Kitchen ideas

We’ve been talking about baby spaces here at HMI for weeks (ok months) so i want to change directions and look at kitchens…

I’ll start off with my own little kitchen, small but efficient and published in the June 2005 issue of Better Homes & Gardens (“Chic on a Shoestring”). Built in 1941 our home has a classic, “non-open,” pre-war floorplan…when we purchased the house..the kitchen was DARK..with dark stained knotty pine, 1970s green cabinets, and pink with gold flecks formica (yes I am serious)…but i saw major potential..especially in the 1950s stainless Tappan cool…still used daily (though it does need work)..we painted the cabinets “pure white” from SW and i even painted the countertops (and sealed) until we could afford granite (we did 10″ square granite tiles to save $$), hardware from Restoration, added screen moldings to the door for a faux paneled look and added glass to two doors…

in the case of our little home, simply painting truly transformed and opened up the tiny space,…i believe that bright pure whites really help freshen older homes so keep that in mind..i think the older or more “dated” the home the brighter you should go on woodwork with white paint (if you choose to go that direction) creamy whites for new construction is my thought..ok so back to the kitchen, i wanted to knock out the little “penisula” but i needed the storage it provided so left it, we also added the simple molding up top to add a little interest..

the walls are a nice butter color, similar to Martha’s “buttermilk biscuit”..the light is from IKEA (I want a vintage school house light..hint hint) the wall of plates are a mix of decent quality ironstone, my mom’s 1970s wedding dishes, and IKEA plates…and dont worry the chicken prints are gone (what was i thinking??;;) i now have damask fabric in those 4 white frames. oh and floor tiles are 18″ square linoleum from Home fancy tile here! I will share more pictures of the cool Tappan range soon..i promise..and you know what is really tragic..

the little rods are IKEA and the tea towel window treatment is Anthropologie

{images from BHG}

Now to switch gears…this image below pops up all over the shelter mags..I THINK it is Whoopi Goldberg’s California kitchen (she has multiple homes) done by Sue Balmfoth of Bountiful?? correct me if i am wrong…love it.

{image from Country Home}

and the kitchen below from Nie Nie won a home award from Cookie magazine..this mom is so talented and admired for so much more than just her style..i just love the photographs casual on the wall and the light..

[image from Cookie mag]

and of course there is always our beloved Heather Chadduck..this is her new home in Alabama i believe..i loved her kitchen in her Dallas Cottage too..if you have those pictures, please link in the comments…

[images from Cottage Living]

and Lettered Cottage has a fab kitchen, go over there and check out the before and afters..amazing!…the black cabinet idea is just such a great solution i think..i find black paint easier to cover with and just looks so sharp…really give this thought if you are trying to update a the doors off and shelf brackets..layla is amazing!

[above images from The Lettered Cottage]

and now let’s bring it back to Texas and a home I have been working on recently just a few miles from my own little kitchen..this is a lovely new home but the homeowners wanted to do things in the new construction to really add character and using a vintage door from an old church for the panty, “mismatched” furniture style cabinets etc, two colors, “feet” on the cabinets etc…..

Now I admit i am not a “professional kitchen designer” but i love to help clients choose materials and we worked with a great cabinetmaker to achieve a great result..also this local cabinetmaker was CHEAPER than the “special order” cabinets at Lowes and much better quality..! shop around when doing custom cabinets..dont just get overwhelmed and go to Lowes or somewhere “easy”//we ordered the glass knobs from Van Dykes , both doorknob and upper cabinet knobs…and the ceilings, oh the ceilings!

[images from Holly Mathis Interiors]

the photos arent great, apologize for the glare but wanted yall to see this pretty space..soon i will have to show you their red laundry room cabinets..awesome glaze finish…and larger than my 1941 kitchen..not fair!~

so whether you like white cabinets or black, adding glass to doors or taking the doors off..or maybe you like no upper cabinets, just simple shelves..the possibilities are endless and it does not have to be expensive..what are your favorite kitchen elements???? share in the comments about your dream kitchen, favorite “make do” tip or idea, etc..notice i showed no stained cabinets…but they are still very popular..i am just a painted cabinet kinda girl!

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