Will the duvet fit?

Or rather will the down comforter fit inside the duvet???  I get asked this question so much…”which insert to buy for my duvet?”  Honestly, I struggle with this too.  There are so many options.  We all know there are various levels of warmth for different climates but what about fit? There is discussion here about using various bedding inside duvets such as blankets or matelasse for summer month and “fit” so I know my clients and I aren’t the only ones trying to get the perfect down comforter options.

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We all want a good fluffy insert that won’t be too small or puny looking?? Although I am open to using an empty duvet folded at the end of the bed for layering appeal in the summer months.  But most people want the big fluffy insert and I often suggest my clients making custom duvets buy the insert of their choice first (get the weights and brand they want) and then measure their custom duvet from there or use those measurements with the workroom.  Apparently not all duvets are the exact same size?  Am I crazy or do y’all agree? Not all kings or twins or whatever are created equal it seems…

Speaking of bedding, I am of course loving the Southern Living Design House’s recent use of these buffalo check bedding items from IKEA!

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Southern Living Idea House 2012 (I love that it’s an old house too!)

Funny I had been wanting to add the buffalo check  duvet (they didn’t use it here but did use the matching shams and drapes) to the end of my own bed this winter and nearly bought at a recent trip to IKEA and didn’t because I thought “do i really want IKEA bedding on my master bed.”  Well the Lord humbled me, because when it wasn’t two weeks later I saw the above picture revealed in Southern Living.  I knew if its good enough for the Southern Living Idea house it’s good enough for moi.  Silly I know but honest. . All of this to say, WHAT ABOUT IKEA duvet inserts?  I hear good and bad.  They have the different weights and they aren’t cheap.  They have great feather down pillow inserts at GOOD prices. BUT I have also heard you can’t return IKEA bedding so you need to be sure.

So what are your thoughts on this little issue?  Do you sew ties or loops inside your duvet to tie the insert in the corners so it won’t slip?  do you double stuff or buy a size larger?  I am going to keep gathering information on this topic and I will share as I learn more and hope you will leave your thoughts as well. We spend a large amount of our lifetime in bed and want it to be comfy AND lovely!

Big boy(s) room

Well its official..the crib is out of our house..we no longer even own a crib and while I have agonized over the years whether my boys would be in same room, in bunk beds, etc….for now we found a configuration that works…and new pillows that they could care less about but give mama joy in the chaos..so here it is ..our TINY room for two big rowdy boys, ages 2.5 and 7.5.

Just a recap, the room looked like this (click and scroll to last page of article) when  it was Drew’s nursery, like this when it became Henry’s nursery, then the boys started sleeping in the same room and it changed to this  and now the crib is gone and we have tweaked some more! This is the fastest changing room in our house no doubt!

This is what you seen when you walk in the room..i mean RIGHT when you walk in the room…we are talking 10×11 feet packed full of two twins, an armoire, a large dresser and two growing boys. It is a lot but i know one day they will be grown and i will love the memories of them sleeping in this tiny room together with the cowboy curtains. The dresser is an amazing antique. I bought it from a friend and its one of my favorite pieces ever..the COLOR and it has huge drawers so great storage…and its so large and snug with the beds it almost gives a built in feel..and its so heavy and sturdy we can lean against it with pillows when snuggling and reading to the boys..even my husband commented on the cozy cocoon the dresser makes..so i got built ins without building.  The “headboards” are obviously decals from here..I love the simplicity and frankly i do not even have 2 extra inches for a plain upholstered headboard! My plan was to trace these and paint them on wall but as much as we change things around here i may just leave them so later i can simply peel off!

The pillows and bedskirts were made by Tootledoo Designs a sponsor here on my blog..The owner of the shop, Mary John, does amazing work and has an etsy shop..she also has a new baby any day so if you contact her and she doesn’t answer an email right away..give her time!  

Bedskirt details..love the linen band! The rug is the wool jute from PB..soft and durable. The galvanized light has been up a while, its from Barn Light Electric!

Can you tell i love this bedskirt..its nicer than the one on my bed! Man i hope it doesn’t get blood or poop on it BUT if they get stained i can switch them and put the stained side against the walls..i have a plan! 

For the longest i knew I wanted big monogrammed pillows for the boys but I didn’t want embroidered monograms because of snag issues..Mary John came to the rescue with these appliques..and the piping..her sewing is so great! The quilt and sham are pickstitch from Pottery Barn..it washes well!

A few details around the room…old hymnal rack painted white for books, star sheets from Serena and Lily and bla bla friends.  The vintage red box on the dresser is large and holds school papers and art I want to save..good place to stash it quickly! The cowboy curtains have  been here a while and the colors of the new bedding were chosen to go with the drapes..i love them.  We don’t keep many toys in this room..most are in the living room or in playroom upstairs but these vintage army barracks are treasures from a local thrift shop!

Opposite the bed wall is a green painted chalk wall with the verse from Isa 61 that is my prayer for my boys..that they grow to be “oaks of righteousness,plantings of the Lord and displays of his splendor!”  I had another piece on this wall for storage but recently replace with this old armoire that i painted in white annie sloan chalk paint by these amazing furniture painters!  Notice the tag on the drawers, that is an unfinished project..my goal is to organize Henry’s clothes in these drawers and label to help Nana, Daddy and the sitter with finding where things are located but as you can see this has not happened yet..but good idea..I figure by the time they get grubby and or Henry tears the tags off everyone will know where things go! Like i said, i had another piece on this wall, white numbered lockers from PB but i had to send them back..too bad…cute but very slick and fake in person..not authentic rustic at all.

And they smelled of CHEMICALS which is a not good storage for kids pjs and sheets…BUT Pottery Barn made it good.full refund including shipping!

Love their old globe collection..and of course A is for Andrew and h is for little brother Henry.

I also bought two of these dash and albert blankets for extra cover..i love them because they fold up easily and small and can stash in armoire or wherever…I was excited when I found out DA makes blankets..i like their rugs but never have been able to get one to work..i wanted one in this room but the wool is more practical believe it or not..and comfy and warm in our old house winters!

Henry must say “howdy!”

Thanks for looking at the big boy(s) room! If you pop over don’t expect it to look this neat especially on a Monday morning but it does feel good to have it finally finished, for now!


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