Family photo week

That’s right, you read correctly it is family photo week here at HMI. I am officially crazy to tackle this mammouth and controversial subject but here we go!

First off, to set the tone, i want to share this…something very precious to me.

my great-grandparents, holding my grandmother (cousin Janice, i hope you are reading, that is my granny correct???) i love this photo, it is not in good condition but it is just so precious for so many reasons, another blog post in itself. Bottom line, photos like this are gold to me as a decorator, whether in my own home or others..I would rather see this somewhere than some piece of junk from PB or even a fine antique..A HOME WITHOUT PHOTOS IS LIKE A HOME WITHOUT BOOKS..NO SOUL, in my humble opinion.

SO, I want us to have a discussion on family photos, gallery walls, etc… This will NOT be a totally comprehensive manual on dos and donts and how tos…hopefully i will share some interesting thoughts and ideas but dont be dissapointed if i dont cover it all… PLEASE leave comments with each post about your own challenges, concerns or things that have worked for you.

Last but not least, i hope to not offend a single reader with statements about family photos and how to display. At the end of the day, it is your home and you do whatever you want..there are no right or wrongs, only ideas and hopefully that is what we will generate this week..

So get ready to comments, what is your favorite tip for using family photos in the home??

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