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Checking in during this busy summer to give you a heads up what is going on at Holly Mathis Interiors. I have several newly decorated (and complete!) homes to show you..working on editing photos and we will have full posts up once school starts. Also a lot going on with future classes and pop-up shops at my Studio in Texas.

This recent shoot of my client’s home in Northwest Houston proves you can add charm to life in suburbia.  My friend and talented stylist Becki Griffin of Curious Details helped me capture photos of this amazing transformation from dated cookie cutter to fresh and charming home.


The kitchen alone is jaw-dropping.  Cabinets were removed and shiplap added to ceiling along with new range and counters that look like marble but perform like near steel!(I will share some sources in time)

The light above the dining table is a bargain from Horchow and mixes just fine with the higher end lighting in the kitchen proper. Kitchen lighting (the lantern is the darlana and the sconce is the boston library) is by Visual Comfort via True Blue Home.


Speaking of light, adding a window to this space REALLY transformed it and let in the very best light, natural! Below you can see some of the before and during photos.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.54.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.53.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.52.45 PM

The window was added where his hand is placed to the left of fridge cabinet area if you can tell…and that window makes so much difference!

I don’t know about other moms but I have struggled this summer getting done what I need to do work-wise and also spend time and juggle schedules with my kids. I know it’s a familiar struggle but it doesn’t change the fact that it is tough when you are in it! I want to do both but it’s a challenge sometimes. And then I realized (for the millionth time, thank you Lord for reminding me again and again of your truths) when culling through these renovation pictures that GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME, renovation takes time, whether it’s a home or a life or season in growth of a small business. So I am giving myself permission just a few of these pictures with the promise of more later. The internet won’t break if I don’t get this all posted today!;

This beautiful schoolroom shown below in the same house tells me that soon my babies will be in school so I am going to cut it short today, I know you understand, and will show you more of this house later in August…it will keep!

But get ready to be inspired, very inspired . . .

The contractor Jesus Melgar Contracting did an amazing job on this project as did Heather Chavez of Traditions Windows. (she can do ANYTHING with windows, cannot say enough good things about Traditions Windows!) And the family of 7 (soon to be 8!) that live here, they are just treasures. I can’t wait to share more about them as well.


Good luck with back to school mamas and families and remember if you didn’t get all done you wanted this summer its OKAY…good things take time and often require days (seasons) of toilets setting in the middle of wrong rooms..but in time, slowly, BEAUTY WILL EMERGE! lol

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.54.49 PM

Mixing price points


Oh here we go again…this happens often…i almost hate to say anything..its a good thing, making style affordable and all but frustrating maybe to some if they just spent $$$ on custom drapes or bedding of upholstery from Calico Corners for this fabric only to turn around and find it popping up everywhere, like everywhere.

Here it is above in a pretty Calico Corners styled photo with trims and coordinating fabrics. I really like the blue accent fabric they show with it.  But honestly I have seen the Silsila pattern cheaper at House $12 cheaper and on other sites, so shop around.  BUT Calico does offer services not just fabric and that is attractive to many. So if you need full service, Calico Corners is good to consider.

above again from Calico Corners…very pretty indeed..i love the blue chair and trim on drapes, not a fan of the ottoman fabric but nice overall.

BUT  now this is available at and really inexpensive and a bit younger feeling maybe (some may say really don’t know until you see this in person??) but the SAME FABRIC?

Tub Club Chair-Curry Floral Silsila.Opens in a new window

I also like this from

Bailey Accent Wing Chair with Brushed Nailhead - Basil Green.Opens in a new window

But honestly i think if i was going for this look or wanting to use the fabric i would order it here and do panels out of it…maybe pair with a solid could easily do a high low thing with a nicer more expensive white or gray or blue sofa and yellow or green chairs,  get the target chairs for placeholders..just a thought. Something like the design board below…so the idea is splurge on a nice sofa from Lee  (Lee fave sofa), do that pretty accent fabric on pillows from Calico Corners. Gourd lamp from Ballard..maybe paint an old dresser in Reef Red from Benj Moore to hang flat screen over???? Pretty tray and coffee table books..voila!

For art you could frame prints from Campbell’s Melange now available on Ruby Lane… in nice gold simple frames and mats!

Lowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Farfugium GrandeLowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Tussilago FarfaraLowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Dioscorea DiscolorLowe Fern Botanical Print- Polypodium Affine

I love Melisse’s prints..she has such a selection and quality and varying price points. She is going to be selling more on Ruby Lane and maybe even here on my blog so stay tuned on that..exciting!

Silsila Curry

But back to fabric,  what do you think..would you use the Silsila Curry fabric on drapes or go for the fun chair in the print??? 

 {FYI, they also make a pink colorway of this cute fabric!}

Bottom line, regardless of where things are sold or the price,  i love to mix styles and price points to get a pulled together but collected and not too styled or stuffy look, don’t you agree? Whether you use a little or a lot of a popular print or any print you love, enjoy…fabric is fun!

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