More ‘Suburban Charm’ house

Finally more Before and Afters of this wonderful home. To see full gallery go here.


The kitchen alone is jaw-dropping.  Cabinets were removed and shiplap added to ceiling along with new range and counters that look like marble but perform like near steel!(I will share some sources in time) This home proves you can add charm to life in suburbia.  Becki Griffin of Curious Details helped me capture photos of this amazing transformation from dated cookie cutter to fresh and charming home.

These were the AFTER photos of the kitchen/dining/breakfast area . . . Complete with LG Haus Quartz countertops and Visual comfort lighting via True Blue Home.  That one big Darlana lantern is perfecto! I love the Darlana because it has no glass to keep clean and it also comes in lots of sizes and brass!


The light above the dining table is a bargain from Horchow and mixes just fine with the higher end lighting in the kitchen proper. Kitchen lighting (the lantern is the darlana and the sconce is the boston library) is by Visual Comfort via True Blue Home.

Speaking of light, adding a window to this space REALLY transformed it and let in the very best light, natural! Below you can see some of the before and during photos.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.54.27 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.53.07 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.45 PM

The window was added where his hand is placed to the left of fridge cabinet area if you can tell…and that window makes so much difference!  clarkeimagewindow
And the reclaimed shelves and larger than usual subway tile!

clarkekitchen1 clarkekitchen2

The Master bath is also one of my faves in this house…the tile is NOT marble..there is no real marble in this bath!


Mama said “with all of my kids I have to be able to use bleach!” So we used the marmot tile from Arizona tile and its magic along with more LG Haus on the counters and scads of white Daltile subway and tile picture railing..and an amazing Victoria + Albert tub!



What is so special is about the house is the children and family and sweet heart of hospitality of the family…since we shot these photos, they have added another babe to the pack!  Congratulations Clarke family..You are tops!



The contractor Jesus Melgar Contracting did an amazing job on this project as did Heather Chavez of Traditions Windows who did the blinds and drapes. (she can do ANYTHING with windows, cannot say enough good things about Traditions Windows!)

Thank you again to Becki Griffin for helping capture my work and the beautiful families and homes in my life!

More next week about the upcoming POP UP SHOP in my Studio!

Next Creative Class

In a little over one week, we will be gathering at my studio in Brenham for the third creative class, Saturday November 17th… this is going to be a small and intimate group and the last of my general “finding your style” and playing with pattern type classes…at least for the time being.


Becki and I have postponed our October class until spring and may move it to the Vintage Round Top to  have more room to talk about her Curious tips and Details.   I have also postponed the December natural holiday class with Keith Taylor, again Keith and I hope to do something in the spring as well.  We both got too booked with holiday decorating projects;(  BUT the November class on creative business is filling up and still ON, please note we will primarily be talking about design/decorating businesses and startups…may expand to general creative business for later classes but for now I will be sharing primarily on the the type of business I do and tricks of the trade.  So that is an update on classes at the Studio!


So again this next one will be the GENERAL talking about paint colors and favorite tips and tricks, surfaces, sharing lots of samples and talking a lot about the heart of the home and honing in on style and feel of the home!

And of course yummy food and playing with fabric!

hmiclasscollage and flowers! {via Bramble and Bee love that magical Maggie}


and treat bags!


So there you go, fall has been off to a quick start and I was ambitious thinking I could do a class every month and a POP UP in my studio as well (more about that coming soon) and keep up with my design clients but I am learning as I go still as well….

So bottom line, this is your last chance to sign up for the September General class and then the only other class this year will be the November “Business” class which is filling up soon.


If you want to sign up last minute for the class next Saturday (9/17) go here and you can use the code FRIEND for a 20% discount!

In the meantime keep checking back or watch instagram for more info on the Pop Up Shop and fun merchandise I will have in my studio this will be very small but I am excited about hosting and meeting some of you on weekends and enjoying the coming cooler weather visiting with friends!!!


Photos by Natalie Lacy Lange

Start to school + what I am reading

I know I promised to post photos of two (maybe three) fantastic homes I have been working on.  And I will.  But for some of us mamas, school only started last week and for some this week or after labor day.  This is a tender time not only for kids, but for mamas too.  I had time management anxiety and tears a good 3 out of 5  days last week. It is transition time. That time when you have mountains to climb but you aren’t in that groove yet. I forget about this required transition time and I am hard on myself and crater when its not seamless. I know we are all trying to get back in a groove, start projects, get going on things at home, etc…  But before I start sharing homes that look perfect, with unlimited budgets, none of which are true but it can seem that way some times, I want to talk about some other things going on with me. And maybe you too. And I want to encourage you to be gentle with yourself as we enter the fall. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, God sees you and He will order our days and schedules and lives. Fabric can wait, tile can wait. First take some deep breaths and sit with Him. (preaching to myself here but maybe its for you too)

So first off (in that vein of STILLNESS) I have been reading this.  And it. is. good. stuff.  I have stacks of books and honestly don’t read many of them all the way through (ok most I don’t read completely, blame it on grad school and a bad skimming habit that developed, it happens when you are a history major and they give you a million books A WEEK).  Anyway, this book is good. All the way to the end! And not only because it’s saying “slow down” and “you need margin” buzzwords that are the “it” thing right now to talk about instead of “hustle” blah blah. No, this book is different, it’s more than that. Why? Because she shares so raw and PRACTICAL about how it feels and how hard it is to actually slow down and sit in silence. To stop the madness. To start to say no to even some good things.  And what it looks like and how ugly and difficult it really is.  And why we need it. And that we are not alone. Busyness truly is killing so many of us. We must slow down. Shauna goes and digs deeper than anyone I have read on this topic. THANK YOU SHAuNA NIEQUIST! You have helped save me from myself.  It is hard, thank you for saying it takes YEARS. It is not overnight.


And this book.


Again WHY? Aren’t there tons of bloggers writing books and sharing their stories? Being real and authentic. Yep and I am sure many are good and many are so so and I have not read them all but THIS ONE . . . IT. IS. A. MUST.  At least for me and I dare say for many of you that have been through anything tough, and face it, that is ALL OF US for the most part right?!  I’ve read and admired Edie for years, met her once and seen her beauty and glow and even tasted her fudge and loved her blog! Yep drinking the Kool-aid all the way but that did not prepare me for her book.  And how again, it made me feel. NOT ALONE.  Sure Edie’s walk and struggle hasn’t been the same as mine but it’s a story of beauty from ashes and God’s faithfulness and that WE ARE NOT ALONE. It is a raw, real, encouraging word. I think that is what we are all looking for. It’s what I get from Brene Brown, and my brilliant friend Whitney English and Donald Miller. And its the message of the Gospel too. EMPATHY, encouragement, community (there is that buzzword but its the truth, its a good word).  and most important. HOPE.

         You have a story. I have a story

You want be loved.  I want to be loved. And Seen.

You are not alone.

God sees you. Others feel pain too.

Things aren’t perfect. Not at your house but not even in other homes. Even the ones that seem perfect.

It is going to be okay. Even beautiful again.

I am not a writer, or a Bible teacher or even a certified ASID designer, just a pilgrim like you trying to raise kids, and make a home, and figure out what I am doing. And it’s ugly sometimes. A lot in fact.

Most days, I want to do exactly what Hunter is doing right here. Crawl back in bed.  Or just look at the ball. Or send a text or pick up my phone before I pray or think or just sit and be.


{seriously he laid there the longest just looking at that ball}

And so, I just had to write this post before I start showing house photos with watermarks and carrying on like nothing has happened or is happening.  So much is.  With you. with me. I still struggle a lot since my divorce.  A LOT. And honestly, I struggled before. A lot. And now, the world seems crazier than ever before. I know you don’t come to my blog to know that but just….please, please be gentle with yourself sisters. I am trying to and its hard with so much noise in the world. So much to do. But we have to keep trying to SLOW IT DOWN. and Love more, hope more.

I will be back with pretty houses next time I promise. In the meantime I will be trying to . . .


Oh and why the transfer paper?  Well that was my amazon delivery last Sunday.  I immediately texted Camille to show her my bounty..Edie’s book (early? I thought it wasn’t even released yet and I was not on some special list, i just pre-ordered it on on amazon?? An amazon angel clearly carried it to me early). Also in the box, Camille’s recommended transfer paper that she blogged about THREE YEARS ago here and I just now purchased! Now I can get with the times and make my own pretty chalkboards.  Perfect chalkboard = perfect house right? Nah but I am still loving this transfer paper! I actually did this myself with the magical paper!! That is not a pin/photo above, well the graphic I traced it from is a pin likely (don’t remember for sure just grabbed it off of a pinboard) but my actual real life hand and chalk did this (along with the magical paper), counts right?

Have a good week y’all!

{Stay tuned for more on marble counter alternatives, new portfolio photos, more on recent travels, struggles and studio happenings)

Fall Creative Class Schedule + Pop Up

I was going to wait until after school starts to post the schedule (8/22 for us, so grateful to have a little more time with my boys) but I know some people are wanting to book lodging for Texas Antique Week and plan for fall so I am going to go ahead and post asap….so here you go..this is a full schedule but I am very excited looking forward to meeting lots of new friends this fall at my studio in Brenham!

We will start off with another general “finding your style, heart of the home” themed decorating class in September!


Then the next week we will do a mini Round Top “strategy breakfast” for Texas Antiques Week.


Class descriptions below include explanation in a little more detail, as will future blog posts, and there will be some special guests!creativeclassschedulefallOctober will include my good friend and prop stylist Becki Griffin of Curious Details, so excited about that..y’all she is hilarious and so so full of ideas and talent! This will be a good one for sure!


And then in November I want to invite all of you that are “piddling in decorating” or trying to get off your feet decorating as a side business or full time, or maybe you have been decorating for friends but it’s time to charge…well come and talk about your experiences and challenges and let me share my tips and tricks and some of what I have learned over the last 12 years. I certainly don’t have it all figured out and this will NOT BE A BOOKKEEPING CLASS your can bet on that ha, but I can share so much about buying to the trade, how you represent yourself legally if you are not ASID or don’t do auto cad, and lots of practical tips on fees and charging etc. I am ready to share it all because the world is a big place and we need all the decorating angels out there we can to make the world prettier, one home at a time! My bestie Camille of Camille Dickson Design will be here for this class to talk about her recent transition from French teacher to decorator and stylist and how she has made that transition and what she has learned so you will two different perspectives and lots of information in this class!


and then last but not least, THE Keith Taylor of Fayetteville, AR, is coming back to Texas to talk Christmas decorating with natural items…he is a ball, the sweetest ever and so full of talent.  His holiday home was featured in Southern Living last fall and I will be posting more about that soon as time nears. Another one not to miss!


So there you go, spots are limited, all will include meals and most will include tours of my home and of course time in my studio on the square in Brenham, Texas.  Brenham is 85 miles from both Houston Hobby and Austin airports and very easy to navigate.  If you need help with lodging we can help with that as well possibly just drop me a line but def move fast on lodging for the Sept classes held during Texas Antique Weeks/Round Top time!


Y’all this has been an exciting but scary venture to branch out into these classes but it has been so good and I can’t wait to go even deeper with the concept this fall! Please reach out with any questions and if you want to register click on this link here or go to the classes tab at top of the page. You can register for any of the classes posted on the class page at this time! Classes are non refundable but you may transfer to another person or later date if something comes up!

Coming soon! Homes & more

Checking in during this busy summer to give you a heads up what is going on at Holly Mathis Interiors. I have several newly decorated (and complete!) homes to show you..working on editing photos and we will have full posts up once school starts. Also a lot going on with future classes and pop-up shops at my Studio in Texas.

This recent shoot of my client’s home in Northwest Houston proves you can add charm to life in suburbia.  My friend and talented stylist Becki Griffin of Curious Details helped me capture photos of this amazing transformation from dated cookie cutter to fresh and charming home.


The kitchen alone is jaw-dropping.  Cabinets were removed and shiplap added to ceiling along with new range and counters that look like marble but perform like near steel!(I will share some sources in time)

The light above the dining table is a bargain from Horchow and mixes just fine with the higher end lighting in the kitchen proper. Kitchen lighting (the lantern is the darlana and the sconce is the boston library) is by Visual Comfort via True Blue Home.


Speaking of light, adding a window to this space REALLY transformed it and let in the very best light, natural! Below you can see some of the before and during photos.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.54.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.53.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.45 PM

The window was added where his hand is placed to the left of fridge cabinet area if you can tell…and that window makes so much difference!

I don’t know about other moms but I have struggled this summer getting done what I need to do work-wise and also spend time and juggle schedules with my kids. I know it’s a familiar struggle but it doesn’t change the fact that it is tough when you are in it! I want to do both but it’s a challenge sometimes. And then I realized (for the millionth time, thank you Lord for reminding me again and again of your truths) when culling through these renovation pictures that GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME, renovation takes time, whether it’s a home or a life or season in growth of a small business. So I am giving myself permission just a few of these pictures with the promise of more later. The internet won’t break if I don’t get this all posted today!;

This beautiful schoolroom shown below in the same house tells me that soon my babies will be in school so I am going to cut it short today, I know you understand, and will show you more of this house later in August…it will keep!

But get ready to be inspired, very inspired . . .

The contractor Jesus Melgar Contracting did an amazing job on this project as did Heather Chavez of Traditions Windows. (she can do ANYTHING with windows, cannot say enough good things about Traditions Windows!) And the family of 7 (soon to be 8!) that live here, they are just treasures. I can’t wait to share more about them as well.


Good luck with back to school mamas and families and remember if you didn’t get all done you wanted this summer its OKAY…good things take time and often require days (seasons) of toilets setting in the middle of wrong rooms..but in time, slowly, BEAUTY WILL EMERGE! lol

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.54.49 PM


I have so much to blog and share and I don’t know where to start… First off, THIS IS THE LAST WEEK to sign up for the next Creative Class coming up jUly 23rd! Email me asap (holly at if you have any questions, need a place to stay etc) or register here!


We had such a good time at the May class and we have a few more slots in this July class!

AND Hot news! Sweet class member Keith below will be coming back in December do a “Decorating with Natural Materials” excited..more on that soon. We all adored Keith so I know this will be fun!


For this July class, we will cover general decorating tips and tricks, mixing patterns and finding your style issues etc…We will meet again here in my Brenham studio and then lunch at my nearby home!

Here are some more #patternplay shots of the fabric/pattern mixing activity we did with the last class and we will do again on the 23rd!  So fun!


Love that blue and white Schumacher Hollyhock fabric and the different combos everyone came up with! And I love these hearts from Haiti that remind us of the true meaning and source of a beautiful home!


Sarah was so funny with her pattern play picks..she is so funny!classpatternplay

We will not however eat on the porch this time!..It is getting toooo hot in Texas for outdoor dining mid day so we will have a box lunch at the Studio and then head to my house for pie and ice cream!  I love sharing my home with my classes because it illustrates real living and some of my favorite tips and tricks!


 Hope to see some of you at this next class NEXT WEEK…again email me or leave a message here or on IG with any questions!

IN THE MEANTIME, we have another weekend of the Vintage Pop Up Shop going on THIS FRIDAY from 10-6 with HASBINS!


I will have more info on the blog after school starts about fall classes and the December class with Keith!


Summer Pop Up Shop

I am thrilled to announce the first VINTAGE & CREATIVE POP UP SHOP at my studio in Brenham, Texas! For two weekends in July I will be hosting my friends from HASBINS with their vintage goods as well as a few vintage and decorator items from my own stash including fabric remnants and a few other goodies!


I met Allison Pinkerton of HASBINS through my friend Becki Griffin.  Allison and Becki have been friends for years and Allison assists Becki in much of her stylist work (as seen here;;)! A friend of Becki’s is a friend of Holly Mathis so I instantly fell in love with Allison and what she is doing with her friends Shar and Hilary! They are really following their junkin’ gotta love that!


I just look at how cute and kind and fab they are!


Here is a preview of some of their items.. I have a feeling most of this has sold but I have no doubt they are restocking as we speak with similar and maybe even better items!IMG_6423


And I bet as we get closer we will be posting previews on instagram or here of some of their current items so be sure and follow HASBINS123 on Instagram as well!


I hope to host more local talent, vintage goodies and artisans in months to come! But don’t miss our very first event–we are excited excited! Can’t wait to have you here in the Studio HASBINS!


Also registration is still open for the July HMI Creative Class which will be held Saturday, July 23rd in the Studio..we still have spaces left so sign up here!


Loft project

I just started a new project with one of the students from my last Creative Class.  I have known Sarah for quite a while..we first worked together when she and her husband lived in Canada and now she is moving to Houston!  They have found this amazing loft in Midtown and I am so excited to help them make it a true home.


Yes these are just phone pics but we had to document the before..before fresh paint and getting rid of some early 2000 dated elements. But overall it is such an amazing space and needs very little.


I love the old gym floors they used…especially the random black planks.


You can see a paint sample there to the right of the red niche…lots of track lighting that may need to go but thankful there is good natural light above kitchen.



This was a uniform manufacturing area before turned into apartments…of course the stairs and upper build out were added.


I can’t wait to add chunkier pendants and honed/brushed granite to look like soapstone!


I am actually headed there today to work on paint samples..we are trying to find the perfect dark gray blue for the master suite upstairs, trying to channel this SoHo NYC House vibe.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.26.23 AM

{image via Apartment Therapy}

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.27.05 AM

{Image via SoHouse NYC}

The master is on a third floor and opens out onto a great patio balcony area…hard to get a good shot of but it will be so good!


I can’t wait to paint those closet doors all dark! Bad pic of master below but its so much larger in person and I just love how it opens to this outdoor space.


Keep watching for updates, I know it’s frustrating how slow this takes in real time and then for real life normal decorators like me and my clients to get photos up and things finished but its not TV, totally real life.  So thanks for being patient, I have a list of new work I need to tweak and photograph and get online…one day at a time!  Thanks for always coming back even when things seem slow!

Country Living Prep & Bemz

{FYI this is a sponsored post by slipcover company BEMZ, I rarely do sponsored posts unless they are in conjunction with local shops I work with but this collaboration with Bemz has been really good and I am excited to share with keep reading if interested}

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 1.47.36 PM

The month of May has been such a blur, I am sure it has been for many of you as well!  End of school activities, field trips and programs and “prepping for summer” with kids home (and work needing to continue yikes!) and planning vacation trips around work. And then I had the workshop/Creative Class! And Country Living came to town the SAME week as the workshop. I know, crazy. But it all worked out of course. If you follow me on Instagram you know our home was shot earlier in May by Country Living and will be in a spring or summer 2017 issue.  I am so grateful and excited.  And it honestly worked out well because the photo shoot caused me to get a lot of little things done that made me feel more prepared to host guest here during the Creative Class. Also my friend Becki Griffin was the stylist and she and her amazing assistant Allison Pinkerton HELPED me get so many little things done.  It takes a village y’all and just like with the class, I am always eager to share credit where credit is due.  So many creative people that help me pull things together otherwise so much would never happen.


{Becki on the right and Allison on the left..what a team!}

So because I knew Becki would be the magazine stylist on my project (I am so proud of her, her styling for Country Living and other publications has just taken off, she is so talented!) like I said,  I wasn’t too worried about the house.  She kept telling me to stay calm and “we will take care of this and that” so I was pretty chill.  (OK I may have sent them tons of links to different sources for new pillows etc but they were patient) in the end very little was going to be changed or brought in so I was chill-ish. Except for one area-my IKEA loveseats.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.41.32 PM

Yep we decorators both love and hate our IKEA…and my IKEA ektorp sofas LIVE HARD! I have two sons and a dog after all. So how did I send up with these loveseats (or two seater sofas as they are called sometimes) Well when we moved a year ago I had given up my custom gorgeous linen sofas to frankly help finance the move (and because I wasn’t sure they would fit through the door of the new place). I replaced them with IKEA ektorp loveseats. One for each boy.  So no  “Henry is touching me” or “Drew just hit me” could be heard during cartoon time. The sofas were cheap and easy and great also with the new dog in the house.  Hunter would have gone no where near the previous sofas.  Sorry Hunter.  So all worked out. Until I realized COUNTRY LIVING is doing a FULL STORY ON MY HOUSE and I have dinky IKEA sofas. I am usually not a snob about things like this but I was just insecure about how the loveseats were looking.  Just normal insecurity/magazine is coming type feelings. And yet I hated to have a custom high end slipcover constructed for IKEA loveseats I don’t plan on having forever… Also there are TWO of them so custom slips would have added up FAST!  The editor graciously told me it was fine but I still just wasn’t sure.  Finally,  I checked with BEMZ!

These beautiful photos above and below are not from Country Living or my home but from BEMZ.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.43.56 PM

This is all IKEA furniture y’all with Bemz slipcovers (for the most part, shot in a gorgeous setting with great props but still IT IS IKEA)!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.46.01 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.45.54 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.45.46 PM

Have y’all heard about Bemz? They are a Swedish company and their country fits slipcovers seemed just what I might need to get ready for Country Living!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.39.29 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.38.29 PM  Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.38.48 PM

And they have so many samples, but of course I knew I wanted light or linen colored! And I knew I wanted COUNTRY FIT like shown here . . .

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.45.07 PM

So I began to work with the people at Bemz and ordered four samples (pics below are from me;;)

1.Belgian Linen Blend in the Soft White (whiter more cream still heavy almost canvas very durable)

2. “Designers Guild 100% linen” in natural (a thinner but still durable “flax” look and feel not too dark)

3.  Rosendal Pure Washed Linen in Silver Gray (100% pure white linen)

4. Rosendal Pure Washed Linen in Absolute White (white 100% pure white linen)


Top left is the heavy Belgium Linen Blend in white, next to it is Designer’s Guild natural (flax) look then bottom row is the Rosendal Pure line in white and Silver gray. And they mix so well with my fave paint colors (this photo below shows the Rosensal White on right, Designs Guild 100% linen on top left and the bottom sample is the “Belgium Linen Blend” in looks very similar to a RH fabric we see a lot here on their outdoor furniture. If you are confused read more here and order really is fast and easy!  I just washed mine for the first time so I am excited to see how they go back on…I will say I got the country fit so they are very generous and GO ON LIKE tugging and fighting to get them on like with regular IKEA slipcovers.


I chose the Pure white 100% linen and I love well I have so far…about to see how they fit after a wash..I will let you know. I will also try to get some wider shots!

So I have showed you some beautifully styled photos of their products above  and now you can see what they look like on my granted my cushions are beat down a little.. And this was before Becki and Allison puffed them up with a little batting for the shoot;;; But here you can see what a Bemz 100% linen slip looks like (sofa on right) compared to the regular $39 Ikea canvas slip. Now the Country Fit is loose but I like that, the IKEA slip’s skirt doesn’t even touch the floor.

bemz2 bemz3

I just love the feel of the linen fabric and the long skirts and as Becki said “they steamed to perfection” for the shoot..though I doubt I will do that after every wash; She and Allison prepped them to perfection.

Oh and they are Hunter approved for their softness!  After the shoot he didn’t go near them for days it was like he knew but soon he was back curled up between the pillows!


So there you go, thank you Bemz for helping me get ready for the Country Living shoot. This box came just in time! I love these fabric and the fit and this was a great solution.  They have 20% off today on their website !  Code is SUMMER20

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.25.56 PM

Be sure and follow them on social media @bemzdesign on Instagram and on facebook here. They have so many more gorgeous photos like the ones I showed here on their website and social media and their Pinterest boards and you can also get alerts on sales!

And watch my Instagram to find out more about the magazine article!

{Again, Post sponsored by Bemz!}

More Creative Class photos

For the second portion of our first HMI Creative Class, we headed to my home a few minutes away from my studio for lunch and a bit of a home tour.



When registration exceeded my initial expectations I knew a simple box lunch just would not work and I feared a busy Saturday on the square might mean waiting for our large crowd in the downtown lunch places (though there are some yummy ones for sure)…So with the help of my amazing friend Tara Royer Steele (yes the Pie Queen) to do the food, Super Nana to fluff the place and Natalie Dawley to attend to any other details, I decided to have the lunch at our little home. I also knew I would be speaking a lot that day so the idea of a little field trip break was perfect!


I love long communal tables so this idea formed in my head and I am so glad the storm held out and we were able to all together on the front porch.  Bramble & Bee flowers and nibbles from Tara’s charcuterie boards made it perfect.


Not to mention those placemats.  Dionne from Nib and Pixel lettered these kitchen paper placemats and I nearly cried when I opened the box…what is it about white ink on kraft paper that we love so??? But we do!

We used our kitchen table for the spread . . .perfect styling ladies! I can’t believe this is the only photo of Natalie and Tara! THANK YOU!

hmitaraandnatalie   4874



Of course we had pie too!



And “Mama’s Lemonade” too boot! Nana and I did not plan to BOTH wear red shoes but we love red! And we love our Camille!hmiccmamacamille And these pretty ladies the best of all… what a talented and friendly group of women, they seemed to have so much fun and enjoy one another and the day, positive and creative people coming together…exactly my prayer!


It is cheesy to say I felt like I was in a movie?…Natalie even thoughts to put music on…details I forget when doing things on my own but when you let people help, you aren’t exhausted and can enjoy the event and little details like “oh wow there is music playing!”


And finally, the group photo.  Doesn’t everyone look so lovely! Again, I would not have done this without the help of the “two Natalies” . . . Natalie Lacy Lange my talented photographer friend and my new friend Natalie Dawley of   I will never do another event without these girls if possible!


Thank you again to all involved that made this day possible.

Planning: Natalie Dawley of

Florals: Maggie Bailey of

Calligraphy: Dionne Christiansen of

Catering: Tara Royer Steele of

Photography: Natalie Lacy Lange of

Special thanks to True Blue Home, Renovate, Camille Dickson, Jenn Morissette, Nancy Barnett, Holly Meyer Design, Jay White and Debby Welch

The next class will be in JULY and likely not as large because of summer schedules but I will be hosting a group on July 23rd, we won’t lunch on the porch but we will try to do something equally as fun (with air conditioning); Click here to register or email for more info!


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