Favorite Fixer Upper

Of course I love the episodes of HGTV’s Fixer Upper that feature my funny brother Jimmy Don BUT last night’s episode has to be one of my all time faves because it features the home of my precious friends Cameron and Jessie Bell.  Jessie is actually the daughter of my son’s second grade teacher and over the years her parents have become wonderful friends to the boys and I! We adore the entire clan!


I adore this house because it has such a neat history and story. AND IT IS SO SMALL (around 700 sq feet!). I love the concept of small space living and this is it y’all.  I think this may be the smallest house they have ever done on the show! This is an original “shotgun” house moved from the other side of the interstate in Waco, Texas, near Baylor University.  So many of these old homes have been demolished over the years but Cameron and Jessie saw potential and this one has been saved! The entire roof had to be removed to transport the structure. These houses were called “shotgun” houses because they were long narrow structures usually no more than 12-15 feet wide..I believe this one is 15′? One room opens into another with no hallway which helps breezes in the warm climate. There were many many of these homes in the working class area of Waco that is now home to Baylor. And now this one has new life!


You can see Nana was a little nervous about Henry touching the crank down stairs.  The unique stairs are on a pulley system make way for use of more space above without taking space below! And yes Nana and Drew and I were on this trip to but you see who jumped in all of the photos..yep HENRY! It’s like Vanna White meets “where’s Waldo” with the showing off of every feature in the house from the crank down stairs to the SMEG fridge! (which he is nearly as big in size!).  He had fun! I love seeing my kiddos getting excited about houses and creativity! Thank you Cameron and Jessie for letting us visit!


OK so when they placed the house in its new location (just blocks from Magnolia’s Silos) they used amazing historic brick to set it higher off the ground than before and added modern touches. I love that the house has old style windows left natural and original pine floors and traditional touches like the Bevelo gas lanterns but also modern touches like the metal rails and crank down stairs inside.


Good job Chip and Joanna! Those white oak cabinet WOW!~


The finishes are so good!  The counters are actually honed granite but they are so matte like I have never seen before and I really like the square tile trend! Love that Waco Civic Theatre sign!


Look at those windows! They make the entire space!


And that cute SMEG fridge I just adore! Even though its not much larger than Henry! Little fridge BIG FAN did you see  THE FAN on the show?


And while I love the SMEG and windows, my fave I think has to be the bathroom and the concrete tile floor and concrete counter! It was just such a surprise that they tucked such an amazing bathroom into such a tiny house!




Even my oldest Drew age 11 was like “WOW THE SHOWER”…in fact he noticed how the house was old but “modern” and “different”..very interesting to hear his take on the house and restoration.

Excuse the phone cord below but the bedroom walls tied in with the floors, so pretty…I didn’t get good shots of the bedroom or upstairs loft but trust me it is really pretty! Love that floating shelf! And there are some salvaged pieces of wallpaper from the original structure that Joanna had framed and gifted to the Bells… these are hanging in this bedroom, love that sentiment. Wish I had snapped a photo, such a great idea!


Congratulations Jessie and Cameron on your amazing renovation and saving this piece of Waco history! And kudos to Chip and Joanna for another great reno in Wacotown!

And y’all keep a look out on Air BnB they may be sharing this property some weekends.  As you can see Henry was quite smitten…we ALL enjoyed staying in this Fixer Upper so much!!


You can also read more about Cameron and Jessie’s adventures here!  and on instagram at KORONGO!

The Gathering 2015 * Round Top


Finally posting about this amazing evening that was held during the recent Texas Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.06.20 AM

Just look at this group of creative women…I am so grateful I was asked to be a part.


Beauty and refreshment at every corner. Lovely programs and “Jesus and coffee” pencils..perfect;


Most important, this meeting of sisters, dreamers & makers, hosted by Tara Royer Steel of Royers Pie Haven, was cloaked in prayer.


{Thank you Merritt Johnston for this beautiful prayer…what a gift}

The setting was beautiful..that girl Tara and her team have such a way creating an EFFORTLESS, casual yet so beautiful spread and atmosphere! After a crazy week I felt myself just exhale and relax the moment I arrived.  Isn’t that beauty should do to us?? Inspire, relax, comfort.


The precious Randi Hamlyn of One Fine Day shown below … did so much of the organization and work for this event..such a sweet spirit.  And that camera.. I didn’t even know such working cuteness existed…what a great idea for name tags!


To see God give birth to something in Tara’s heart for an event like this and watch her be faithful and step out in faith and DO IT, was amazing!


Here Tara is pictured above with the beautiful Paige Hull of the Vintage Round Top and Pamela Hamza of Stuck on the Word. And below with more beautiful ladies.  THOSE FLOWERS Y’ALL. AND THE CAKES…not only did we have pie but there was CAKE!


Beautiful cakes from the Bake Shoppe & Cafe in Cypress, Texas.


So what happened besides a pretty setting and pretty tables, wonderful women and food.

Well there was amazing worship by Debbie Forrest Byrd


…it was good so good…and honestly got me in a much needed place for the stress of the week. Follow Debbie’s facebook page to hear the song she wrote from the event coming soon!

And then various women spoke…specifically these women below including me which was scary (I took makeup remover pads because I just knew I would ugly cry but then I didn’t, strange)..we just spoke about our creative journey and the story God is writing in each of our lives.


{Speakers from back row: Tara Royer Steele, Paige Hull of Vintage Round Top, Andrea Morris from the Shop Gnomadic Fashion Truck, Elizabeth Tooley, Dr Karen Royer, then me and to my left is Randi Hamlyn; bottom row from left Brandi Harper from Spellbound, Pamela Hamza and Lisa Fields from Lucky Star Art Camp)

We spoke about the good and bad. And He was glorified I think.  I hope.  I know I left feeling encouraged and less alone.  Isn’t that what the church is about…community, encouraging, building up, pointing to our Creator and Savior and leaving us wanting more and to be better stewards of our time, talents and dreams.


And THEN THIS GIRL Elizabeth Tooley BROUGHT it at the end with the humor AND the word about how at the end of the day as much as we love to talk about what we do or want to do or could do…. we ARE NOT JUST WHAT WE DO…we are first called to LOVE PEOPLE.  SO GOOD.  Sometimes us creatives feel we must DO DO DO and produce and create and this reminder about LOVING PEOPLE was so spot on to round out the night. You don’t have to have a business or a “thing” it’s okay.  God calls us to different things and seasons but ALL TO LOVE.

        Thank you Tara and all of the sponsors and donors that worked hard to make this event happen…follow The Gathering Round Top on instagram and facebook for updates on future dates!

OH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…shout out to Dixie Ray Photography for the amazing images…you are pure sunshine and old soul wisdom and beauty Dixie!

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