::How I got started::

I get this question a lot, especially since the first feature in BHG (June 2005). My education is not in design. In fact my undergrad degree is in History and my master’s degree is in Museum Studies. I did take as many art classes as possible along the way but the small college I attended did not offer many and certainly not an interior design degree! My grandmother was a decorator in the Waco area for years and she took me to “Market” a lot growing up, so that definetely planted a seed. My mom is also a realtor so really I inherited my love for houses from them. After college and marriage, we were really blessed to be able to rent and buy several really neat little homes. Living in those houses really got my creative juices flowing and I soon realized my heart was not so much in museum work (although I learned a great deal and knowledge gained in that field has certainly augmented my journey into design)but was truly in decorating. In 2002, my mom and I opened a little shop in Chappell Hill, Texas, called “FrouFrou Ranch” it was a lot of fun but ended up being only seasonal since we both still had full-time jobs. Later that year, I started SHABBY SOUTH INTERIORS, launched a little website, and rented a booth at a local junk store. Thus the very first business cards pictured above. I did a couple of little “shows” and sold things in my booth and another store near Houston and it was a great creative outlet. In 2004 I was contacted by BHG (via a decorator friend)about doing a feature on my house for their DIY publication…later they cancelled because they wanted to do a “baby room” and I did not have one. This was particularly upsetting because we were trying to have a baby but were not pregnant yet. Later that year (when I WAS expecting and ironically decorating a nursery) they called back and were ready to do the article..this time in the big mothership publication. Isnt it interesting how God works things out–His timing is truly perfect. They came and “scouted” our home the week before our son was born and did the actual shoot in January 2005 when he was just a few months old (which was great timing, because all of his baby stuff..toys..etc..had not yet taken the house over).. By the time the article hit the stands, our little boy was 8 months old and I was staying home with him full time. The article turned out to be great advertising for Shabby South and I started getting calls for my design work. The timing was perfect (again a God thing I know) because I was now ready to get out of the house and leave the baby a bit here and there. It just worked out perfect and I have really appreciated that exposure. BHG has continued to “recycle” the article in their other publications which has been great. This year, I decided to drop the name Shabby South and re-launch as Holly Mathis Interiors. It has been a really fun journey to this point, I love working with people on their homes and helping them create spaces they love for their families. Stay tuned for more!

::New Blog::

I am so excited to welcome you to the new blog for Holly Mathis Interiors. Some of you may remember my first website, www.shabbysouth.com, which I loved but earlier this year, I decided to stick with my name to avoid confusion.

I plan to begin posting by sharing areas of my home that have been focused on in the publications on the sidebar. I will also share some shots of recent projects including kitchens, baby girl nursery, toddler rooms, tiny bathroom, tween room, etc.. As well as focusing on common challenges my clients seem to encounter like how to group and hang family photos!

So welcome to my home! Thanks for your interest and please email me in the sidebar with any questions.
Thanks, Holly

{school aRt}

I’ve been working on a messy (but fun) project this summer..art for a school library! I tried to use bookcovers from their stash as well as old book pages (from my stash) on each piece..I think my fave is the little houses made from Beverly Cleary covers! I also striped the sides..very easy..not perfect but cheerful and fun. These pieces are very large..4’x5′..I cant wait to do something smaller now!

{project PrOgResS}

Drew and i finally got the stool recovered… and a fourth canvas picture for Jana!

{nEw pRojEcT}

I am working on a new project for a school library! My dining room is a mess but I’ve found some great inspiration and it is going to be so much fun.

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