Sarah’s stash and more

SO funny, after i posted the fabric ideas for Sarah, she sent me this picture of her “sample stash”..some of the same prints!! We are still searching for the perfect thing..she is ordering samples and we will tape them up (she will tape them up and then she will send me a picture) and then hopefully the winner will be clear…we will choose one large print for the drapes and one or two accents to go with the fabrics she already has in the room.

I am stil looking for a multicolored toile i have seen before..not new, maybe discontinued.,it looks like Waverly “country life” but with bright multicolors…very tight print (medium to large white open space) if you know the name of this fabric, please let us know..

in the meantime, a few more options…all from Calico Corners.

first is La Mare…so fresh

and let me tell yall, the samples you can order online (only $7) from Calico are AWESOME..a really nice size (18″ square i think) in fact if you have a solid sofa you want to spruce up this is a great way to get fab pillows for a wonderful price…you can order these samples online or in the store. they also have the little swatches and you can still borrow grommet samples from their stores i think but i strongly recomend these large samples!

one more

have a great week i hope to do updates on some nurseries and talk about photo walls!

Sarah loves fabric

and so do I, so it makes it a joy to work on her family room. She is looking for just the right fabrics for new sofa pillows and other accents..even drapes.

this is her sofa fabric from Calico Corners.

the above toile might look just great..she has butter yellow walls and great existing roman shades (yellow silk buffalo check!)I think long panels will look so great layered over her silk shades!

and here is her existing chair (also from Calico) with pretty fabrics..the pillows are nice but like i said she wants to freshen up, they seem a little predictable to Sarah..of course that is the great thing about fabric..just a few yards can totally change your look and really breathe new life into a room…

We are also thinking about YET another cute fabric on her parsons chair(not shown)? so here is yet another toile (from duralee) and a great accent fabric with bugs, her kids will love this..arent these just great, both found here just gorgeous and unique!

mixing fabrics can be crazy..there are several different “rules”, a check, a floral, a stripe, large scale, tiny scale, stay in the same colorway..yada yada..whatever…if it is too contrived looking that defeats the purpose of mixing..but it can get too crazy so there is a fine does take work but it will be worth the effort! Hope you like some of these Sarah! Of course they wont all work but we will find the perfect combination so that she loves her family room (even the carpet..that is another blog post!;;)

[NOTE: the pottery barn bird pillow two posts below is apparently very elusive..i cant find a link..i have found it on their website (obviously) but now cant find it and neither can several readers..this also happened last week.i thought it was sold out and then it reappeared, i posted about it and it is fyi..just call them i guess if you really want it, not sure if it is in the most recent is $49 or $59 if i remember correctly, the cover only…it actually might look pretty in Sarah’s leather chair!]

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