Sealy house update

The homeowners have finally moved into this amazing old home that I blogged about here . . .  I am looking forward to sharing more complete images but for now a few sneak peeks starting with this downstairs powder room!


This powder is just right off the kitchen which has turned out so pretty!

vanessa bath

This was our inspiration board for the kitchen . . . the Visual Comfort bakery lights and glass (not lucite) hardware are a nod to the Victorian Era . . .


The range oh the range! The homeowners own several bakeries in Houston so this range oven will get put to good use!

vanessa range

Plus its just pretty. . . along with polished marble counters and an entire wall of subway to add interest and utility in a tight space!


In the entry, the stairs got fresh needlepoint look animal carpet from Stark! Keeps the house from being too stuff or old for his young couple. Turned out so fun and classy!


In fact, floors in this home were one of the best part of the projects..original wood floors where possible and buffalo check “tile” in the laundry and hex in baths…lots of hex..very true to the age of the home.


Don’t be afraid to mix floors as long as colors are similar it adds to the charm of the house and is a nod the fact that laundry and kitchen areas in old home were often added on and “evolved”;

Love this shot of the back door.  The homeowners added a new porch along back of the house that mirrors the original wraparound porch on front!


This tile is simply from Daltile but adds so much to the laundry room along with the Henry light.

This was the exterior mid way through remodel.


A few more snaps of homeowners Mike and Vanessa and the longggg process.  I think they will agree it has been worth the wait and the construction company did an amazing job!
VMhcollage  vmdoorstairs

I can’t wait to show more.  It has been such an honor to work on this  home. The homeowners are great people and it has been a joy!

All lighting was purchased via True Blue Home .

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.00.42 AM

Let’s Talk about Marble Part Deux

OK so I have been working with a great “new to me” contractor..Daniel White of Superior Exterior in Houston..he does a lot of work in the outer Memorial/Energy corridor area of Houston and he knows the neighborhood homes backwards and forwards.  I will be featuring a project we are working on soon for one of my fave (and very first) clients.  For today’s post though I  want to tell you about an interesting marble option that he is introduced me to…Dolamite..also wrongly called “Super white granite.” Its really marble according to Dan but it performs like quartzite. I believe him..this guy has his cell phone strapped to his forearm, he is serious about construction..he knows his stuff!

What do we think about this dolamite look?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.09.49 PM

And what is dolamite really??

    It is categorized as a marble because of its properties.
And we know marble is a “non-foliated ( no layers) metamorphosed (change of mineral and chemical arrangement) limestone (is the pre existing rock)
This soft rock is changed by heat, pressure and introduction of chemically active fluids. A typical marble is calcite CaCo3. Dolomite is Camg(co3)2

The difference is magnesium which makes really hard marble. Hard marble is good for hard-working kitchens…making dolomite a good choice huh??!!

And look-wise its busy but it is pretty..basically its a pretty workhouse if that is what you are looking for!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.09.43 PM

I think it looks great with white cabinets.  Dan and his guys build some great cabinets!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.09.54 PM

Another look at dolamite from Amber Interiors

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.26.38 AM

Dan is also the one to first tell me about porcelain counters…apparently that is going to be the next big thing..they can be gorgeous but install is tricky..its like installing glass apparently.  When I was in New Orleans at stone yards they echoed “porcelain is popular” its swept florida headed west apparently! Dan told me to think of porcelain counters as huge porcelain tile. No grout lines. It is man made but very fragile to handle because of its size. And just like porcelain tile will not stain and you can use abrasive cleaners.  I feared it was only available in shiny and apparently the most popular finish is shiny (polished). But it is also available in matte (honed). But it takes approx  6 week delivery time for matte in Houston area. Dan the man says that in theory any look or finish available in porcelain tile can be cast to slab size. But in reality they only cast what sells which is predominately marble look. Yes we love our marble look don’t we ladies!


Above is a kitchen Daniel of Superior Exterior did using porcelain counters! Nice huh?!!

So dolamite or porcelain are great options but there is not just one perfect option for every situation. Just yesterday I was in a client’s home that had used Danby marble and it was so good y’all.  So. good.  Just the cool touch and the edge..and it was 2 cm and not thick but still so so pretty. And satiny. She said it was from Arizona Marble and she said that they carry two levels…a higher end thicker more “streaky” dramatic Danby like “some” believe we have on the counter at TRUE BLUE HOME.



My client’s “lesser” Danby (she said the price wasn’t that bad) from Arizona.  Arizona apparently carries two kinds. Interestingly enough, the Taylors (owners of True Blue Home) did not get their slab for our counter at Arizona but somewhere else and they were told its SOAPSTONE. Like the dealer said “it truly has properties of soapstone” but its white!  Now the Taylors know their soapstone, they have had it in two homes and are informed about it and love it so they were intrigued because of course they have the dark kind (the only kind I knew existed). But the place they bought from insisted its white soapstone! However, several of my design friends and clients that have seen the mysterious TBH soapstone counter think its Danby MARBLE.  Maybe the confusion happened somewhere along the way because Danby comes from New England and soapstone also comes from New England? Not sure.  It is gorgeous so that is what matters I guess;

Do any of you have Danby marble?  Porcelain counters?? Dolamite?? Tell us about the care? Is it honed or shiny? Would love to hear.

AND if you need help in the Houston area with a kitchen remodel or going to Arizona Tile and Granite or any other stone yards to see the slabs and choose (always recommended and the best thing in my view) contact Superior Exterior (713.785.6926) and moi (via and we can make it happen!

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