and i’m not talking about cleaning (though i probably should be)…I am trying to keep up with all of my client requests and not miss anyone…if we have been in contact the past few days, no worries. you are on the list..but if not and you would like to work together before things get too crazy with the holidays, please drop me a line so i can be sure and save a spot for you! i currently have time for projects mid to late November and and early December so let me know asap if you are interested….

and i will be offering “gift certificates” for your holiday gift-giving convenience;;..either an e-version or i can send a cute little “somethin somethin” in the mail to wrap for that person who has everything;; contact me for details.

{and arent these calling cards so cute?? from a great seller on Etsy! check here.}

Halloween chic

WOW, Halloween/fall decorating just gets bigger every year. We all know how much Martha loves her some Halloween.. and the awesome Debbie Dusenberry at Curious Sofa is really into it as well (not that she is copying Martha…Debbie has always really decorated for Halloween at her store in Kansas..i believe she used to be a set designer or something of that nature so she can really rock out a display..would love to visit her store) anyway, this year Curious Sofa is SCARY…some of it is freaking me out as much as i love Debbie..go check it out. and be sure and read other entries on her blog..she has some amazing ideas…

I much more prefer little things like below (from Martha’s magazine) to the scary or creepy..

i mean really, is this not the cutest kid costume every…i would LOVE to do this for Drew..i even have the little tweed clothes from baby Gap for him (that he will probably never get to wear in our climate) but alas he wants to be something just a tad more manly…I think he is going to wear my brother’s 30 year old Davy Crocket fringe jacket and coonskin cap…not quite the owl but better than a Transformer!;;

Overall, i am just NOT a big seasonal decorator..i think it just takes away from my normal plans..extra work..but i’ve tried to do better since i have kids and a husband who LOVES Christmas… and I do LOVE the awesome pumpkins available now..i still need to go get a green fairy one and a few white ones.. I did get a wreath up, i pretty much hate wreaths..does anyone agree with me..but i did actually put one up and it is ok…only because of the burlap upsholtery webbing i used for that can get it at WM or HL for like 99cents a yard..i am so using it on my Chrismtas tree this year..

Go here to read what the fab Joni and her comrades have to say on The Skirted Roundtable about seasonal decoration;;..if you are not listening to the TSR, well you should is great.

so how do you decorate for fall…leave links to your blogs in the comments, what about cute costume ideas??? thanks for sharing with everyone.

have a great, fall Friday..i am anticipating a forecasted a cool front…cant wait!

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