My favorite sofas

I am often asked “what is your favorite” sofa? “What is the best sofa?” And of course much of that depends on your budget and how you live…do you have kids, dogs? Do you want an investment piece or trendy, on and on.  I find that more and more people are less willing to invest in good upholstered furniture.  Sure there are still people that want Baker sofas but many of us LIVE LIVE in our homes more than ever and that kind of investment is just not feasible. Also the re-emergence of slipcovers in our country and boom, its a different market today somewhat than when my Grandmother was taking people to market for sofas in the 1980s. And yet we want comfort and quality.  And to know where something is made and produced. Oh and maybe a little customization am I right??


When I began working with True Blue Home to put together a shop full of items with style and beauty I knew I wanted to include slipcovered furniture.  The owner Cindy and I both love the look and ease of slipcovers. It was a no brainer.  But we wrestled with questions like would we have recycled pieces slipcovered or go with this or that well known maker or another???? Or heck even “do we go to North Carolina and have our own sofas manufactured?”  We discussed it all and looked at numbers and reviews. I also spoke to clients and others in the industry and finally we settled on two great sofa makers, Best Slipcover Company (BSC) and Moss Studio.

Both companies make their sofa in the USA and have amazing construction!

  TBHfrnit inter NNL

Moss frames are assembled using alder, a western hardwood, with 4×4 frame grade centers.  The Moss spring system is constructed using 9 gauge, no sag, sinuous steel springs. The springs are clipped and stapled to the frame. The spring system is then hand tied with italian twine for strength, durability and stability.   Depending on the sofa style, a layer of blended polyester may be added at this time. If the piece is to be slipcovered, the prepared frame will be covered with high-grade ivory muslin. Cushions are made from a high density, hypo-allergenic cloud nine 2-pound HR foam. This foam outperforms other foams by 10 – 15 times. The foam is then enveloped by a 10/90 white goose/down fill with a zipper enclosure. This construction allows for excellent shape retention with no “pancake” effect. The standard back cushion are 60% 90/10 (90% white goose feathers and 10% down) and 40% micro clusters which will maintain the shape of the cushion. The cushions will relax and provide the comfort and support Moss Studio is known for. Other variations of down and/or foam are available upon request with a possible upcharge. All styles can be ordered with a bench seat option.


Moss studio seams are overlocked for durability. And all cushions are offered with the standard welt. A contrasting welt is available at no upcharge if the fabric is available in house or supplied by customer. Other welt options include: knife-edge, flat flange, and top-stitched. Moss also offers several different skirt options. Standard options include: (1) kick pleat to the floor; (2) short kick pleat; (3) wrap skirt to floor; and (4) short wrap skirt. Other skirt options include: (1) dressmaker; (2) ruffle skirt to the floor; and (3) short ruffle skirt;


Love these Moss chairs above in the cottage kitchen!  We have both sofas and chairs in both Moss and Best Slipcover Company and samples of other fabrics available from both companies as well!  Don’t you love these Les Indiennes blue and white pillows on the flax BSC sofa?!


The sofa above is from the EXPRESS program offered by Best Slipcover Company, ships in TWO WEEKS..this is the pearl style..Another favorite of mine is their Rachel style sofa and it is offered in the express! with the box pleat skirt option!  You can see the Rachel in the tiny cottage below . . .


These chairs below are from Moss in a taupe stripe…we also have similar chairs from BSC in a cobalt stripe! These don’t swivel.  These are pieces from these companies we have in stock but special orders are possible of course! Swivel possible..even leather available!


By carrying two sofa lines at True Blue Home we able to offer different price points and styles, yummy Libeco stonewashed linen on the MOSS sofas at top of post and charming ruffles like on the white sofa below from Best Slipcover. Both Made in America, these lines have made it possible for us to show different looks in the main TBH store and in the cottage.  I love this furniture!


Every part of the sofas at True Blue Home are Made in the U.S.A. We love that!  It’s True Blue all the way!


Oh and full disclosure…my sofas are from IKEA…ha ha so if you are reading this thinking “I’ll never save enough for these sofas” just know I feel the same way in this season in life! BUT honestly the IKEA ektorps are still a fave too..I have three sets of slipcovers and muddy paws and boys don’t make me near as nervous as they would with MOSS or BSC. One day I will have one of these gorgeous sofas or chairs …and when the time is right, I know just where to get one!;

To find out more about the sofas at True Blue Home visit the store at

TRUE BLUE HOME · 5080 MAIN STREET, CHAPPELL HILL, TEXAS, 77426 · 979-421-9727 or email customer

Let’s talk about marble….again (part 1)

Ages ago I did a post about the pros and cons of having carrara marble here.  It was one of my most popular posts, with examples from some great bloggers and decorators,  but it’s been three years and I have learned and seen more so I thought I would do an update!  I am afraid this may get long because there is so much material to cover so I am going to say there will be two parts.  And let me also say, I am not an expert, these are simply going to be my observations and experiences with clients and others… what we have used and found to be true.  This could easily be a huge indexed research paper! Remember this is just a blog post!

HMI old kitchen

First off, when I did the original post I had just installed “plain” honed carrara marble in my old cottage kitchen and I WAS IN LOVE…over the moon.  I had wanted it so long and was thrilled with it..and was until I moved. And missed it in the next house.  And still do.  I felt like it was the real thing and why would anyone do anything else.  It’s not super expensive as far as counters go (same as granite for the most part) and its natural and classic.  But as I have visited more stone yards and seen more and more applications of “plain honed carerra” I see that yes sometimes it does stain (I never had more than a watermark) and y’all its just not as white anymore.  Granted my pictures have been lightened a bit and so have many you see on pinterest and elsewhere.  Always keep that in mind when looking at paint and counter and floor colors..if filters were used then you aren’t getting a true reading.  Anyway, it is my understanding, that the marble quarry where they get this stone is hundreds of years old and they keep going deeper and deeper and YES in fact it IS getting more gray. I think carrara was and is the most gray to begin with, you need to go statuary, danby (from New England) or other “finer” marbles to get a more “bright white
background” but even then, the carrara is getting darker I believe.  Honing it makes it a bit lighter, softer BTW.  I thought this was interesting, honed on one side and polished on the other!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.37 PM

Recently while in New Orleans visiting two different stone yards with a client I was shocked at how gray the “basic” carrara looked. I have never really dealt with this issue too seriously because I just love the material and haven’t been concerned style wise when clients have mentioned this before…yes it was gray but it was on WHITE cabinets and still pretty.  But I started to take notice in New Orleans because we are doing GRAY kitchen cabinets in brick floors and I didn’t want it to be washed out or too dark. Notice this photo below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.50 PM

Notice on the paint swatch the cabinet color on left…it looks great on the small “marble” marble sample its leaned against but against the larger slab behind that, blah..the big slab looks so dark against that lighter small sample agreed??  What is that small sample?? Let’s just go with that right??

Well it’s like silestone or caesarstone…its this product

  Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.57 PM

And we thought it looked great based on the small sampled.  And decided “well we will just go with this, its stain resistant and will be great”..then in the middle of the night I woke up in my client’s six year old son’s bed in a panic thinking “what does an entire slab of this man made stuff look like?”  It was the holy spirit because LOOK  Y’all THIS is what a big piece of this “Borghini” looks like..sure its stain resistant and bright white background but it looks like too swiggly hoses running through it…it is not a tight soft movement like the small sample indicated to us..our fault totally.  So glad I looked up a photo for the entire slab.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.08.03 PM

Yikes not what we wanted..maybe fine for another project but we were wanting a tighter, softer “all over veining” like you would find in “basic” carrara!

Now the week before I was checking on a job in Houston where we used TWO different type of quartz (man made) counters and I LOVED IT! So I am not saying man made materials aren’t good…not at all. I mean just look..these are good! This is my phone pic of the slab on the bed of the truck in my client’s driveway..this is not lifted from pinterest in another state or country…this happened two weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.08.12 PM

Ladies and gents I give you LG’s Minuets and Rococo and its good! One is busier than the other…this is the Rococo more “busy” for sure… we used it in master bath and it looks so lovely!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.08.19 PM

And the Minuet which is softer in kitchen!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.08.32 PM

You can see mucho about this LG product on Pinterest here including photos like this showing my client and I’s two fave patterns (the ones above) side by side!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.17.12 PM

But back in south Louisiana, not the burbs, the client just felt she needed the natural stone of true carrara (and I agree) after all its a frame house with brick floors and old beams so we set out the next day to see actual slabs of some of these manmade quartz counters and hopefully find another bundle of marble to look at with our gray paint chip! I honestly didn’t think we would find a place with full slabs of the quartz but we found one and they laid the different slabs side by side for us! And its fascinating! First we put two manmade quartz slabs side by side…Caesarstone’s Frosty Carrina (left) and Statuario Nuvo (right)! And I liked them both!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.24 PM

Below is the Satuario Nuvo by Caesarstone!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.18 PM

But when my client saw the carrara placed beside it she new she had to have it even though it is more gray…I do think its less gray than the first slab we found.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.07.30 PM

So there you go, Cararra is getting more gray from the earth I think BUT people still choosing it…we did find some Statuary we loved but that slab yard wasn’t open…so we found another slightly lighter bundle I think of the carrara.

Another client below (Old home renovation in Sealy) chose “basic” carrara as well….and its POLISHED ..yikes etching and stains, I actually think it will be okay with the amazing sealers they use now AND the polish with the grandeur of the home! (And don’t you love this baby Shaw sink it the island) More on this project coming soon!

  Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.09.24 PM

I think the bottom line is FEEL, STAINS and also price.  AND GO LOOK AT SLABS with your paint colors/chips! This going to look part is imperative even if you have a designer!


Do you want the natural feel of stone?

Or are you type A and will water etching or even the thought of it bother you?

Is your home old or are you trying to build a “new old house?” Or are you in the suburbs?

Do you u like to use bleach and or ammonia or vinegar to clean?

And are you willing to pay $2500 extra or more to go from “basic” carrara up to the higher end types that are more bright white OR to do CAESARSTONE or SILESTONE (good rule of thumb y’all if it ends in the word “stone” its manmade and MORE than your basic CARRARA. I leave you with this link to a recent post at the Elements of Style blog (OMG isn’t her baby Henry the sweetest) one of her assistants wrote a great post about marble versus quartz. I can’t wait to see how her basic “real” carrara cabinets look with her willow gray cabinets…wish I knew a paint color similar to her new cabinets….Lindsey???? ;;;

Next installment of “Let’s really talk about marble” I will show you photos of the DOLAMITE option..sometimes called Super white granite but its NOT granite and also LAMINATE that looks like marble!

HGTV Home Town !!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.07.23 AM

HOME. and TOWN. My favorite things.  So have you heard about HGTV’s new show HOME TOWN that will premiere this Sunday…it features Erin and Ben Napier of Laurel, Mississippi, they have become good friends with Magnolia/Fixer Upper and  my brother Jimmy Don and I have enjoyed learning more about them too! (You were right Peggy Kriel they are awesome) A lovelier couple does not exist. And I can. not. wait. to see their show.  I don’t even watch tv y’all (sorry JD i have caught some of your appearances i promise) but I am excited about this because its about roots, preservation, a small Southern town and old houses!  Oh and they make great things..Erin does letterpress and Ben is a craftsman..they are just so talented and cute and well awesome and I honestly don’t use that word lightly.  IN short I am impressed with their talent, character, and what they are doing, the total package.  She taught my brother to use the word letterpress y’all..she has brought our family together!  ha  Find out all about them here and see some behind the scenes in their town and set your DVR!!!!

And speaking of home and Waco, Magnolia and Jimmy Don… , the boys and Nana and I travelled up to Wacotown last weekend. I wanted my mom to get to see my brother’s wall of work in Magnolia.


{Some of my fave things in Waco, this new shop THE FINDERY just near the Silos, I love the building at the Silos they have slotted for A BAKERY, Common Ground near campus of course, the Dr Pepper Museum, Baylor’s Mayborn Museum where my kids want to go EVERY TRIP and more}

And y’all, it was CROWDED and busy..not just inside the Magnolia shop but all around that area..people walking. A bustle. There hasn’t been much bustle around downtown Waco (except to scramble into a Ninfa’s parking spot) in a long time. It felt bright and safe and engaging. And the campus looks amazing. I admire the Gaines and others for all they are doing and pray it continues in all areas…truly exciting! After looking around old Wacotown we ventured to the old home place.  Literally.  My brother  recently acquired back part of our great grandparents original farm out in Crawford which is a short drive from Waco and the little town where we grew up and went to school in Valley Mills.  The land is literally minutes from where we went to church (which was the building were our Papa Ed went to school when he was little!)

Below my great grandparents Holmes’ windmill by JD’s new house, the boys exploring near a cave and in the river AND DID YOU KNOW, JD has silos by his shop too! Lol I couldn’t resist. I loved going to Crawford when I was a kid..just the road between our town ten minutes away and Crawford felt “happy” because it was the road to my Granny and Papa Ed, I loved going in the old grocery store Amsler’s there with her and looking in the window at the domino hall for my grandpa…little girls aren’t supposed to actually go inside domino halls you know that right?! I can hear the shuffle now! So special even President Bush has a place there!;;


I love seeing my boys roam around where their great grandpa did when he was a boy on the Middle Bosque River! I can’t wait to see all that Jimmy Don does cleaning up and preserving this place and its history!


{Drew and Henry on Uncle JD’s mule ready to find some dirt!}

Below them exploring around an old cave near the Middle Bosque. My attempt at Wacoan Mr Gildersleeve’s photo style..anyone know about him?? He was a hometown wonder in Waco once upon a can see his photos at the Texas Collection on Baylor campus..they are amazing! I learned so much working in the Carroll building doing oral history and researching in the Texas Collection.  Love that place.


Home and family and roots…It’s so important. I love you brother and I am rooting for the show Erin and Ben, y’all please please set your DVR this is a pilot so help with the buzz! It is on right at noon I believe, check may be still at church or getting lunch so SET THE DVR thingy! #HGTVHomeTown





New Year, New Studio

New year, fresh start and finally some workspace beyond my kitchen table.


Since the divorce and our move my work things have been spread all over and it feels so good to be getting them corralled into one space…a little more organized and functional for the new year I hope!  I’ve been looking for a studio space in Brenham for a long time, since my oldest started PreK here years ago.  Finally, after looking and looking (and nearly pulling the trigger more than once) I found something with a great location and affordable and charm!  Worth the wait!


We are still working on details like lighting, and finishing the Hygge and West wallpaper in the bathroom but we worked here all last week and it felt SO GOOD!

If I was a fabric, I’d like to be a high performance (and pretty) one by Schumacher!


It’s an old building with lots of quirks, concrete floors and all of the things that come with age but part of that is what I love! Look at the remnant of old wiring in the top photo! My assistant Jenn (yes I know I need to introduce her formally on the blog, she has been a lifesaver) has been helping me whip things into shape and I am so grateful for her and her work ethic, faith & enthusiasm!

I still love my logo done years ago by Whitney English and Lindsay Letters  (btw her new shop in Wisconsin is DARLING) …I am still working on placement of signage and my plant game but getting there. Jimmy Don is going to make me a hanging sign and maybe a metal one up top at some point! I love the wavy glass!


Notice “by appointment only” that is because I am in and out and doing a lot of computer work here and must focus… and it is not a retail space.  In fact, you can see the True Blue Home sign in the chair in the window directing foot traffic to the Chappell Hill just minutes away for “shopping shopping.” This space is for “Holly Mathis Interiors” work, orders and clients. I do have special order wallpaper and fabrics for clients I am working with…and I do have a few vintage pieces, old rugs and pillows for sale (AKA known as “my stash” that I have pulled from before for many of you) for my clients but it is not general retail..just work space which we desperately need..and are grateful for! So you will still find me in and out at True Blue Home as well here as I continue to consult on that venture!


The main hope and prayer for the year is that this workspace will be good not just for my design business but also for my family as I have had to up my ‘work game’ but also learn to be a single mom of boys.  For any self employed person, separating work and home is always a challenge and this new season has provided new challenges for me in this area.  I’ve always struggled with this balance but God gently leads me step by step.  I hope to close this pretty door at night and focus on the main things when I leave, my boys and our new life, my mom and the wonderful community of friends and school we have here and the places God is working all around us…Because really that is what it is all about..creating a beautiful life and living that life no matter where we are in the journey. All to God’s glory.  I don’t want to be so consumed with what I do that I miss life. I am so thankful for a new year, this fresh start, friends, family, this darling workspace, a wonderful assistant that has come along side me as a friend and helper, amazing clients and work I love…  God is faithful indeed!

More True Blue Cottage

I hope everyone is having a great holiday week!


I can’t let this season pass without showing more of the True Blue Home Cottage all gussied up for its open house that has been going on throughout December. I had so much fun styling the home using my favorites from the store.  All of the furnishings, lighting, art, accessories were hand-picked and are available for purchase through True Blue Home. Contact me or contact Cindy at customer for more info.


So this cottage is just steps down Main Street from the True Blue Home store in Chappell Hill, Texas. The original structure dates back to the 1850s, and the home has an official “marker” from the Texas Historical Commission. When you step in the front door you enter this charming dining room with shiplap ceiling, True Blue’s signature Visual Comfort lighting, Schumacher drapes designed by yours truly and of course, slipcovers galore! (And yes I wish I could reach into that photo with some Downy Wrinkle Release and jerk down that skirt on the chair, keepin’ it real; But that is the thing with slipcovers easy to adjust and fix! Just not once on film;)


And of course British pottery from Emma Bridgewater…I think we should nickname this pattern the “Bluebonnet Blue” Toast pattern!;


The cottage has one bedroom outfitted in a new, freshly painted pine bed (Made in America) AND is covered in Les Indiennes textiles on the bed and windows! We love their patterns and they can be ordered through the store of course~  The Monogram pillow is custom via moi, Holly Mathis Interiors.  The chandelier over the bed is called FLANDERS from Visual comfort and the bedsides are flanked with alabaster lamps also from Visual Comfort. The blue check is also from Les Indiennes.  The store also carries napkins from Les Indiennes. We can’t get enough of their hand blocked textiles.


I love this chair in the corner of the bedroom.  Hard to believe this original shiplap ceiling had popcorn sprayed over it likely in the 1980s!


The living room is full of shiplap, slipcovered loveseats, more painted and natural pine furniture and the Visual Comfort Country Chandelier! The blue and white throw pillows are by John Robshaw and are available at the store on Main Street! The drapes and fabric hoop ornaments are custom by Holly Mathis Interiors;



The table with white urns above,  hutch and coffee table are all made by the same company and the gorgeous raw pine they use comes in multiple very cottage-y colors!


I love these color samples!


This big white hutch in the kitchen is a built in piece and is  filled to the brim with True Blue’s favorite English pottery patterns from Emma Bridgewater and Burleigh!


This was so fun to style!


Pendants from Visual Comfort of course! This shot shows a good view of the original fireplace. Fabrics from Schumacher on cafe curtains and pillows are available through Holly Mathis Interiors.  All of the slipcovered furniture is also made in America (both bases/frames and the linen slips) and can be purchased from the store. The lamp between the chairs is called the Harper from Visual Comfort and is in stock at True Blue!


From the back door looking toward living can see a smidge of the back of the rock fireplace on left. Isn’t that island amazing.  It was in the home when True Blue acquired the property…amazing piece!


One more detailed shot


I already showed the glorious back porch off of the kitchen in previous but have to show it again…I know, those doors and the blue ceiling, blue chairs and the Visual Comfort lantern in white!


Now let’s go outside to the “Mini Cottage” or “Tiny Cottage” or “She shack” as we call it…this little cottage is truly small indeed but so full of charm and once the styling took on a life of its own it felt a bit of Texas botanist/naturtalist feel to me!


Isn’t the roof pitch cute and I love those white rockers…nothing more Texas than a porch and rocking chair!


This ceiling slays me every time, who cares if a room is not huge if it has a ceiling like this.  Another gorgeous light from Visual Comfort, special order through True Blue Home.


Sofa and chairs are from the Best Slipcover Company and available via True Blue (in fact, the sofa is going home to a lucky customer in The Woodlands, Texas this week!) as are the pillows and lamp.  The antique herbariums over the stripe chair are from Campbell’s Melange in Baton Rouge and more are available through Melisse and I have some in stock as well.


Below another pine piece and of course some blue and white pottery!


That is all of the Tiny Cottage but don’t you want to just sit there with a glass of wine..or out on the patio by the street in these chairs.  I love this neighbor house too..

        The views are good out in Washington County, Texas, y’all! I am telling you, you must visit!


True Blue Home will reopen next Thursday…be sure and watch their Instagram and facebook feeds for more info on the Cottage, future events and what is in store (pun intended) for 2016!!!!

I have enjoyed being a part of this project so much and hope you can all come see it in person!

Special thanks for Natalie Lacy Lange for her help with these amazing photos.  She is wonderful to work with and so very talented and kind!


Our doggie update

Just a few pictures of the boys with our beloved Hunter!


 {Photo taken by my amazing assistant Jenn last month, thanks Jenn for capturing this moment}



{Henry gets so excited when Hunter actually “sits” for him when he says!}

hunter sit.13.44 AM

A dog is a friend. An unconditional friend.  Dog’s don’t say rude things to you or misunderstand anything, they don’t have bad moods even, they are just there and kind and love you and your kids.  I did this for Drew, but in doing so Hunter has blessed Henry and even me (except for the night he had an accident on one of my fave rugs, yes know i should have rolled them up but little rugs can easily be cleaned).

So here is what we do with Hunter:

  • we have a great groomer and trainer nearby (walking distance) that does the “fulminator treatment” with him shampoo and comb and it reduces his shedding I think, he is SO blonde and it gets everywhere but oh well we have swifter and lint rollers..and they have trained him a bit..he is part Lab and mouthy and rowdy but the boys tumble and play with him and he is so much happier inside with his pack!
  • Bones and toys to keep him from getting bored and chewing on fabrics!
  • Clipping nails and murphys oil really does help with any scratches on floors…and teach your kids to swifter swifter
  • we crate him when gone or at night and Texas has sunny days so he can still go outside for play time a lot even in winter, I do still believe that animals want to be outside in gorgeous weather especially a rowdy lab like Hunter
  • what I do struggle with is enough time to walk oldest isn’t old enough to walk him alone so we do struggle to get enough exercise time in….

But he has lots of toys and we have a long hall and open space and we play a lot.  And its working (knock on wood) he is doing so good with “going” outside (though he seems to want privacy and won’t go quickly, drives me nuts  i have to leave him out alone to “go” and I never know for sure if he did…he has a huge bladder apparently.)

So any tips or thoughts on our Hunter….any doggies treats you think he might love..i am looking for the exact name of the one known on the streets as “doggie crack” to help with his fetching.  I did find the “Call of the Wild” food at Tractor Supply he seems to love.

So this year Hunter and a new normal are what our Christmas are about more than perfect decorations and wreaths on every window.

 I WILL be posting more photos of the True Blue Home Show Cottage, my creative Christmas energy and joy  have gone more there than in our home this year and that is okay.  Each year is different and its okay to just use a few “happy” decorations one year and not so much stuff.

tree2015.13.59 AM

Honestly, I struggled with using my silhouette ornaments this year but they finally went on, didn’t feel like Christmas without them..yes Hunter needs one now!;;;And I love that this house has these natural columns and ledges and spots for the nativity  and little trees that are a bit out of reach but easy to see and enjoy! (Yes that is a toy soldier in the nativity, courtesy of my oldest)


Bottom line…God is faithful, life throws us lots of curveballs, lots of storms brew and take us by surprise, but he is the SAME..yesterday, today and tomorrow and He loves us and our families, even via a dog! But most important, He sent a baby into the world, the Christ child, BECAUSE of these very storms whatever they may be.  He knew storms would come, he never promised EASY and he knew we needed (need) a Savior so he sent us one and that is why we celebrate Christmas! Pretty trees and wreaths commemorate THAT but of course they are not the source.  And the best part, when His son died and rose and went to be with the Father, God left his Holy Spirit to comfort us. So we have him here with us, Emmanuel “God with us!” Best story ever.

          In some ways this is the worst Christmas ever for ‘decorating Holly’ and there other deeper areas I can’t even cover here but for ‘soul Holly’ I will say I have never anticipated the Advent of our Lord more or understood it more or NEEDED it more. A WEARY WORLD REJOICES INDEED.

Do you feel weary?? Rest in the coming of our King, the birth of our Savior and THE HOPE OF GLORY!

We have a hope and a comforter y’all, lean in! 

Open house photos & Favorite things

Being a part of the creation and launch of a retail store has been fun and exciting.  Seeing that store flourish and develop new space and come into the holidays…even better.  This past Saturday, True Blue Home opened its “Show Cottage” in an 1850s structure down the block from the flagship store!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.21.16 PM

The weather wasn’t perfect but it was still such a lovely day welcoming people into the space and seeing their reaction to seeing new product in a “homey” setting with candles flickering and refreshments. This project has added to my joy so much this holiday year.  So grateful to be a part.  For those of you who live too far or were unable to make it here are a few shots.  Watch the TBH website for more images and announcements about upcoming events at the property.

The kitchen has vaulted ceilings and opens up to the sweetest little screened porch balcony that feels like a treehouse almost!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.46.40 PM

 Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.26.26 PM

Notice the “tiny cottage” out back…you can see more of that soon on the TBH site! More pics coming this week!

 Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.26.08 PM

And then the bedroom..aaah… Fabrics and pillows from les Indiennes and all lighting in the house from Visual Comfort all of which you can purchase from True Blue!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.23.00 PM

The Cottage will be open again this coming Saturday Dec 19th from 12-5 and Wednesday Dec 23rd from 12-5.  Again, watch the True Blue Home website and social media for more info on special ladies events and lodging!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 6.23.26 PM

{Image by the lovely Natalie Lacy Lange}

The cottage is an extension of items, a showcase, of product sold in the store down the street.  These are some of my favorite things in stock at the True Blue Home store on main street!


 (1.) Deauville lamp by Visual Comfort is one of my fave, it’s at the higher end pricepoint and traditional but fresh, one of their very best lamps in my opinion, (2) John Robshaw pillows, both the store and cottage are full of John Robshaw pillows ready for the plucking and plopping, (3) Burleigh pottery made in England perfect for a friend for or teacher, (4) A more modern Visual Comfort lamp, the “Ring”, TBH has these in stock to freshen your living room ASAP, (5.) More English pottery, this Emma Bridgwater pattern is a classic and some are already packaged for quick gifts, (6) Don’t tell Camille but she is totally getting one of these from Santa, a throwback graphic used during WWII in England, perfect for groceries and toting! (7) The Visual Comfort Dauphine lamp, good for a smaller table or guest nightstand, we have one on the kitchen counter in the cottage! Great value too, (8) Sugarboo art, this one makes me think of my Henry who scatters joy, and mischief!, (9) The blue version of the classic Emma Bridgewater pottery, I hear this one is my friend Susie’s wish list for Christmas!, (10.) Last but not least A NEW SOFA, this Moss Studio Emma Sofa and chairs are in stock in the store they are in the prettiest soft gray blue fabric, made in America y’all.  

From the inexpensive tote and cute mug to the dreamy sofa and investment lamp, True Blue Home has great items IN STOCK, so please come by and shop if headed to Austin or Houston or 290 or ShopLocal!  Watch the TBH website and Instagram for details on holiday hours! And remember the Cottage will be open again this coming Saturday, Dec 19th 12-5 and Wed, Dec  23rd 12-5 pm!  You don’t want to miss! For quick directions click here.

True Blue “Home for the Holidays”

You have heard a lot the past few months about True Blue Home, a retail endeavor I have been a part of in Chappell Hill, Texas.  The store has been open since Round Top time and has been getting its legs and making new friends.  All while another little adventure has still been in the works..True Blue Home COTTAGE!  Just steps down the street in an authentic 1850s Texas structure, True Blue Home Cottage has been coming to life! And now finally a special event to welcome guests!


Created to showcase the furniture and style of True Blue Home in an actual home setting, the cottage is possibly evolving into more…a destination perhaps.  Owners Cindy & Brian Taylor are excited about all of the potential of this authentic property . . . bed and breakfast, place for gatherings and special events, showroom and the list goes on!

Here is a peek at what is going into the transformation!


So Saturday, December 12th, come visit True Blue Home Cottage, you can see the little house styled in all of our favorite soft furnishings and new pine furniture as well as with custom draperies and of course dishes in the cupboard!  It’s like a doll house come to life! I will be there to show you around!The larger items will be priced and for special order if interested.  We will also have small gifts packaged at the cottage for Christmas gifts and refreshments…the cottage and store are just one block and it is a lovely walk so come take a stroll between True Blue Home Cottage and True Blue home and enjoy historic Chappell Hill, Texas.


A Christmas Favorite

As we all start getting out fave Christmas decorations, I can’t help but point to Lindsay Letters and all she has done and continues to do…this girl blows me away.  She was at the forefront of so much of the hand lettering and word art trend but I think her work transcends the trend.  And y’all I don’t think “word art” is a trend..WORDs are WORDS and they give life.  That is classic in my book. Our relationship started that day several years when I emailed her while thinking about my favorite Christmas hymn..”Could she put it on canvas?”…she is a YES person and it happened!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.15 PM

I still get emails from you all about this canvas! These words continue to put my heart on its knees…where I need to be all year long not just at Christmas!

And I love her photos below  . . .

{LL photography and styling in collaboration with Lark Photography}

 The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-CobaltCrossVertical

And let me just be honest here for a moment.  I am posting these gorgeous pictures not because Lindsay paid or asked me, she has more followers than me and its not even needed.  I am posting it because her work and these photos make me happy and honestly they inspire me to embark on a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and MEANINGFUL, this year more than ever.  If you are client, friend or long time reader you know last Christmas was hard for my family and this has been a hard year.  As I started decorating today, I declared this would be a happy decor year.  Heck I may order one of those felt pom pom ball garlands.  Not sure about that but I do know that any ornament or fussy bow or decoration that made me feel ick went back in the box!

          Listen to me girls {face in hands} YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE EVERY DECORATION EVERY YEAR, you don’t even have to get all of the “tubs” down.  KEEP IS SIMPLE, do what feels good for you and your family. I know its a cliche (keep is simple sister) and its been said before but I pray pray you and I and others can remember it when we feel that pit in our stomach when scrolling Pinterest or Instagram.  You are enough, your decorations are enough!;

And these words on canvas both above and below.  They have new meaning for me this year and they just may for you too.  Words matter.  These words of faith matter most.

Light came into this world to pierce darkness.  forever.  and i am grateful.  so grateful.  More grateful for that than old rugs and good fabric.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Darkness-Print (1)

So there you go.  That is how I am doing here..just wanted to give quick update.

Now back to Lindsay Letters, I love when she started doing other fonts and typeface and abstracts, it all mixes so well.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-BlackTreeWithPinkYellowChair

More magic she created with Gwen.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Floral-Black and White-Dining Room

O Night Divine indeed!

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Holiday-Shoot

Her collaborations with other bloggers and designers show unity and how her work is loved everywhere..I hate to use the word transcend again but she does..age, denominations…preppy, hipster, traditional..we can all use these words and that. Good job Lindsay as you continue to grow and evolve!~

And these 12 days prints below . . . I am ordering them to put on the wall in my new studio with washi tape..quick easy and festive!

   Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.49 PM

This stamp I am loving this year too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.05 PM

Another fave are these Hawaiian prints below..Aunt Kim is so getting this for her December birthday from the boys..she loves Hawaii and I think she will love this!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.31 PM

And these tags.  PERFECTION.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.57 PM \

And did you know she just gave birth to a beautiful boy? But before she took off for maternity leave (are you really taking any time off other than the delivery day LL?) Lindsay styled and created all of this beauty! And there is a sale on NOW…not sure how long it lasts but try the code MERRY10 and be sure and follow her on Instagram so you can see the baby and all she does..LL is down to earth, real but creative and inspiring..that is a rare combo! Happy first week of Crazy December y’all! Go in grace and be gentle on yourself!

Monogram pillows for Christmas

Hey y’all….I am still custom making a few of the monogram pillows with pleats.  These have been such a hit and I am doing one more “run” and order on them before holidays.  If you want to order and have under your tree in time please contact us asap by email @  holly at

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.38.22 PM

We are doing flax or white linen

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.38.14 PM  Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.38.36 PM

With white box pleat trim

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.34.42 PM

and dark gray THREAD on white linen background or white on flax thread.  OR RED, you know I love red so for Christmas I am doing a red thread as well. We can’t do any other variations at this time because of time constraints.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.39.06 PM

The price is $289 and includes shipping in US and the 14 x 30 down feather pillow form..the pillow will be ready to wrap or put out for show once it won’t even have to stuff it!

We can do a smaller lumbar or 22″ square if interested..just mention in email.  Process and price are same.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.40.07 PM

Please let us know asap if you want on this list!

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