On my way

On my way to the great Northwest, bearing gifts for this sweet family!

Some Texas coffee for Emily’s husband Ryan to critique..he is a die hard Starbucks guy of course…something sweet for Audrey, a suprise for Emily and DVDs for her boys from my boys! 

When I “spoke” with Emily last night she was wallpapering (which means handpainting a design) on the guest room wall for my visit…crazy that woman.  She said she might not finish and i promised I would be able to envision it in all of its glory.  I hit a point earlier in the week when i realized i could NOT lose 30 lbs in 3 days or even have time to do a package of Crest white strips before the trip and you know what, I DONT CARE, just so totally excited to be GOING TO SEATTLE..i just want to hang out with my friend, talk about the Lord and this crazy blogging thing He has us doing and have fun! Praying we will see one another, both inside and out, as our Perfect Father does..as His creation and ENJOY our visit like he enjoys us..no expectations or pressure… I think any unfinished decorating and extra baby weight will fade away to make way for some serious CHURCH..PRAY FOR US!

Oh and I am sure Emily and I will be shopping, decorating and making silhouettes of one another all weekend long..ha ha, just kidding about the silhouette thing, poking a little fun at ourselves. i DO think bloggers and our habits would make a great SNL skit don’t you..or maybe it has been done I just don’t know it since I am now on the computer every Saturday night instead of watching TV!

Oh and pray for my husband, he is Mr Awesome Daddy and I am sure he will have Henry sleeping through the night and potty trained when I get home but a little prayer might be in order for him.  Thanks honey for encouraging me to go have some fun!

Last minute gift idea

IF you live local, my friend Christi has a booth at local Hermann’s Furniture Store located in downtown Brenham, Texas, her booth is near the back of the antique mall section of the large store…Christi is the friend that I have been making the book page items with..she has great taste and once had a store in Del Rio, she is literally a treasure trove..i mention an item, like the skates on my front door wreath or my new/old doctor stool and voila she has them in her shed or booth..so you dont want to miss shopping her wares.  She made these flowers for her booth and they are only $12..get to Brenham as fast as you can! 

 Some of the flowers are felt and some are made from old men’s ties..so clever and colorful..i love the display!

And if you have never even heard of Brenham, Texas, and don’t live in the area..jump over to Jones Design Company for this EASY tutorial.  I finally made one with Christi’s urging and it really is easy..and you can get great looking grey felt at the HL..super easy..i wish i had made these for teacher and teen gifts..still might make a few for fun!

And if you don’t want to go out and buy felt you can do this with regular fabric too…a small scale print or plain flax linen would work great..have fun!

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