Texas Antiques Week “Round Top”

It is time for Texas Antiques Week or Round Top Antiques Week as it has been referred to for 43 years.  One of the number one questions I am asked is “When does Round Top start?”  and/or “When is the best time to visit Round Top?” My answer and suggestions vary based on the situation.  As a rule the fall show is the first weekend of October and the spring show is the first weekend of April (and the weeks before).  What started as 3 days is now THREE WEEKS. I think most would agree it started yesterday Sept 19th this year…so this weekend is good as are next week, next weekend and the next week! Through Saturday October 4th this year. And always remember different/specific shows start on different days.  These are my favorites and dates this year.  

More info on ALL shows and just good general info here at Round Top Chamber. 


So when should you go?? Well are you going with children or girlfriends?  Are you going to shop or just browse and hang out?  Recreational visit or SERIOUS GET OUT OF MY WAY SHOPPING?  And I am no expert these are just my humble suggestions, observations and recommendations. For instance Marburger is a beautiful show, if you are looking for something you will likely find it here but maybe not the best bargains.  Bargains you will find early or late out in the dusty fields.  Big Red Barn is the original show and fine antiques…really amazing pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.50.49 PM

My bestie Melisse of Campbells Melange sets up at Red Barn with her wonderful prints shown above.  Her parents are veterans of the show and her daddy can tell some fun Round Top stories.  You just might see me at her booth during the show…I like it there because its AC and not dusty (I admit it;…we are both pale…we like inside shows;;)

So there are a lot of variety and choices…but don’t get overwhelmed!


First off, come during the week if you want to do serious shopping.  The crowds aren’t as bad and I think it’s just easier.  It is hard to say whether the beginning or end of show is better.  Sure if you get here early you get first pickings BUT many dealers have series of stuff they bring out.  So talk to dealers and others if you are looking for something specific.  They may have something in storage they haven’t brought to tent yet or know of something.

Friday/Sat/Sun are busier but fun… Just be patient with traffic and strollers. I did a post here about shopping Round Top with kids.  It can be really fun.


My boys love Round Top … taking photos, seeing old Army stuff and treasures….but you can bet if my only chance to go was with out without them I would go without. Just being honest.  Luckily we live close and I can do mommy and work days as well as family days usually….


Also I hear this year there will be a trolley going betweens shows.  You have to realize that Round Top isn’t like Brimfield or other antiques shows are flea markets…we are  in Texas after all and it is BIG and spread out.  You can walk a lot but you can’t walk it all.  It will be interesting to see how the trolley works out..I hope it is a success and fun! Here is the map!


Don’t miss a chance to eat some Royers Pie or visit my fave PIE HAVEN owned and operated by my beautiful friend Tara.  She is one of the most heartfelt and hard-working women in Round Top and there are many many! The town and shows are full of  just great people!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 4.50.34 PM

Also be sure to explore nearby small downtowns like Brenham which have their own charming shops, my fave downtown is ANTIQUE GYPSY on Alamo.  Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream. Go to my favorite stores Leftovers Antiques (more about their annual party and store on the blog next week) which is on Hwy 290 between Round Top and Brenham and Old Glory Antiques in Burton (also off 290). SO whether eating exploring tents or fields or stores its all wonderful and SO worth the trip!


Bottom line have fun and be kind!  The weather is going to be gorgeous I hope! It is going to be a great show! Maybe I will see you out there!

Fiddle Leaf Figs * Tall Plants, Houston

There is a great plant store along I-10 in Houston (exit Blalock from either direction) that I have been going to for years for topiaries and fiddle leaf fig trees. It is called TALL PLANTS! The owner is Houstonian Dennis Carola and he and his family have been running this great business for 38 years! Today his nephew Chris Culp helps him manage the shop and they are always so helpful and friendly! You have probably noticed this place as you travel between the Calico Corners and Memorial Antiques and Interiors! Like I said it is near Blalock and I-10.

Just look at the beauty!


Recently I was in there and chatted with Dennis and then a few days later his daughter Erin Hardy emailed me and said she is a longtime blog reader and she realized in talking with her dad that I was in the shop recently…it was fun to make the connection. I had been wanting to blog about the store every time I go but knew after chatting with Erin I had to do a post!


Dennis knows so much about plants…he warned me how finicky the Fiddle Leaf Fig is and I know he is right…he is so good about telling you what to do with his plants. They are patient as you debate sizes and choose the prettiest plant and always wrap it nicely and load! He says the fiddle leaf needs sun and humidity and does great on screened porches in our climate..best outside.  They love light and about 2 quarts of water once a week.  Mine is in the corner of our living room and I am afraid it may not be getting enough sun so I am talking sweetly to it as well..we will see if that works;

It is large as you can see; So far its looking healthy I usually raise blinds all the way for most of day in this corner..not sure what will happen once drapes are up!


 He has so many good fiddle leaf plants and trees..some are small and so affordable some are huge with twisted trunks…its a site to just go see them.  We talked about how decorators and magazines have made them so popular!


I love these zinc looking containers and the square shape.


They also have great topiaries, palms, orchids, great planters and more.


For 38 years TALL PLANTS has been serving Houston..that is cool!  Buy local if you can and enjoy chatting with Dennis and Chris, it is great that in a big city you can still find great locals that are friendly and know their stuff!

Tall Plants Houston

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