::color inspiration::

I love how {this Young house} used color in this room (top image)..I still love blue and brown together but it is EVERYWHERE..this green really punches it up..also loving their clever closet headboard treatment in the master (bottom image)..i’ve always wanted reading lamps like that and the layering of drapes and fabrics looks great.

check out their blog for more, they are darling!

::Happy New Year::

May your year be filled with cute lamps and even cuter shades! (and I hope you find them on sale!)

Images from Anthropologie.com

P.S. that shade may just be inspiring a girl nursery!..love it!

::pine cone hill::

Layla Grace.com has a great selection of Bella Notte and Pine Cone linens (as well as others and free shipping!) i found this for a litte boy’s room..darling huh? BUT who really wants to spend $350 on a quilt (just the quilt) for a 4-5 year old!?? But isnt it cute?! and did I mention free shipping!

and rugs..oh they just have the best rug selection! sigh.

::bumper alternative::

this is new to me.. not sure if i like it or not..my friend Camille has always disliked bumpers but I think they seem cozy…of course I understand how they MIGHT not be safe but not sure if I totally buy it..Drew did stand on his so he could get out of the crib but who knows what he might have done with something like this?? I do think it looks sort of odd to have the fringe up top and not in the traditional bumper position??

**edited to say: I am expecting Baby #2..thought I had mentioned that here< igot questions inthe comments so thought i better make it clear!..SO there will be lots of nursery decor talk coming up so BEWARE!

RL bedding???

does anyone know the name of this blue patchwork quilt and shams??? I know it is an old RL pattern but long discontinued..do you know how many hits you get for “Ralph Lauren bedding” on ebay..wow! hoping i will stumble upon it in TJMaxx (for Drew’s big boy bed)BUT that may be a longshot.. in the meantime i bought this and it will work but for some reason i cant let go of the blue checks;;

Note: this nusery/toddler room is from Susie Brennan of Dallas, Texas in a 2000 BHG publication..Susie also had a great layout in BHG’s DIY mag about the same time..we love her right Windy?!;;

::merry Christmas::

The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!

Luke 2:11 (New Living Translation)


We are not outdoor light people..but we tried this year for our four year old..he loves the candy canes..i will spare you pictures BUT I do want to share my real live greenery…i love it, the simpler the better, just plain wreaths with simple ribbon (I would love to use fab ribbon outside but i believe it would bleed)..the M on the door is from Ballard..the have an artificial and a real..i bought the real..it is rather larger but once i put up the garland around the door and the wreaths on the windows, it all came together..thanks for looking!

::more Christmas::

A few more Christmas shots from around our home..notice how the cupcake stand is exploding..it has been a great wrap caddy..and the extra little stocking;;

::Christmas 2008::

Here are a few shots around the house from this year, including Drew’s new vintage children’s encyclopedias…and I have calmed down about the wrapping paper..i did end up using several papers but mostly the beautiful brown print (from Walmart..what a shock) kraft paper and solid green..love the midori ribbon and gift labels from Tiny Prints. The cupcake stand by the books is storing extra balls (for when i see “a hole” in the tree), gift tags and extra ribbon!

::Christmas Past::

I have received some comments and emails about Christmas decorations and hints to see things I have done around my own home. I am going to begin by sharing some things from years past. Please be warned, these are not “fancy” or expensive projects..we live in a small home and they are all easy, simple and often homemade decorating projects..and honestly I am “over” most of them so I am hesitant to share because I am not as excited about them as I once was (except the stockings, stil love the stockings)..each year I try to do something a bit different or add or subtract something. This year my focus is on the wrap..I am in a neurotic knot about the wrap..i usually enjoy it immensely, this year it is too busy and just too much..so I am involved in a “paradigm shift” with the wrap..so look forward to that discussion;;


*target ball wreath..still love
*wrap..stresses me out..so busy
*stockings made from fabric.com fabric and leopard felt from HL “sew easy” ;;
*monogram balls..easy gifts…use scrapbook stickers, cute ribbon and take out boxes
*mantle 2005…this is always different..elton hated this ribbon..called it the “swedish” look..apparently he doesnt like an IKEA Christmas;; I do appreciate that my decorating has matured enough to eliminate so many little things..my goodness look at the stuff! ha!

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