FOUR years old

I can’t believe my little one, my youngest, my baby is now FOUR YEARS OLD.  He is a big strapping boy and certainly seems four or even older in many ways but he is still my baby!


 Happy Birthday Mr. Henry!


I don’t know if I have ever shared much about this on the blog, but we didn’t have our oldest child until we were nearly thirty.  We married young but dealt with infertility issues for many years.  Though many couples go through a more difficult journey to parenthood, the experience definetely shaped us and our faith. When Drew our oldest was born we felt so blessed and grateful.  To have ONE  wonderful boy after years of not getting pregnant was such a gift.  We really thought he would probably be it and we were okay with that. But nearly five years later when Henry arrived, I can truly say we felt our cup was running over…and boy did it!  Henry burst on the scene with so much personality and energy!

I can’t imagine our family without him and his Henry hugs! So I can’t help but get reflective at these milestones and be amazed at God’s blessings.


So we celebrated on Saturday with just a small family party (we were going to do a bigger party but got the dates mixed up and I never sent out the invites, oh well;;)…he helped sprinkles the cupcakes!


I have been hoarding these Target party supplies for a while! Poor boy will always have a red white and blue party being born in July!


Those cheeks!  I love how my mom is looking at him in this picture below my SIL snapped and I love that he has his own camera in his hand!


And finally, Mr. Handsome in his “dune buggy” Daddy bought him. I am thinking we need a helmet!


I can’t believe he will be in Pre-K in just month or so…time truly does fly!

Henry Brooks we love you and you are our precious boy! We pray you grow into a big strong man that loves God and other people. You are your own person with a big personality and lots of charm.  Lord help us shape him and train him for your glory!

Henry is 3!

Oh what a week! We wrapped up vacation week with a celebration on Friday…Friday the 13th..Henry’s birthday…no bad luck there.just lots of cuteness!

I can’t believe a year has passed since this photo at Yonder Way Farm!

 and the year before!

And eighteen months!

what a little cutie..and this is now! SO BIG!

Talking and singing! Not potty trained but getting close we hope.

We started friday morning with a little party at church with our Bible study buddies. Sweet & simple! Thanks gang for celebrating with us and praying for Henry.

We had cupcakes and cake pops from the Muffin Top..the same cupcake girl who did his shower sweets..the best shower ever i must say (thanks again LK and Missy) and then home for rest before the grandparents came for dinner! This is probably the last year for this fabric has cowboy print on it but floral too…it was fun while it lasted sweet banner!

and then burgers with grandparents that night..nothing complicated pinterest slider recipes or condiment bars..just everyone crowded at the table..and i wouldn’t have had it any other way..mushy but we really enjoyed Henry at dinner that night. {one memory i must record: Right as we sat down for dinner, grandpa prayed for our meal and henry and then Drew gave a toast. Henry “spoke up” and said “THANK YOU thank you, for all the children of the yellow blue green” We were kind of shocked..he was so serious about was like he was responding to the festivities and toast…he was so serious and so sweet about it..wish we had on film}

So Happy Birthday Henry! You are true sunshine and we love you.

And to those of you waiting for fancy party pictures i am sorry..not every year is like that but that’s okay..some years simple..some years more detail. I know you  understand and can relate!

 Oh and an update on the PUPPY situation…the dog did not come to live with us after all…the vet said he is a GREAT Pyrenees not a lab…so a huge dog not really suited for our family so again, not the right season yet but one day when the time is right!

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