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I am going to show you some updates/peeks of the new old kitchen… Started months ago when we first put the house under contact with this idea board. From the beginning I knew this needed to be operation “lipstick on a pig”…in other words cute but on a budget using fabrics and elements I already had, no gut job, nothing major…so here we go!


I am thinking there will be a more in-depth kitchen post later with sources and before and afters.  It’s not totally complete, nothing hung on walls and no drapes and shelves still not totally styled…but for now here it is! What did we mainly do…lots and lots of white paint….SW Pure White to be exact. I know its cliche but it really is amazing what a coat of paint can do to a space! I honestly didn’t intend to take uppers on sink side down but it just happened.  I DID want to do new shaker doors on cabinets but ended up NOT doing that…funny how projects evolve!


Yep see what I mean the toaster and coffeemaker are out so this not STYLED (we decorators have to make those disclaimers;;) and I need to scrub paint off of the stool but Daddy got the blind up and the light over sink finally works!


I will be doing another post about the counters, they are Old Williamsburg butcher block from Lumbar Liq..I am not a huge fan I think because I am coming off of marble. Honestly I hate to whine about the counters with all that is going on in the world and I want to loveeee them but I miss the marble.  The waterlox made them orange I think. I don’t love the waterlox.  I have sanded and sanded and I think sanding with steal wool and mineral oil is the best bet with wood counters

I DO love the subway and shelves..I wish I had gone darker with grout but it’s still all good.


Love that we did tile over the door…need a longer runner.  Floor was this gray vinyl when we moved as are cabinets we just painted them…. or I should say the world’s most patient and talented carpenter did it all…Kevin Gilmore of Oaks Construction…he  pulled out old uppers and did tile and shelves! I knew I could live with the floors and that saved a bundle.

BEFORE with the upper cabinets! Of course the sink came back in…so thankful to the previous owners for refurbishing it (new enamel)..the sink is original to the home as far as I know. It is shallow but the extra sides make it nice with wood counters.



and AFTER with subway and shelving and stainless table from Amazon.


Yes I know it looks like my old kitchen and others I have done . . . it’s because I like white and red and subway tile and schoolhouse lights and bamboo blinds.  I won’t apologize for that…I do what I love and I am grateful I was able to translate that look here without having to change too much! I just like what I like!

Okay so old houses are quirky and this kitchen’s quirk is that it was originally half the size and then later I think the breakfast eating area and laundry room were added on probably from an old porch….well the floor SLOPES ever so gradually as you walk to that side of the room. Yep you don’t want to drink a glass of wine while touring my kitchen.  We left the slope thinking we will tear this all out in a few years and level it out and do new cabinets and wood floors then. It doesn’t bother me but I think it makes the hubs a bit vertigo-ish. So less you think things around here are too perfect,..they aren’t even level!  ha ha. But hey we’ve got a cool faucet and subway tile! lol..LAUGH WITH ME PLEASE.  I think in old houses you have to just prioritize, what is feasible to do asap before you need to move in, what you can spend on NOW and what has to wait. That is what we tried to do . . .wise choices and some lipstick/paint where needed.


SO as we roll our marbles toward the laundry room you see our breakfast area.  Complete with IKEA dockets table and red Crate and Barrel chairs.  I love me some red oh yes I do.  My colorful dining drapes are going to go over the sliding glass door next to this area! The gray $29 foto pendant from IKEA got a coat of black spray paint because it was the same color as the floor.  The barn door and track are from good ol Home Depot.  Kevin had to retrofit it all.


 I am so thankful I now have a washer and dryer INDOORS.  Y’all that cute charming screened porch I used to have.  I may miss it but won’t miss the laundry room at the end of it! This is so much better! That and large capacity have changed me!


Open and close…so smooth and easy and takes no space.  I thought Henry would be obsessed with sliding it back and forth but so far he hasn’t been too intrigued (knock on wood) . . .Oh and can you tell I found my good camera and I am relearning the settings….I might start posting more than iPhone pics again;


And this is where the magic happens (not!) Seriously I do miss our stove from other house but this is fine; And who are we kidding I am not a fancy cook. The fresh paint and subway makes it all so nice. So grateful.  Hardware is from polished nickel Gilmore from RH.


Amazing how a simlpe basket and Amazon work table can make it feel more like home.  I love all of the white but the little painting from  Etsy and chair and rugs give the color I crave..I tell you I can’t wait to get those drapes up!


 Brackets from Home depot…the shelves are stair treads.


So there ya go..thanks for looking at our new old home..back to packing/unpacking/organizing/purging!

Kitchen on

You may have seen mention of this news on my facebook or instagram feed. My client’s kitchen was featured on!  I know crazy huh?  Well this is the space below!  You can see the piece about Decorating Trends here.

hollymathisinteriorsfortworthkitchen{Photography by Tami Karisch of The K Gallery}

I have been working on this house for quite a long time! When it finally started coming together I knew I wanted to get some photos of the space.


My client has so many great collections it made styling almost difficult, too many good choices…I love this coffee bar area by her sub zero fridge!


And her collection of art pottery brightens up all of the white with just a little pop of color. Her beveled subway tile is from a local tile shop.


My friend Tami owns the building where I office and she mentioned in passing her willingness to help me with some photos before Christmas so I said “Great, you want to go to Fort Worth this Friday?” And we were off, we both have little kids of course so it was a “get up at dawn leave fast, work like crazy all day, crash in a hotel then drive back at dawn” kind of day… Sounds fun right?  Add in some unsually cold and frosty Texas weather and the fact that I left my wallet on my desk and didn’t realize it until I pulled into the Starbucks in Waco, with the fact my defroster wasn’t working well and on and on.  But that is all irrelevant, we had fun and with the help of my friend Camille (who drove in from Abilene to meet this for this special mission) we schlepped World Market stools (and more) in the freezing rain and successfully styled and shot this kitchen IN ONE AFTERNOON.


Poor Tami, this was not even safe;(


Camille and the manager of World Market, we were determined to fit way too much stuff in one vehicle.  I think they actually laughed and no doubt shook their heads when we left.

But we did it, and that is with winter light and a dreary day and sun going down at 5 pm!  Tami worked it like the professional she is with her amazing lights and talent.  Camille and I were literally rushing around trying to style the kitchen so if you see a sugar cube askew or something not quite right please be gentle.


We were working against Mother Nature and the lack of light.  All that being said we had fun and got some great shots….


SO when  someone from Oprah emailed asking me about kitchen and bath trends the next week I instantly thought of how wonderful this project turned out and sent her a preview.  She loved it and included it in this online article.  Suddenly the lack of a credit card at Starbucks on a freezing Friday  (and having to ask Tami to keep wiping down my windshield with my scarf as we drove) seemed very worth all of the effort and hassle. Thank you to Camille and Tami for all of your hard work and to the wonderful P family in Fort Worth for letting me assist in the tranformation of your home.  It’s amazing and y’all were so gracious and kind to us that day!

Here is a look back at the before when there was a wall about where barstools are now…


Once removed the kitchen became twice the space with an eat in area and window seat as well as room for an island.  The sink and window and stove stayed in the same place.


You can see from the floor and decor this was an older home, in the Ridglea Country Club area of Fort Worth the home was built in the 1950s and is large and wonderful, it just needed updates.  My clients moved out for a few months while all of this work was done and it was a long process. But cooking on this new range was no doubt worth the wait!


My client was so wonderful to work with and though I know she had times of frustration she really kept her eyes on the prize and kept it all in perspective. Since I live 4 hours away I did not manage the project, SHE did, SHE worked with the contractor and workers day in and day out and I just emailed and back and forth with her about finishes and paint colors and “omg are we really going to mix brass lights with stainless range and faucet” etc.  I was her sounding board and design therapist.  One one of my three trips up to see her we were on a limited time and lucked out finding all of her hardware just minutes from her house. We still need to add roman shades and perhaps a seat cushion (though no seat cushion is easier with kids she thinks)….but all in all this space is finally finished!


The chairs and dining table are from Restoration Hardware and the stools from World Market, the chandelier is vintage and original to the home and of course the lights over the sink and island are from Circa!


I love the BM Chelsea Gray Island, and the marble is gorgeous and white, it’s called BONE (pronounced BO_NAY)! The homeowner searched to get this type marble that is more white and less gray…. The sink is the big Kohler farm sink not a Shaw y’all.  The bridge faucet is the Parquet from Kohler (same as I have and we love it) Walls and ceiling are BM Edgecomb gray, trim is BM Decorators’ White.  All appliances are Wolf/Subzero (except Kitchen-Aid dishwasher).  All exterior doors and windows are Anderson.


Thanks again to my wonderful clients for letting me share photos of their home both here and at and thank you to my friend Camille for helping me with styling and all of the work that goes into doing this kind of thing.  And last but not least to Tami Karisch for photography! Y’all are the best!

{All Photography by Tami Karisch The K Gallery follow Tami on facebook here***Follow Camille Dickson’s adventures on her blog at Chez Moi.}

See the article here

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