Grateful + lovely

Am i the ONLY person on the planet still loving the feel and look of fall decorations and NOT ready for Christmas?? I thought not. there are so many lovely fall things to decorate with..why rush on to the next thing? we do NOT have to feel PRESSURED to begin this holiday rat race..let’s enjoy what is left of fall, BE GRATEFUL and enjoy the last moments of sanity before the crazy begins.

My husband likes to read books, i like to tear them up. Seriously, i would never hurt a real book..just one already know, one that needs recycling. I love the way book print looks with, well anything. Last year i attempted to decoupage a pumpkin with book pages..CRAZY..i am sure some of you could do it but it was not my craft. NO wonder the one i saw HERE was $49!

BUT my bookpage placecards shown above were obviously much easier..much more my speed..just a gift tag punch from Michaels, hole punch, twine and little pumpkin (write the name on or use stickers) and it was cute..especially atop a brown transferware plate.

check out this fab wreath featured on Apartment therapy last week..brown or orange ribbon to hang it with this week and next and then red satin til Christmas..easy baby..that is the way to go! she used a $1 store romance novel to tear up for her pages.not sure how i feel about that..i sort of feel like it should be a good book if i am going to go to that much work to make a wreath out of it and have it as a centerpiece in my home..but then again it would just be wrong to tear up a good book…oh the tension!

or you could use your bookpages to make flowers like my friends at Leftovers did..

bottom line..We dont have to get consumed with Christmas “stuff” yet (unless you enjoy it and then go for it of course..i have been listening to my Wintersong cd for a long time i must admit), but the next week i am really going to try to relax and enjoy thanksgiving..and Be thankful.

{note: rather i am typing this, my 5 year old is sitting on the front step watching the city workers “install” a Christmas wreath decoration on “our” streetlight}

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