Decorating a Castle

Taking a break from Round Top Antiques Week to share with you a recent project! If you are wanting more Round Top info be sure and visit my post here and my friend Becki’s fab post here.


Ok so this is an e-client that I have been working with via email and when she kept referring to her “castle” I thought she was just using a figure of speech….But then she sent photos and oh my!  She was serious! And what a castle it is…they did an amazing job making this dream of a Scottish castle come alive in the middle of America! I love it when people follow their dreams and heart and don’t worry if others will laugh or criticize or say (or think) “why would you do that?” It takes guts to build a castle y’all!

This hallway below is one of my faves she sent me . . .


This is how the room looked at beginning of our work. That is cute client in the background and her adorable Westie!


 And this is during . . .we are changing rug..natural with something on top probably takes time remember!


This is the castle room before…their formal dining with the piano.  Pretty of course but my first thought is WE NEED DRAPES.  I do love the barley twist lamp of course and the chairs are from Soft Surroundings!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 5.18.19 PM

This is what the sofa looked like before Laura of LS Slipcovers got a hold of it! Yes my slipcover comrade Laura Seibert travelled up to “the castle” and made this beautiful slip for the owner’s red sofa mistake (her words not mine) She has a red AGA (I know can you believe) so now worries red lovers, there is still red in the house, castle I mean;

And the sofa now!


I love this little game table area off to the side..we are redoing several seats and chair backs!


So fun!  It makes me want to hole in my my bedroom and watch Monarch of the Glen ALL WEEKEND!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.43.02 PM

The homeowners and I knew we wanted a “cozy castle” look and while they love plaid and a Ralph Lauren look we didn’t want to go overboard with the castle/Scottish theme…after all they are a young and casual family with two boys so we want it to make sense in the structure but be livable and well not cheesy. So we chose this blue RL plaid and will mix it with some of my favorite Schumacher prints and a little leather for the man of the house. So this is what I came up….this is a working mood board not a perfect and polished one like you see on Pinterest…but this works!


The owner and I have been trying to decide on keeping a rug she has and layering an old rug or doing a neutral seagrass..I think we have decided on neutral for now…we can always layer an old Heriz later as budget allows.  Rugs for castles are not cheap! Lol! So for now we are focusing on draperies and pillows, slipping her sofa and getting the ottoman and a few accessories.  We are also covering some occasional chairs etc you can’t see in photos and renderings. We really wanted to be sure before I bought a rug at Round Top and shipped it up north so I called in a secret gun….Jane Gianarelli someone I found out through my friend Jenny Johnston.  Jane is a designer and artist and she does amazing renderings.  I do not draw or do autocad so sometimes helping my clients visualize my idea for a space can be a challenge.  Working with Jane really helps be sure of the direction you are headed with a design and I thought the castle project was the perfect chance to try out her services…and I am so glad we did!  Isn’t her work amazing.


I can’t wait to add simple linen drapes with big blue tape on leading edges! The rendering helped us see we want to add the fawn Schumacher print on sofa i think and not so much navy and that the leather ottoman is def worth the wait.  It also helped really visualize the idea of a rich colored old rug.


And she even got the dog in the rendering..not only is this usual to help us with design decisions its so artistic…i would totally mat and frame this! Thank you again Jane for your wonderful help with this project!

So there you on the castle continues! I had to share this one!

Limited Mini Consults Available

Hey y’all fall is here and the holidays are coming like a freight train!  I am booking up fast and trying not to overdo it like I did in spring.  So I have made the decisions to offer mini consults again (which I had actually stopped doing for a time so if you are confused that is why) so I can help more people but quickly and fast.  I won’t be able to schedule but 2-3 more full rooms this year (that includes a board and Basecamp support and hours of back and forth and a plan) but hopefully these mini consults will fill a need and enable me to still work with those of you that have needs and interest!  Email Leslie at clients (at) to book. And I will have more info up soon on the consult page about the differences between services and what is available.


          *Mini consults will be $325 online and $395 local

*Mini consults will cover one-three questions and three emails (the initial email, my suggestions, and a followup)

*Mini consults will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will happen all in one day at the most one week, there will be no dragging on or procrastination on either end (preaching to myself mainly here;)

*Local Mini consults will include approx 1 hr in your home for one- three questions and then a followup email

*Mini consults require self start and initiative

*Mini consults receive no design board


*Give you quick answers and design therapy to get moving

*Help make decisions

*Give you my honest opinions and direction for what will best improve your space and give you most bang for buck

*GET YOU GOING on your space

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