Lisa Leonard, you bless me

I am sure many of you know of Lisa Leonard and her fab jewelry..she has been featured in various publications online and in magazines..i love her blog…her photography, her hair, the way she writes about her family…she just seems like a really special person.

and, i have been a fan for what seems like a long many years she has been in business i dont know but i would say i have wanted a little piece of her work for nearly that long… so you get the picture..i like her, i like her stuff.

well i finally got my necklace. today. in the mail.

and yall, i nearly cried. dont laugh, i am serious. now granted i still have some serious hormones raging on (Henry Brooks will be 3 months on monday, i cant use that excuse much longer;;;) but getting this necklace means the world to me. Why??? because it means i not only have ONE BABY but i now have TWO. TWO BOYS. My cup runneth over yall. I know you all love your children but there was a time when i thought i might never have one baby, much less TWO. During the lowest valley of infertilty i dreamed of days like this when i could really be comfortable in the place of motherhood..part of the club. today i have the necklace, i am part of the club. silly, maybe so. i’m okay with that.

why am i sharing something so personal. because i want you to do know i sort of believed some lies when i was experiencing infertilty. that i wasnt a “woman enough” if i was never able to bear a child. that something was wrong with me. yada yada..lies lies. and then after i had one wonderful baby boy, i still felt not enough. why? what if i couldnt have another maybe, i needed more to be enough right?…i couldnt order the necklace yet. how stupid would it look with ONE name on it..i needed at least two names. stinkin thinking one of my friends would say. and she is right. stinking thinking. because if whether you have one baby, two babies or ZERO you are still a child of God, his precious creation and you ARE ENOUGH. right now.

okay, enough with the gushy..lets get practical.
she has so many choices, they dont have to be engraved with children’s could do a phrase, your initial, etc..i would love to have pieces made for Drew’s teachers with the school fact, if i was Oprah, you would all be going home with one today. And her classic disc is is BIG and at first i wasnt sure about that but i love it after wearing it a bit…it feels light. it is very humid and hot in Texas today and it feels so light. my friends know i like to accessorize but with a baby and our climate, not always practical. this necklace is perfect.

She also sent this and it is it too.. and the earrings.oh the earrings…so pretty.

SO thanks Lisa Leonard, your package today reminded me about being grateful and is sweet..not always easy but such an awesome journey.

“Oh God, You turned my wailing into dancing. You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.” Psalm 30: 11-12

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