Barn Lights

You know this blog serves several purposes in my life {insert joke here}…I am sure if I ever have time to start therapy I will learn of even more reasons behind this desire to blog. Basically it is just my shallow little diary.. a place where I catalog ideas, projects or fleeting interests and share an occasional photo of my children and record of my life. If my computer crashes and my bookmarks are lost forever, this blog will still be floating around in cyberspace! This source is one I do not want to lose in some disorganized file folder or crowded list of computer bookmarks. Barn Light Electric..made in the USA and they have everything from barn light repros (and some vintage I think) to more commercial and modern things, arts and crafts style lighting, classic schoolhouse lights and nautical.  But I love these!

Basic galvanized but with the fabulous long arm..and the one below..I have loved these old lights forever, I just adore if they have what I call “pie crust” fluted edges..of course I like this on dishes too! oh and they come in many colors (notice the porch redo featured in a recent issue of Country Living..they used red ones, so adorable!)

Often, you see these neat lights on old buildings like depots or even old garages (there is one down the street from my house that I have my eye on!)..there are reproductions out there from Lowe’s to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and beyond but this source really has a great selection.

Oh and they have a blog too…just something for your idea file (and mine)!

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