Fabrics for Sarah ::

switching gears, below are some fabrics from Ballard that might work if not the above..these fabrics are reading a little more pink online..we’ll see when she gets the samples in the mail! the floral would be great for the drapes..

dont you love the greens..so fresh!

I think a pattern on long drapes over her existing roman shades will really add some interest to her LARGE room and take the focus off of her floors (there is a carpet story there but we wont get in to it!;) I just love long drapes hung high on chunky rods with wooden rings..they dont even have to be pinch pleats..let the pretty fabric do the work, not the fabrication of the drapery! that’s my philsophy (maybe based on my sewing skills, or lack of)

these are available from Ballard Designs…either by the yard or we can have them sew them up into pillows and panels (yes Ballard can do that for you..any of their fabrics can be made into just about anything.love ballard!)..

Arizona Chic

Lisa is a mom who lives in Arizona, she has two young boys and horses..she loves to shop at Anthropologie and Boden and pottery barn..she is a blog reader and asked me to help with their family room..it has terra cotta tile floors (classic arizona space), arched doorways (love that), and a rustic rock fireplace..she has a tobacco dark brown leather sofa..

let the fun begin..

now these mood boards are for brainstorming so she does not need to use everything, for instance there are several rug options…and drape options (either a solid or the nice key/trellis brown and white fabric..love that..makes this all fresh and not too rustic)..the fireplace screen is a little cheesy but it is there to illustrate the idea of the metal scrolly railing to replace the wall behind the sofa..there is a funky half wall there..i want it demolished..we’ll see if she does it or not..wall color will be neutral..and a nice metal firecreen might be pretty..love the horse prints..elegant.not too country..very american. like lisa.

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