Good to see you Juliet Romano

Recently, I picked up a copy of BHG‘s Special Interest Publication called Christmas Ideas. Now i will be honest, the last couple of years this magazine has seemed oddly similar to the previous year BUT this year is fresh i tell you, fresh! SO I flipped through it at “the Target” and deemed it worthy of $6 (well not worthy but i wanted it) because there was an article on Debbie Dusenberry (who i have met thank you very much and she is very nice and i love what she does) so i bought it! Later at home i realized not only was Deb of Curious Sofa in this issue but also an old favorite-JULIET ROMANO! (Dont you just love her name!)

I knew when I turned the page and spotted THIS darling Christmas tree..could it be??? YES, i saw her name I WAS RIGHT it was Juliet and couldnt wait to see the rest. The best thing about Juliet’s article is the theme/tone/ is all about a FEW DECORATIONS and more SIMPLE holiday decor…I love her philosophy.

I first fell in Juliet’s home in 2001 (I believe that was the year, it was the year we moved in to our current home)i cant find copies of the images or my copy of the article but it is such a pretty layout…she had a coral painted bedroom..silhouettes of her chilren (one of which is name Henry and is now in college i believe!) around her white painted bedroom fireplace. I modeled the dining room after hers in fact…with pine hutch, brass (yes i said brass) light and lots of blue and white and staffordshire figurines.

and you know what else, I sat down after reading the article and i wrote her a note. yes i did, googled her address in Seattle (am I freaking you out yet?) and just wrote her a little note. Do you ever see people in shelter magazines and feel like you know them…notice their children have grown..maybe it is just me but if not, tell me about it in the comments.

SO, check out the 2009 issue of BHG’s Christmas IDEAS to read the rest of the story on Juliet, Debbie and others..good job BHG!

AND if you love the look of the silhouette tree..check out this cute blog. They have a great tutorial on making silhouette ornaments to achieve a similar look.

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