Bigmama project update


Look what Bigmama and her child labor force have been doing at her historic cottage.  Tearing down walls.  Go read here..the post is hilarious and today she mentions as well.

Isn’t the old wallpaper pretty.  I urged her to save a piece to frame.  She did not respond to that idea.  Ha! But wouldnt it look neat matted and framed in the room maybe with this bedding (matine toile from PB)

No matter what she does with art and bedding, the walls loos much work i know because we did it upstairs at our house and those cheesecloth strings and remnants are not fun to deal with but look at the final product.  Wonderful wood walls slathered with BM edgecomb gray.  Pretty.

Proud of you Big..and in case yall didnt know Bigmama has a book in the works…its going to be great

Inside the Loop’s nursery

Many of you are familiar with the blog Inside the Loop written by Courtney Barton.  You may remember, one moment she was living in a charming bungalow in the Houston neighborhood known as THE HEIGHTS and the next moment she was in Malaysia.  That is right, her husband’s job took them to Malaysia, to live.  The rented out their Houston home and took off!  Courtney is a Louisiana native with a background in fashion including stints in NYC with Jill Stuart and others!  So once in Malaysia she was in textile heaven..soaking up the culture and material culture (little dorky museum reference)..literally!

 Now Courtney is back in Houston…with a new baby  AND  she has started an amazing textile company which i blogged about here

 Mela and Roam offers unique and exotic textiles from the East that are available online and at markets and will be featured in the new Coastal Living House that will be revealed soon. (designed by our fave Erika Powell no less)  So Courtney has a lot of talent and exciting things going on in her life but none (I know she will tell you) more wonderful than her baby Ory! So without further delay, more of baby Ory’s nursery…in Courtney’s own words!

“Every item in the nursery has a story behind it, which I love, but I feel like the worst “nester” because he was nearly TEN MONTHS OLD when the room was finished. There’s earnest wisdom in those that warn against simultaneously moving AND having a baby. We not only moved countries, but moved a total of five times in three months because renters were in our house. I kid you not, our first day back in this bungalow was when we came home with baby Ory. I may or may not (ok I totally did) have had a nervous breakdown when I got inside. The crib wasn’t even here. The child slept in his stroller’s bassinet for three months,” she said.

First off you can’t help but notice the amazing chair (from Reeves Antiques in Houston..its vintage of course) and rug! Yes that is one of my favorite fabrics on the acrylic chair… Chenonceau from Schumacher (available to the trade or via Maddie G Designs)

Courtney says about the rug and shelves “I had the storage bins from Round Top. The rug is one of three I commissioned from an incredible dhurrie maker in the boonies of India. Because I didn’t trust the Malaysian Post to deliver them safely to my door, I made the vacuous decision to carry them through the rest of my travels in India and Nepal. Those stinkin’ rugs weighed a hundred tons and I was charged an obscene excess fee. Even the ticket agent was so embarrassed by the amount that she upgraded me to First Class to make up for it. So, I essentially bought those rugs a First Class ticket from India to Malaysia. Not one of my finest moments of sensibility.”

You know i crazy about the gray crib. Courtney had the crib painted to match some wrapping paper from Kuhl-Linscomb!

I love that Ory’s room is filled with color from art, books and textiles! Don’t you love the drapery hardware?!  It seems every nursery i am drawn to lately has proper drapes and prominent, dedicated shelving/display for books!

 Also love how Courntey painted the doors very dark in her bungalow..very chic and fresh.

About Ory’s name and the sweet corn sign Courtney said..

“Ory is my grandfather’s last name and he was quite a character! We were given one of those baby naming books that refers to the meaning behind words and one night I asked my husband if ‘Ory’ or anything of that variety was listed. We found it alright and when he read “African corncake” aloud, I snorted in laughter. I spotted the old roadside Amish vegetable sign painted with the words “Sweet Corn” and knew it belonged in his room!!”

She says the white dresser/console still needs the honesty.

Some of you may not love this eclectic nursery look and that’s okay. Hey I still like pale blue or pink baby rooms and monograms too but i love this fun collected look as much personality! Enjoy it Sweet Corn and creative mama Courtney!

 A few last looks!

And that wallpaper in the hallway..stunning huh?? Yes its the same stuff on the walls of the Beverly Hills hotel! Sweet Corn is growing up in style!

We wish you all the best Mela & Roam and the Barton family!

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