Fabrics for Pam

These little swatches are for my client Pam to see…but i thought i would share with yall too..

these fabrics are so pretty…all very reasonable at good ol’ Hobby Lobby..the blue and the toile are linen..the damask too. actually they are all linen except the little diamond dot print.

we all know about HL’s coupon…and when these go 30% off or if they will allow you to use your 40% coupon..you can get these for around $12 a yard give or take..at that amazing price, these fabrics are great for big projects like long panels in the bedroom (the toile or damask would be so pretty on panels) or for shams or a bedskirt for a king bed…the little print would be great on armchairs….

So dont forget HL when looking for fabric..you might be surprised!

Schumacher’s Chiang Mai

{image from Hudson in Boston}

The blog world has been a buzz for about, oh TWO years apparently about this amazing fabric.. what do you think?? love it hate it?? I think the aquamarine (robins egg) is wonderful, though some of the colorways i dont care for…i have noticed several bloggers (Sloanie Home and LGN) even using it (the aquamarine) in their blog header/designs…i am telling you, everyone loves this fabric..it almost like the trellis craze!

what i also love/find interesting is that i have noticed this fabric on various blogs..both modern AND traditional and very preppy and all seem to love it and use it in wonderful ways…everything from high end articles in Domino, to Kristen Bell’s apartment in InStyle recently, to Little Green Notebook’s darling rental dining room too! (love her settee with the dining table)

{image from Little Green Notebook}

even Vera Bradley used it for chairs in one of her new stores.. and YES it is expensive BUT you can have pillows made out of it from this great shop on etsy and they even have Christmas stockings!

{image from Plum Cushion}

i think it would make great roman shades in my little kitchen! who am i kidding, i could get a new dishwasher (which i badly need) AND a fridge for what that would cost!;; but it is fun to admire a gorgeous fabric, keep my eye peeled for a scrap to call my own, and notice the knocks offs (pottery barn what a shock) and influences popping up everywhere…thoughts??? is there another fabric you are obsessing over lately??

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