboard is from Scott’s in Atlanta. I love Ragan’s pops of color, notice the frame and the shade on lamp by stairs.  So good.

This is the view from front back toward kitchen sitting room area.


From the kitchen looking that direction…showing all angles here because I love this space.


The buffalo check wing chairs and a great gallery wall with that pop of brighter green lamp!

And from the stairs looking down . . . along with some snips from formal living room. I am showing random shots mixed together but I love how little pieces from different rooms weave together to tell the story of a house and more important the people who live in the home.


I love how she framed this typewritten invitation to a BBQ and framed and leaned in the yellow section of her bookshelf, notice on the wider shot above the close up its on the shelf above the silhouette.  This is one of my favorite things in her home…crazy huh? But true! I want to go to the 4-N-1 Club! By boat OR car!


We might be adding a bit to mantle as well but not much.


 Down from the fireplace is a alcove, set back area and Ragan found the perfect antique for the spot. Adore this old English hutch with the majolica and again more little memories framed and tucked in here and there. That big piece is from Scott’s in Atlanta. Another old rug down the hall to bedrooms.


Below is just one small area we are tweaking, simply changing out pillows.


So what am I doing in this house?  Why was I even there.  Well Ragan hired nearly a year ago to work on a small sitting room at the top of the stairs which I will show you next week.  We have been emailing back and forth and decided to just get together in person to finally finish it off. Also just a few touches here and there like the pillow on the sofa above, recovering a chair here and there and some bathroom wallpaper…Just some random tweaking mainly!

Now a wider view of this space. I love her bookcases and how she arranged books by subject and color and filled with little frames memories like this below . . . And I like that her books are actual books from her childhood and on up into adulthood as her interests changed. It’s  a blending of things not just an attempt to decorate and go out buy books just because of their spine color.   Their bookcases really tell a story of their lives and interests.


These are the prints and since the stairs are in this room they will flow so nicely I think . . .The top one is Cathay Toile by Marvic and I think its a bit brighter in person and then the small print is by Sister Parish Design.


Back down the hall to the Master, the monograms on the bed I will have to tell you about later…by an amazing monogram designer in Birmingham.  And we are adding the chinioserie wallpaper from Thibaut pictured below to the master bath…the colors are perfection. My phone camera did not do her bedding justice.  I will have to get better shots of that one day!


So do you want to see more upstairs and see more about the little space I am working on??? It’s going to be a bit funkier and less traditional but no worries, the upstairs bathroom will be swathed in more Thibaut chinoiserie!


Check back soon and thank you to Ragan and Brad Cain for letting  us step inside their Southern Living cover!

Southern Living under the cover

Have you ever seen a magazine cover that you loved so much you wanted to just step inside and see more.  Isn’t it frustrating when an article leaves you wanting more.more photos, more information, more details.  Well today is your day.


I have some details . I recently visited this home in Birmingham.  Days after it came out on stands as Southern Living’s March cover. See the online article here.

Here is the before and after.  It was so cute before but the lighter colors and new details are amazing!


Exterior design by architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern,

The ironic thing is I bought the issue at the grocery the day before  my trip to Birmingham(because I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the post, I am impatient that way when I see a cover I love) then my client told me via email “oh BTW the house is on the cover of SL this month, I will tell you all about when  you arrive”  WHAAAAAAT??????? I was so excited of course.  Ragan, the homeowner is my e-client, we have been working nearly a year on a small space in her upstairs. (I will tell you more about that project in a later post)  Finally after a lot of back and forth about samples she said “just come to Birmingham” so I went last weekend, just days after cover came out.  Now let me make clear, I had nothing to do with the changes to the Ragan and Brad’s exterior. Their Mountain Brook home was already precious as you can see but they worked with  architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern to lighten it and add more detail, including the cedar shake roof and COPPER GUTTERS.  I didn’t know I could love a gutter so much.


The outside is utter perfection…..PERFECTION, wait until I show you the back with AWNINGS.   I love an awning.


And her sweet dogs Gypsy and Judge!


Not to mention the lanterns at the front. Seriously, huge, copper, GAS lanterns like none I have ever seen.  And I notice lanterns.


Check out the darling garage with apartment out back.  It  has some amazing nautical lights on it that I couldn’t get pics of with my phone but they are so good.  I like that they left the garage the darker color.


You can find more info on sources and the project in the current issue of Southern Living.  You can see the online article here. The house is painted BM White Choc and the shutters are Farow & Ball Railings.  My fave besides the gutters and awnings and lanterns and windbox are the cedar shake shingles on the roof.  Ragan and I bonded on our love for those.  So charming. The article discusses the pineapple as well…that is a new addition by the architect!

More on my trip to Birmingham in another post, first I want to take you inside Ragan and Brad’s home and show you more and then I want to post more on Birmingham..y’all the shopping there is GOOD! I really loved the city. And the people talk like me and are so friendly.

More on Stinson home

Wow, your response to this home was amazing.  Thank you for your comments and thank you to Samantha and James for being so generous with sharing sources and info on the project. I will try to recap some of the source questions and answers in this post as well as share a little behind the scenes of our photo shoot day. These are all iphone pics not beautifully finished shots from Becki but they give a bit more look into the home that some of you might enjoy…


This is James and Samantha Stinson, thank you Stinsons for letting us inside your home!

Samantha’s antique clock is so at home in this entry spot!


More random dining room shots from the iphone (meaning poor quality and non styled) I thought you might enjoy seeing . . .


 And the master bedroom, complete with Wisteria nightstands, and Martha Stewart for Home Depot mirror! The pillow is by Mary John at Tootledoo Designs.


The Tootledoo shop is closed right now but be sure and favorite her on etsy so you know when she reopens and follow her on Facebook...I love Mary John’s work!


I do plan to do another post on bedroom, bath and closet. One day with more pictures of how this door transformed this space.  I can’t get enough of it!


Paint on built ins BM Fieldstone and walls are BM Edgecomb Gray,  love that typewriter and shoe mold! Stools from Wisteria store.


Mantle love


and back to kitchen..

Many of you asked about the chalkboard art in the kitchen, I did not do the chalkboard art, Mr Stinson is a chalkboard master.  He is so good. I haven’t even shown y’all the laundry room. It’s so cute and the powder room off of the laundry has a huge chalkboard wall featuring more of James’ chalk art!

Stools from Overstock!


my fave view in entire house from the kitchen toward my drapes, I mean their drapes;



Monogram pillow from Pottery Barn.

Stinson 54

I love how the red transferware plates look against the gray walls (BM CHELSEA GRAY) several of you have asked about the light, it is from Pottery Barn, the mirror and white pots are from Wisteria and the drapes also from Pottery Barn, as is rod.  The blinds are from  If you interested in more about the floors, look back in the comments on the previous, original post on this house and Samantha the homeowner gives more info there.

I love this phone snap of the Stinsons below…Samantha was explaining to James my idea of adding more transferware plates on the other side of the opening to the piano room to add more color.


I will update later with pictures of the dining room finished with more red transferware wrapped around the door!

And I also have to say, Samantha was an amazing hostess while invaded her house for the day…she helped me gather props and flowers and she provided chicken salad for our photographer… Curious Details won’t work without ck salad “on set” lol.


That Becki is so fun to work with it..she makes me a laugh all day and she puts up with my bossy ways! She also did a post on our day with the Stinsons, check here for that post.

Seriously, we’ve had a harsh winter even in Houston but the day we worked on this project, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy being outdoors for lunch and enjoy the Stinsons’ backyard.


Thanks again Samantha for all of the hospitality and treats!


Lovely lovely ladies!


Yep that’s right their yard is as cute as they are…I love this outdoor eating area, complete with World Market metal chairs and light made out of repurposed washing machine tub!What I really love is this huge vintage S from Round Top!


And the espalier that James made on the garage wall has already taken off so quickly and looks so full…even in winter!


I think one of the reasons the Stinsons and I work so well together is we all love pops of red…both outside and inside they used red to carry the eye and freshen this old home for their young family!


If it looks this welcoming in January I can only imagine how nice it will be this spring and summer!

Thank you again to everyone who left love on this original post and thank you to the Stinsons for being so generous with sources and info on what we did in your home! If you are looking for source info please go back to original post and read comments.

NEXT WEEK, I plan to take you inside a recent Southern Living cover story… a behind the scenes tour of one of the neatest houses to ever grace the SL cover in my opinion so check back soon! I love getting to see inside all of these homes from Houston to Birmingham, thank you Lord for letting me do what I love.  It’s hard work and long hours but I love it and feel blessed.

Young Houston family’s home

This has been such a fun project and I am so excited to share this home.

Hollymathisinteriorsstinsonhomehollymathisinteriorsstinsonsink hollymathisinteriorsstinsonkitchenstools

The Stinsons emailed me about two years ago to tell me about this neat older, traditional styled home they had bought in a great Houston neighborhood.  That needed to be updated.  And they were starting demo of it THAT WEEK and could I stop by ASAP and see what they had in mind and if they were on the right track. So I visited the home mid “tear out” and we made some fast and furious decisions about paint and floors and they were already on track in so many areas…Flash forward two years and we are finally hanging the last drapes and placing the last pillows and its so pretty and warm and homey yet stylish and fun. Just like the Stinsons.  I am honored to have been a part of seeing new life breathed into this classic Houston home. And it was a joy working with my friend Becki Griffin on photographing this project!

Above are some of my favorite shots, I have so much to share from this project, this may turn into several posts.  First up the entry.  The home was built in the 1960s and well cared for but just needed some updated and infusing of young style.  The Stinsons added the wood wall which looks so great with their antique clock.

This is the before of the entry.


And after.


Mr Stinson did the wood wall himself, pictured here with one of his darling twin girls.  I love this family y’all.


From the entry you walk into a family room/kitchen combo.  We painted all of the doors BM Chelsea Gray and walls Edgecomb Gray, except for the Dining walls which are Chelsea Gray….so it all flows so well.


The Stinsons slipcoverd sofas and chairs they had for the living space and we added a stripe ottoman from Pottery Barn.  They have a new dog with this new home so we did inexpensive natural rugs and TILE WOOD FLOOR.  Yes that is ceramic tile and I love that it can be used in all wet spaces too.  They even used it in the laundry and powder room.  Pearl the Lab can not hurt this floor and it looks so good.


I love the Lacefield fabric pillows and the antique corner cabinet.  I think the smattering of really good antiques throughout the house is what makes it really work mixed with Pottery Barn and other big box items.


And the windmill “tail” ..oh the windmill…scored at Round Top last year.

From the beginning, we discussed a windmill piece for this room and they found the perfect one and installed it safely and nicely!  I was so concerned about installation but they did it!  This homeowner can do anything, both the husband and wife.  Talk about dream clients.  Throughout our time working together, I would hear from them and we would visit by email or  in person and I would leave them feedback and suggestions and then crickets, for weeks or months…and then I would hear from them and be so pleased with something they had done like hang this windmill or stencil a wall! Yes stencil a wall! These clients definetely took ideas and ran with them and then I came in and gave some final “polish”… I love working this way!

Open to this living area is the kitchen “nook”. . . I suggested the Stinsons invest in some amazing trellis or geometric wallpaper for this space.  They decided to stencil it and I must admit this scared me a bit but I was surprised how well it turned out!  They are the best DIYers! I love it!


And the kitchen, they removed a wall! It is not a large or “fancy” kitchen but I think this space proves that any kitchen can function well and be stylish no matter the size.

The Stinsons simply painted the existing cabinets and removed some doors and added honed marble.  Notice they did not tear out cabinets and the area above the cabinets really just went away. Lighting is one idea of how they took my idea and ran with it and made their own decision based on my recommendation.  I recommended several lighting options all on the pricier side (I admit it) because I think lighting is so important BUT they found these at Home Depot/HomeDecorators and I admit they look really cute..the scale is perfect!


 This was the kitchen before


And during, they better be glad I didn’t come by and see all that stuff laying on the marble!


And now, with fresh paint, some doors removed, new farm sink and appliances and marble…But this was not a total tear out or terribly expensive kitchen.   I love that!

The updated kitchen this is looking from the living room with back to tv area.


Love the new faucet.


From the kitchen you can see back around across the bar into the “piano room”. . . the bar actually was a wall at one time but the opened it up and the marble and stools make it so much more functional, open and pretty.   And yes they do chalkboard art!


I adore the All-Clad all hung on the wall, keeps it casual and gives a work kitchen feel and its functional!


The Schumacher drapes were one thing I insisted on and the Stinsons agreed, the dark gray flows with the dark walls of the adjacent dining room and the doors of the home.  And it is such a pretty view from the kitchen.


This small room off the kitchen works great for the piano and two chairs.  I love that they captured their girls before tweendom in these smock dresses and I especially like the size of the canvas prints. And I really like that they have a photo of themselves as a couple as well, their girls will cherish this piece one day!  Samantha and her girls have the prettiest red hair! The red stool and images keep the baby grand from feeling too stuff, keeps it young and casual and gives a pop of color.



Traditional tole trays from a nearby antique store on Memorial Drive in Houston. The iconic Target bar cart fit here just right!

Looking through the dining room from the entry the large canvas needed to be big and it turned out great. Love the view!


More white slipcovers  in this room as well. We actually are still tweaking this room so I may have more photos later but we did simple linen drapes and linen slipcovers with dark walls.  The red transferware adds a pop of color. We may still add and old rug for more color!


This mirror from Wisteria just barely fit but its perfect..I was sighing a huge breath of relief once this was installed…this chest was hard for me style but it finally came together. Lamps and drapes from Pottery Barn, jars and mirror from Wisteria.  The chest is an antique.


Now on to the Master bedroom and bath.  I really need to do a separate post on the bedroom and bath (and the closet oh the closet).  This transformation has really been amazing, the centerpiece of course being this salvage door.


Love this bed from Restoration Hardware outlet…adore the little nails and linens from Round Top, the blue pillows are from Houston’s Lam Bespoke. Not shown (later post likely) is the reading nook and white drapes and natural shades and antique KASS.

Like I said, I have so much more of this home to show.  I have some fun exterior shots.  They have done so much with the backyard, so charming.  I have a zillion phone pics if you want to see more details, I will post more soon if there is interest. I will also followup with some more source info in there is interest.

Thank you again to Becki Griffin of Curious Details for these beautiful shots and putting up with my crazy “direction” and thank you to the Stinson family for letting me part of your home.  Y’all are truly a wonderful family and so talented and fun  and I am so happy you love your new nest!

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