Huge Leftovers Holiday SALE


PicMonkey Collage

And a Bow Making Session on Saturday at 2:00!!! I am going to try to come and make a big bow for my front door…I am so not a bow maker but I am glad “Magic Mike” is and he is going to show us all of their tricks! Hope to see you there!

And they have lots of smalls for stockings, ornaments and garlands..I am so proud of them for getting one of their little special “SHEEP” soaps in Country Living’s gift guide this month! I will instagram a pic of it for yall to see!

Christmas Past

I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving but I would fibbing if I said I wasn’t already thinking about Christmas decorating in our new old house and missing that part of our old house a bit.


So while I obsess over what size tree and garlands are going to work in this house and how to get the wreaths up on the second story windows, indulge me in a look back at Christmas in our little cottage. I loved this fresh basil garland and wreath i used last year from William-Sonoma but this year I am using artificial from my friend at Leftovers Antiques and Balsam Hill..we just have too many windows at the new place!



First I can’t believe how much my little Santa has grown!  His brother too but he doesn’t let me take as many pictures!;;;



Can’t wait to get stockings out!


I knew I would miss those red drapes at Christmas but Nana will put here tree here too!


This big pine armoire stayed in the old house but it was Nana’s anyway lol! Do you and your mother share furniture like that? It’s something husbands just seem to love!;;


Not sure if I will use the silhouette ornaments again or not..i have used them about 5 years now I think ..or four but they have held up so well and I do love them! We are getting a new tree..this one from Balsam Hill because we have taller ceilings in new house.  Henry and I have asthma and allergies so we can’t do a real tree.  I hope I love this new one!


Missing the backporch a bit too! But Nana has her big table out there and is enjoying it mucho!


I will miss Christmas morning in this house and a lot of the things that went along with it but looking forward to making new memories!

christmascollage5So Happy beginning to the Holidays y’all…I know this can be a tough time for many and honestly it can be for me too despite the monograms and plaid ribbons..I struggle at Christmas missing my grandparents and fallout from family divorces and other more private hurts seems to surface  but I hope I can draw nearer to Christ and my family this season and quiet those demons and celebrate the hope that is Christmas. Let’s be purposeful to not over stress, over spend or have too big of expectations but rather just enjoy what is! As women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves lets try not to…what have you learned about enjoying the holidays over the year??? Praying it is the best Christmas ever for all of us..despite decorations or anything else!

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