My favorite sofas

I am often asked “what is your favorite” sofa? “What is the best sofa?” And of course much of that depends on your budget and how you live…do you have kids, dogs? Do you want an investment piece or trendy, on and on.  I find that more and more people are less willing to invest in good upholstered furniture.  Sure there are still people that want Baker sofas but many of us LIVE LIVE in our homes more than ever and that kind of investment is just not feasible. Also the re-emergence of slipcovers in our country and boom, its a different market today somewhat than when my Grandmother was taking people to market for sofas in the 1980s. And yet we want comfort and quality.  And to know where something is made and produced. Oh and maybe a little customization am I right??


When I began working with True Blue Home to put together a shop full of items with style and beauty I knew I wanted to include slipcovered furniture.  The owner Cindy and I both love the look and ease of slipcovers. It was a no brainer.  But we wrestled with questions like would we have recycled pieces slipcovered or go with this or that well known maker or another???? Or heck even “do we go to North Carolina and have our own sofas manufactured?”  We discussed it all and looked at numbers and reviews. I also spoke to clients and others in the industry and finally we settled on two great sofa makers, Best Slipcover Company (BSC) and Moss Studio.

Both companies make their sofa in the USA and have amazing construction!

  TBHfrnit inter NNL

Moss frames are assembled using alder, a western hardwood, with 4×4 frame grade centers.  The Moss spring system is constructed using 9 gauge, no sag, sinuous steel springs. The springs are clipped and stapled to the frame. The spring system is then hand tied with italian twine for strength, durability and stability.   Depending on the sofa style, a layer of blended polyester may be added at this time. If the piece is to be slipcovered, the prepared frame will be covered with high-grade ivory muslin. Cushions are made from a high density, hypo-allergenic cloud nine 2-pound HR foam. This foam outperforms other foams by 10 – 15 times. The foam is then enveloped by a 10/90 white goose/down fill with a zipper enclosure. This construction allows for excellent shape retention with no “pancake” effect. The standard back cushion are 60% 90/10 (90% white goose feathers and 10% down) and 40% micro clusters which will maintain the shape of the cushion. The cushions will relax and provide the comfort and support Moss Studio is known for. Other variations of down and/or foam are available upon request with a possible upcharge. All styles can be ordered with a bench seat option.


Moss studio seams are overlocked for durability. And all cushions are offered with the standard welt. A contrasting welt is available at no upcharge if the fabric is available in house or supplied by customer. Other welt options include: knife-edge, flat flange, and top-stitched. Moss also offers several different skirt options. Standard options include: (1) kick pleat to the floor; (2) short kick pleat; (3) wrap skirt to floor; and (4) short wrap skirt. Other skirt options include: (1) dressmaker; (2) ruffle skirt to the floor; and (3) short ruffle skirt;


Love these Moss chairs above in the cottage kitchen!  We have both sofas and chairs in both Moss and Best Slipcover Company and samples of other fabrics available from both companies as well!  Don’t you love these Les Indiennes blue and white pillows on the flax BSC sofa?!


The sofa above is from the EXPRESS program offered by Best Slipcover Company, ships in TWO WEEKS..this is the pearl style..Another favorite of mine is their Rachel style sofa and it is offered in the express! with the box pleat skirt option!  You can see the Rachel in the tiny cottage below . . .


These chairs below are from Moss in a taupe stripe…we also have similar chairs from BSC in a cobalt stripe! These don’t swivel.  These are pieces from these companies we have in stock but special orders are possible of course! Swivel possible..even leather available!


By carrying two sofa lines at True Blue Home we able to offer different price points and styles, yummy Libeco stonewashed linen on the MOSS sofas at top of post and charming ruffles like on the white sofa below from Best Slipcover. Both Made in America, these lines have made it possible for us to show different looks in the main TBH store and in the cottage.  I love this furniture!


Every part of the sofas at True Blue Home are Made in the U.S.A. We love that!  It’s True Blue all the way!


Oh and full disclosure…my sofas are from IKEA…ha ha so if you are reading this thinking “I’ll never save enough for these sofas” just know I feel the same way in this season in life! BUT honestly the IKEA ektorps are still a fave too..I have three sets of slipcovers and muddy paws and boys don’t make me near as nervous as they would with MOSS or BSC. One day I will have one of these gorgeous sofas or chairs …and when the time is right, I know just where to get one!;

To find out more about the sofas at True Blue Home visit the store at

TRUE BLUE HOME · 5080 MAIN STREET, CHAPPELL HILL, TEXAS, 77426 · 979-421-9727 or email customer

HGTV Home Town !!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.07.23 AM

HOME. and TOWN. My favorite things.  So have you heard about HGTV’s new show HOME TOWN that will premiere this Sunday…it features Erin and Ben Napier of Laurel, Mississippi, they have become good friends with Magnolia/Fixer Upper and  my brother Jimmy Don and I have enjoyed learning more about them too! (You were right Peggy Kriel they are awesome) A lovelier couple does not exist. And I can. not. wait. to see their show.  I don’t even watch tv y’all (sorry JD i have caught some of your appearances i promise) but I am excited about this because its about roots, preservation, a small Southern town and old houses!  Oh and they make great things..Erin does letterpress and Ben is a craftsman..they are just so talented and cute and well awesome and I honestly don’t use that word lightly.  IN short I am impressed with their talent, character, and what they are doing, the total package.  She taught my brother to use the word letterpress y’all..she has brought our family together!  ha  Find out all about them here and see some behind the scenes in their town and set your DVR!!!!

And speaking of home and Waco, Magnolia and Jimmy Don… , the boys and Nana and I travelled up to Wacotown last weekend. I wanted my mom to get to see my brother’s wall of work in Magnolia.


{Some of my fave things in Waco, this new shop THE FINDERY just near the Silos, I love the building at the Silos they have slotted for A BAKERY, Common Ground near campus of course, the Dr Pepper Museum, Baylor’s Mayborn Museum where my kids want to go EVERY TRIP and more}

And y’all, it was CROWDED and busy..not just inside the Magnolia shop but all around that area..people walking. A bustle. There hasn’t been much bustle around downtown Waco (except to scramble into a Ninfa’s parking spot) in a long time. It felt bright and safe and engaging. And the campus looks amazing. I admire the Gaines and others for all they are doing and pray it continues in all areas…truly exciting! After looking around old Wacotown we ventured to the old home place.  Literally.  My brother  recently acquired back part of our great grandparents original farm out in Crawford which is a short drive from Waco and the little town where we grew up and went to school in Valley Mills.  The land is literally minutes from where we went to church (which was the building were our Papa Ed went to school when he was little!)

Below my great grandparents Holmes’ windmill by JD’s new house, the boys exploring near a cave and in the river AND DID YOU KNOW, JD has silos by his shop too! Lol I couldn’t resist. I loved going to Crawford when I was a kid..just the road between our town ten minutes away and Crawford felt “happy” because it was the road to my Granny and Papa Ed, I loved going in the old grocery store Amsler’s there with her and looking in the window at the domino hall for my grandpa…little girls aren’t supposed to actually go inside domino halls you know that right?! I can hear the shuffle now! So special even President Bush has a place there!;;


I love seeing my boys roam around where their great grandpa did when he was a boy on the Middle Bosque River! I can’t wait to see all that Jimmy Don does cleaning up and preserving this place and its history!


{Drew and Henry on Uncle JD’s mule ready to find some dirt!}

Below them exploring around an old cave near the Middle Bosque. My attempt at Wacoan Mr Gildersleeve’s photo style..anyone know about him?? He was a hometown wonder in Waco once upon a can see his photos at the Texas Collection on Baylor campus..they are amazing! I learned so much working in the Carroll building doing oral history and researching in the Texas Collection.  Love that place.


Home and family and roots…It’s so important. I love you brother and I am rooting for the show Erin and Ben, y’all please please set your DVR this is a pilot so help with the buzz! It is on right at noon I believe, check may be still at church or getting lunch so SET THE DVR thingy! #HGTVHomeTown





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