Flower power

This post is not about wallpaper or fabric, though I love flowers in both places.  Nope, this is my attempt at a fashion post, or at least an ACCESSORY post. 

Usually I read Melanie, Erin, Seleta, or Lisa for fashion tips and inspiration… I am sure there are MANY more fashion/clothing blogs out there, these aren’t primarily fashion blogs, but they    are on my radar for whatever reason and always inspire in big or small ways..

OK so I started thinking about this because we had a little event at my son’s school last night.  I knew I wanted to wear a plain black BR dress already inmy closet…very plain, sleeveless but not too short, no cleavage to wrestle with all night, something comfortable but classic.  I also knew basic black meant I had accessory options.  Have y’all seen ALL of the pearl and ribbon options out there now..i love those mounds of pearls!  But for today I will focus on the FLOWER! (this is dedicated to you Missy, great job on the flowers for the fundraiser last night!)

Option #1  The Kentucky Derby necklace from Anthropologie (only $10..I think was on sale..otherwise why would anything in Anthropologie be under $10 unless its a coffee mug or drawer know right?!) oh and I gave it the name because I sort of feel like a winning horse at the derby when I put it on my neck, in other words, an idiot..but it IS cute and it has cute rhinestoney, vintagey buttons in the center of the flowers, and it is grey my new fave color and its from Anthropologie, you get the drift..but my husband stifled a laugh when he saw it so probably not a good choice.  Maybe with a plain black tee and jeans or maybe I will cut it up and make cute shoe clips like these I saw on etsy

Option #2

Pearl and flower necklace from Target.

I really like this necklace in theory but with the black dress it was just too predictable and granny..I think it would look much more fun with a denim jacket and tee.  But that’s just me. Thoughts???  it is cute!

Option #3

plain Anthro “looking” flower from a cheap-o mall store.

How did I decide?? Well obviously I took my options out on my back porch or the “dining room” as I like to call it and I just tried everything on my mannequin friend?  A little crazy I know but it works.  And yes I know I need to get Mrs. Mannequin indoors. It is a goal to get her in my room as an accessory catcher or up in my office as a ribbon catcher.

Back to the outfit.  This is what I decided. The good ol standby chunky pearls, flower and shawl.  Safe and comfy. 

{please note: my mannequin has a smaller waist than I do..no fair, she looks better in things…oh well}

What fashion blogs do you read if any??  What trends are you excited about right now??  tired of…. ruffles, flowers, pearl/ribbon details??  Share in the comments!

Old doorknob + bobeche = finial

This is such an easy project. This drapery rod hangs in our master bedroom covering not so pretty sliding glass doors.  I have loved this fabric forever (Ralph Lauren Guinevere SHEETS actually) but I must admit I am so ready to redo this room..but not the rod..still love it actually!  And believe me, I am really not much of a DIY person but this is so easy.  I’ve been wanting to share this for a while but it keeps slipping my mind.  So here it goes.

We just used an old metal rod, fairly small in diameter, which I really dont like, I prefer chunky rods now but small diameter was good for this project. Then I simply used an old glass doorknob and some stray bobeches I had in a junk box.  Actually I probably bought the bobeches at Round Top (which is coming up soon you know..last week in March, first week of April…Marburger opens March 30th I believe!).  Yall do know what bobeches are right????  They are the drips plates that surround the base of the chandelier bulb. We used some GOOP glue to attach it and voila!.

{wall color is SW Urban Putty}

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