A new chapter

If you follow me on Instagram (something I seem to say a lot in blog posts lately, its just so much easier to post more often on Instagram, love it) anyway if you follow on Instagram you saw my big announcement.  We are moving!  We have lived in our current little cottage for 13 years.  We were newlyweds and brought home two baby boys to this little house.  It’s been my decorating lab for many years.  It has been so good to us. But after years of debating a move or major add-on and remodel we have decided to move.  To a house very similar in style and age to our current home but bigger and a better layout for our growing boys.  We are keeping the current house for now which makes the move and transition much easier. My mom is looking forward to possibly living here down the road or it may make a good spot for Holly Mathis Interiors to continue to grow.  Whatever God has in store we are grateful and excited about this new chapter.  Follow along if you are interested…There is going to be a lot of new decorating and living to talk about!


Today the painters start on the exterior.  It will soon be all white! PURE WHITE by Sherwin Williams with a Dove Gray door and surround.  NO shutters y’all and red roof will soon be gone.  I can’t wait to plant varying size boxwood orbs all around the base!


In some ways there is so much to do it’s overwhelming but that is because I am ridiculous and want to do it all now and I know how and where to make it happen if I wanted or could afford.  I want to change paint of course and lighting right away. But the truth is the house is great as is.. it has wonderful trees and old moldings and features likes an arch and built-ins etc.

One of my favorite features is the entryway and arch of course and the way the stairs split to go into kitchen or entry! Love this so much!


And it has amazing wood floors throughout, not a stitch of carpet when we moved in…thankful for that!


I love the wonderful and original old farm sink that the previous owners just restored! SO thankful they did that and loved the house so much.


We love that all of the bedrooms are upstairs


And it has a small but great little library full of charm.


It simply has great bones.  So if we can’t or won’t gut the kitchen now or redo or enlarge baths right away it’s okay because I am honestly just so thrilled to be getting the house and painting it white!  So y’all remind me of that when I start posting expensive fabrics and ideas to “do this and that” and get impatient and want it all now!  Rome wasn’t built in a day as my friend Lauren reminded me and I often tell my clients the same thing. It takes time.  This isn’t HGTV. It’s real life.  So I will be blogging about the journey but thanks in advance for remembering that life happens along the way and it won’t all happen immediately.

So there ya go!  That is what has been going on with me! WE ARE MOVING!!!  Woohoo let’s buy some paint!

Easter 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  It’s a beautiful time, spring is finally here and we are reminded of new beginnings both in our surroundings and spiritually as well.


We used the dining table inside for our buffet and ate outside!

IMG_1379 IMG_1393

IMG_1419 IMG_1424   IMG_1440

The weather has been so nice we decided to have Sunday lunch outside on the porch!

IMG_1378 IMG_1443

My favorite things:  blue and white dishes, monogrammed napkins from a sweet client, my Granny’s flatware and the words to this Easter hymn!IMG_1480 IMG_1481

And of course some Trader Joe’s flowers, an extra Ikea table I pulled in from the garage storage for the “kids table” and some Paper Source flowers and tags and stamp . . .and of course, deviled eggs.

IMG_1489 IMG_1506

So in love with these boys.  They are growing so fast. Henry blew my mind by actual wearing that bowtie for hours…SHOCKING but so darn cute. And Drew, well Drew is such a gentleman and just so Drew.  So thankful for them. And their patient, wonderful Daddy.


I will be honest I am feeling pretty overwhelmed this Monday morning with projects and work.  But the truth of Easter and my Savior remind me of the big picture and that everything really will be okay despite the chaos of our daily lives!

“He arose a victor from the dark domain and He lives forever with His saints to reign, He arose! He arose! Hallelujah Christ Arose!”


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