::Marburger Show pictures::

Debbie at Curious Sofa has an amazing post full of photos from Marburger..I did not get to go this year but after seeing her amazing pictures, I feel like I was there! Enjoy!

Check back soon for pictures of polka dots pumpkins that my assistant and I are working on…

::Round Top::

Round Top Antique Fair is going on NOW (some things have already opened..some will this week) click here for more links to my favorites

::more from HC::

Here are some more photos of Heather Chadduck’s wonderful Dallas cottage..also be sure and check out Reese & Marie..my favorite project on that post is the young family’s living room with the giant chalkboard in the dining area and the hallway with bench (and adorable little boy pictured). I also love how the bed is styled on this post…enjoy!

**thanks to No. 35 Style for sharing these great images!


from Cottage Living Style Editor, Heather Chadduck..this is the dining room from her Dallas home before she moved to Birmingham..notice the ledger paper on the candles..such detail! Thank you to No.35 Style for finding this photo….made my day!


Not not the new book though I cant wait to get a copy!!!…here are the dominos in the jar..I love it..I am sure my husband (and others) think I am crazy but it is really fun, especially with the carpenter ruler in the background…and BUTTONS..so many buttons..a good project for Drew and I to sort..although I really like them mixed together..just wanted to share.


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::slipcovers and monograms::

Two of my favorite things are slipcovers and monograms. Of course both are very popular right now but both are also timeless and certainly not a new idea. So many little shops are doing beautiful monograms now that is not difficult to find someone to help you personalize just about anything!

These monogrammed slipcovers really transformed this dated almost “retro” dining room set. The seats were covered in a wonderful fabric but the cane chair backs needed, well they needed covering! But we did not want to throw the chairs out because the shape of the back is very interesting.. The client purchased an ivory duck fabric and we had local slipcover artist (she really is an artist) Michelle Fritz work her magic. Her work has been seen Country Home and other publications..she is amazing! Her business is called MAKE, isnt that cute?! Email me if you live in the Houston/College Station area and are interested in reaching her. She does wonderful ruffles, knife pleats, and other dressmaker details. Once we had the slips made, the client took the slips to a local embroidery shop and chose a font and thread color (choc brown which looks great with her rusty orange walls). This dining room is not large but the chairs and slips (and monograms of course) are very dramatic and yet casual.

Slipcovers can be intricate and “hired done” or you can do an easy treatment at home..watch for more posts on DIY slips for children’s chairs and of course, more monograms too!


What are your favorite tablescape ideas?? I am not a great cook so I keep it very simple, do the same thing over and over (can we say chicken salad), or buy the food BUT I like for it to look nice of course. I figure hey, we all have different gifts right?? So what are your tricks?? I obviously like to use fabric, this tulle worked great for a baby shower..or even just short lengths of cute fabric not even sewn like on the easter table. On the Christmas table I used this crazy leopard felt to add to a store bought runner..hmm, maybe I should have used that time and effort on trying a new recipe???

::more groupings::

Plates, mirrors, picture frames, framed memorabilia, etc… I love the picture frames on the silver frame in our master bath..
I have photographs everywhere..a major design faux pas..oh well..I think homes without family pictures are cold and boring BUT you can have too many..I constantly battle this because I love them..this tray helps me have them where I can see them but not all over tables in the living room (which I dont really have space for anyway..
The mirrors over the long counter in the master bath really break up the big boring wall..I wanted to tear out this counter/cabinet space and put in pedestal sinks but I soon discovered i would be losing much needed storage…So we have not changed it yet but we did take down the big sheets of mirror and used several mirrors of varying height instead..it has worked great..in fact, I think I would even like to add more mirrors on this wall and mix it up MORE.

In the upstairs “shabby” bedroom, I framed notecards/stationary from our wedding..showing my monogram before the big date that I used for showers and after once we were married as well our wedding program..this was really a simple project..I just used old frames I had and scraps of fabric as the “mats”…

[edited: i just noticed there are framed family pictures in EACH shot, I did not plan that but it says a lot!..off to edit!]


On a recent visit to Fredericksburg, Texas, I got to revisit one of my early sources of inspiration…HOMESTEAD by Carole Hicks Bolton..of course it is very different now..what was once 3-4 stores, each different and wonderful, is now just one big store (three stories) and includes “friends” (which I think are rented spaces but still very interesting)and I think there is even another store in Hico, Texas, under new ownership. I must confess I really miss the old, original Homestead..I like to look at the dark, baronial look of her later years but I loved the original mish mash of cottage fabrics. In fact, I have pictures I secretly took in her store about 15 years ago..i would love to find them and scan for this blog! But on this trip I got to see her new lighting collection..how about the one with all of the bulbs?!

Thinking about Homestead also made me think about my other primary inspiration and favorite movie.. OUT OF AFRICA I love Karen Blixen’s plantation in Kenya and the set decor..the boots, the clothes, the British colonial style, the slipcovered chairs in this clip..perfection. I think Debbie at Curious Sofa continues to really interpret this look well..she is great..visit her blog if you get a chance.

What inspires you?? What style/look do you always go back to regardless of trends???

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