More Christmas tour

Sharing a few more… Hope y’all are enjoying shopping and baking;; My garland may not make it till Thursday.  Remind me next year, must. get. artificial garlands.


First off,  you may still have time on Amazon to buy this book on my coffee table below! It’s called “One Man’s Folly” and it is about an amazingly talented man..and Julia Reed and Bunny Williams do the forwards..It is so so interesting and good.  I wanted to do a “favorites thing” shopping guide but I never got to it..that book would have been on it along with these little blue and white boxes from High Street Market (wishbone is from there too) and you can see my slipcover pleats from the amazing LS Slipcovers.


The boys don’t hang out here much so this table works okay..I would not have attempted it even a year ago but they are growing up a bit (which is good and bad)

On to the kitchen!


I do have to show this corner of my kitchen because it is so bright and fun and one artificial wreath made it even better (Hobby Lobby can you believe it)…nothing says Christmas like red chairs. So glad I can enjoy them year around! In the kitchen area I just added a little boxwood wreath, some bottlebrush trees(my go to), and a Christmas watercolor of our first home.


My papertowels, soap and coffemaker are out and island not styled but oh well…it’s worth it to show you the new “under the sink” skirt I had made by Gracie!  Love it! Taking off those sagging cabinet doors and replacing with linen has made me happy!  It’s on a rod so I can remove and wash if needed but I haven’t in months and it doesn’t really need it.  I still want to stain counters’s on the list; Below the blue cabinet from Leftovers got a little boxwood wreath.

bluecabinetcollageA few from the dining room.  This room is so hard to photograph because its in middle of house and not a lot of light.  But I do love this room…we eat all meals here, very few in kitchen.  The kitchen table is more for homework; I love the pine table but also the country chandelier from Circa and the white linen drapes with beautiful tape.  They were made by Gracie’s Custom Interiors and she did an amazing job…they are lined and interlined! She did so many amazing things for our new home.  The little sink skirt above, shades in the entry I need to show you, and of course the camelback sofas that she and Laura and I collaborated on! Thank you again Gracie and Laura for all of your help with my house.  They, along with my local seamstress Susie Bronikowski and Monica of Monica’s Custom Creations, really did help me pull it together just like I had dreamed.  Truly y’all thank you.

dining room

Colors are a little distorted trying to salvage a photo…forgive me; Yes  added more audubons, these were on Melisse’s clearance table and I am so glad I snapped them up…I had planned to put the somewhere else but love them here.  Melisse is my print dealer friend that lives in Baton Rouge and comes to Round Top. She is such a good source for so much!


My only Christmas decorations in here are a few bottlebrush trees on the console and Christmas cards over my makeshift “bar” and garland on hutch.


I’ve had so much fun adding cards everyday…y’all blow me away with your cards.  I was amazed little tiny close pins would hold them to this tobacco basket but it works! The skirted console is an old pottery barn lateral file that Laura at LS Slipcovers made me a gathered slip it!


On to the study.  I can’t believe we fit a tree in here but we did….its the 7.5″ Stratford Spruce from Balsam Hill.  I put my plaid ornaments in here (I painted the hoops black and added a darker brown plaid to ‘manly’ it up).  We sit in here so much and I can see it from kitchen so its nice to have a tree in this space too. I like Balsam Hill’s Stratford Spruce because it is a bit narrow but not so narrow you feel like its dinky know what I mean.


and from my fave chair! and with no lights!


Thanks again for taking the tour.  I still have so many details and rooms to share but our main downstairs rooms really feel somewhat “done” and comfy and homey! And that is what it is all about…HOME and your people….not the stuff.  We all know that but it’s good this time of year to just say it don’t you think?


I received a preview of Boomama’s next book this week and the cover struck a cord in my heart.So Merry Christmas y’all.  Enjoy being in your home with your people.  It doesn’t matter if every corner of your house is perfect (or every person) just hold on tight to your loved ones and remember the source of all of our blessings.  My friend Tara Royers Steele used this verse on her Christmas card and I keep thinking about it too . . .

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.  Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.  Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4: 8-10

Wow, yes indeed!

Mini Christmas Tour

Hey y’all.  I know I am running late sharing about Christmas decorations in our new home but here I am with a few shots. We did just move in less than 6 months so give me some grace here…these also aren’t great photos but better than nothing right?


I will be honest it takes some adjustment when you move, get a taller tree, and don’t know exactly where you are going to put too but as I always say “it takes time.” SO if you just moved or this is your first Christmas in a new home give yourself a break.  It will take time to figure out how you want to nest your home for the holidays but you (and I) will get there!  It doesn’t all have to be down pat THIS YEAR RIGHT NOW! (preaching to me;;)

With my entry table (which was a desk I had cut down and topped with marble) I couldn’t decide between poinsettias and baskets or just plants.  I think I may have texted a couple friends about whether are not poinsettias are “granny” and only for church and bank vestibules?  Started a poinsettia debate. Your thoughts?  I can take it;  Seriously I think I was craving some color and just bought the dang poinsettias and now I have them and they are red which I love. I did find some burlap little covers in place of the foil wrappers.

I also love these empty frames and framed Old English writing page I have as art on this wall..but it doesn’t photograph well. (especially when you are shaky and too lazy to get out tripod) But I do love it in person and that is what matters! You can hardly see it, but I also love the clear acrylic tray I have my nativity set sitting inside…it keeps it flat and intact and looks cleaner than the greenery I had underneath at first.


I need to paint one more frame in brass on that wall!

And looking into the study, our favorite room in the house!


The wreath is from Balsam Hill like all of the outdoor wreaths on windows and the garland on banister is basil from Williams-Sonoma, I had it last year and loved it but it has already dried quickly this year.

Onward to the living room, I have never had anything over a 7.5 tree..but now we have a 9 foot tree and its more to decorate especially when you are barely over 5 foot! But it is worth the extra work! I do love my tree from Balsam Hill, its the Stratford Spruce and the lights and on off switch are the best and its not super big in diameter but not dinky either.  I do think the branches are a little hard to attach ornaments but I think like the rest of a new house and new things is just getting used to it.  I did use the silhouette ornaments that I have blogged about so many times…I nearly retired them but just had to get one more year out of them and the boys haven’t complained (yet)…


Recognize pillows? The toile is made out of the fabric in my old living room drapes, I had just enough scrap for two pillows.  I want to do some amazing fabric maybe bolsters or lumbars on these sofas I just haven’t been able to commit yet…

I did little boxwood wreaths on the sunroom windows (which is rear of house) to mimic the windows out front….love that cheery ness and it has worked fine with raising and lowering blinds. I love these antique pine pieces in this room from Leftovers.  They really hold up to the boys and daily use.


This room gets a lot of wear and tear, this is where the wii and xbox and snuggling all take place…that’s why we need lots of blankets, basekts and Christmas books.


Back up front in the living room, just bottlebrush trees on the piano, I love bottlebrush trees. You can get a glimpse of my plank ceiling in the above photo but not much.  The check is my favorite buffalo check in the linen colorway from Calico Corners.  I had them made custom and the hardware is custom too (in this room only;;)


and hearing Christmas hymns being played!

The tree is actually behind one of the sofas and I am used to having it as focal point centered on windows…have to adjust my ways;; And it works I think because it’s a taller tree and I love that we can see it from dining room and kitchen. I am also used to a mirror over the mantle and put a wreath over it most years or word art but  now I have “big bird”… I love my Audubon from my friend Melisse at Campbell’s Melange and couldn’t bear to put him away for Christmas…especially since we finally have it hung properly…it was leaned for months.


My decorations look somewhat the same as they have year after year because I have the same stockings, same ornaments etc…that is comforting isn’t it..even when you are in a new house you have memories and part of your history with you in your books and Christmas ornaments etc!


I will be back later in the week to share a little bit more. Good luck mamas with all your Christmas chores this week!

{Balsam Hill did sent product to me in exchange for my review}

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