My legal department

From the Legal Department at Holly Mathis Interiors

My husband (an actual attorney) has asked me to post this.  I know it’s not as exciting as Round Top photos, but we want to protect my readers and my reputation as much as possible.

With the popularity of comes copy-cats, wanna-be-profiteers, and unfortunately… the stalker haters.  Holly Mathis Interiors will never endorse any product that is not specifically mentioned on the Holly Mathis Interiors website/blog.  Over the last few days similar photos of Holly Mathis Interiors blog site posts have been appearing online.  Holly Mathis Interiors does not endorse or associate with any blog that is not specifically listed on the Holly Mathis Interiors website (not including the comment sections).  Even then, those listed blogs/advertisers must stand on their own, and Holly Mathis Interiors MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND related to those businesses or blogs.  Do not hesitate to contact my legal department if you have questions about the authenticity of a Holly Mathis photo, product, or endorsement. 

I hate to have to bring this up but when clients and friends alert me to things on social media, I have to respond on some level. Now, have some fun and scroll down to read something you’re actually interested in…I am on my way to San Antonio this weekend to see Big Mama and other clients, can’t wait to report on Big Mama’s renovations!

 Also, several have emailed about coming out to Round Top next week..and “will the show still be going on?”  YES YES YES. in fact some of the best shows start tuesday and wednesday so COME ON DOWN! For more information remember to go to

Jill’s living room

When Jill from Forever Cottage emailed me about helping me with her formal living room space i was totally flattered.  Jill is a stylist and decorator herself who has worked with Flea Market Style and other.  Despite her immense talent, she was struggling with what she dubbed her “granny sofa”…With fresh eyes I was able to assure her the sofa is great and she needed to focus on a rich color for the walls to work with it..this is what she came up!

I love the Duxbury Gray paint (BM) and how she covered the floor (white IKEA floor) with seagrass..wall to wall basically. And ticking, she and i both love ticking!

See and read more more about her room here..i love her big ikea frames with egg prints especially!

And i love her family room kitchen photographed last Christmas…go visit Jill’s blog, Forever wont be disappointed.

Thanks Jill for letting me give some input on your formal living room…it was fun to work with you!


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