Fun, new project

Recently I started a new project in nearby Burton, Texas, with Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques.


Talk about a match made in heaven.  I am so excited about this project.  Holly K (I know this could get confusing with our names;) lives in Colorado and has a antique store there but comes to Texas often for Round Top.  She recently purchased an old dance hall and property in Burton to open a shop here!  Some of you may have visited the store during this spring’s show. Well after meeting briefly at the show we’ve begun working together to style and “pull together” the house where she and her comrades stay during each Round Top show.  It’s already an amazing space, a two story historic home filled with great stuff from her stores.  All I have to do is fluff and choose some new lighting, bedding etc.  I am collaborating some with Becki Griffin of Curious Details on well, the details, because that is what Becki does well. We have so much fun working together. We’ve already put together ideas for the upstairs bunk room and more!


I am calling this project the OLD GLORY TEXAS HOUSE….is OLD GLORY not one of the best names ever for an antiques and vintage store?! I love flags and American style so this is so much fun more me.


oldglorytexas2 oldglorytableoldglorymannvignette     oldglorydancehall oldglorydancehall oldglorysign  oldglorytable   americancollectionoldglory

Fun stuff to play with huh? I will keep you posted as things progress. And if you live near Colorado be sure and check out the Old Glory show there coming up in June! I wish I was going..I would rather be up there in June than experiencing the climbing temps in Texas;

oldgloryantiquesfair2014Click here to find out more about Holly’s upcoming show in Colorado and follow Becki and I on Instagram to see more about our shenanigans in Burton!


Texas Beauty

Here to share some authentic Texas beauty with you  . . . at least I think its beautiful.


Kind of a beautiful mess kind of a thing which I love.  Authentic, time worn, a little sad maybe, neglected, but still beautiful in its own way. Kind of the way I believe God and those closest to us see us when we aren’t at our best.  When we have renovations going on, Still lovely.

. photo 1 (1)

My clients that bought this little gem in a small nearby town (much like the one where I was raised) are native Texans but work abroad.  They visit a few times a year and this 700 sq foot little house is going to be remodeled for them so they have a place to stay when visiting their hometown. I love their vision and desire to update and restore this little house.


This house has been neglected. But in its decaying state I was startled by its haunting beauty. This house is like people and hearts.  We are rotting and decaying but God and those He places in our lives to stand beside us see beauty.  I don’t want to overstate or over spiritualize but I think its such a picture of our state and God’s love for us when I see something like this.  It was honestly a blessing and treat to see this mess of an old house.


Rotting, decaying but beautiful.  Just like me.  I need so much “work” inside and out, I need “restoring” daily in fact, I am such an “Ongoing project” and “renovation” but God and the people who love me don’t give up. It’s really a miracle. In fact, it is a miracle.  An Easter miracle of love and beauty and learning that being perfect isn’t required.  God see us they way we are, where we are.  He sees beauty and loves us even when others only see an impossible fixer upper. Something that should be gutted or bulldozed.  Like this old shed.  It’s sitting on the ground just rotting.  But my client want to salvage it, want to repurpose it, make something out of it not just throw it away.  I love their thinking and how its consistent of the bigger picture of the main things in life.  Concepts like “don’t just tear down everything” and “look beyond the surface”… sure sometimes the pruning has to be painful and deep and yes some gutting and rewiring will take place.  But the soul and the strong boards and fiber of this how are salvageable and so are you and I!



But things have to be updated in order for them to live there…it can’t just stay this way huh?  I mean Anthropologie might love to use for a catalog shoot but reality is this house is decaying and it needs some updates.  It can’t stay stagnant, it must change or it will be too far gone to be of use anymore.  So I am excited to be a part as they go down to bare walls and shore up foundation and rewire and plumb and make this place able to be home again.


Just wanted to share..during Texas Antique Week (or “Round Top” as I call it) there is a lot bling and so called “beauty” and grunge hanging around which is totally fine and cool and dandy but I am glad I got to see this fading beauty last week to remind me of the authenticity and rawness of life. Not contrived or trying to hard just authentic.

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