Jill’s living room

When Jill from Forever Cottage emailed me about helping me with her formal living room space i was totally flattered.  Jill is a stylist and decorator herself who has worked with Flea Market Style and other.  Despite her immense talent, she was struggling with what she dubbed her “granny sofa”…With fresh eyes I was able to assure her the sofa is great and she needed to focus on a rich color for the walls to work with it..this is what she came up!

I love the Duxbury Gray paint (BM) and how she covered the floor (white IKEA floor) with seagrass..wall to wall basically. And ticking, she and i both love ticking!

See and read more more about her room here..i love her big ikea frames with egg prints especially!

And i love her family room kitchen photographed last Christmas…go visit Jill’s blog, Forever Cottage..you wont be disappointed.

Thanks Jill for letting me give some input on your formal living room…it was fun to work with you!


Blogger sale + moving on

I am finally updating our living room and getting rid of some things.  Moving on a bit.  Good for me and maybe others when you stay in a house ten plus years??  Sometimes yes, sometimes no?

First off let me say you never see me photograph or blog about my living room much because we live HARD in this room.  We didn’t until we had kids but now of course it is a “hard working space”…so until this last Christmas when i posted about it here, i usually don’t show the entire room.  (i will spare you the photograph of half dressed children eating goldfish and playing legos with toys and sofa cushions everywhere;;)

It did apprear in the 2005 issue of BHG..wow my style has evolved a bit.how about those tassles!

Also my sofa is slipcovered and never photographs well even though I love it… it’s just not photogenic..ha!


See here (from Christmas 2011) the sofa is COVERED with pillows to cover the stains of little boys and years of use! This is its best angle!

Anyway,  let me tell you about this room.  We love it. My husband has long said its his favorite room in the house.  It’s not huge, doesn’t have an overhead light and the floors (and fireplace) need some work but its a great room.  One day we may make it a dining room when/if we close in the garage for a family room! And the centerpiece for TWELVE years of this room has been the rug.  The quintessential cottage rug. (pictured here last Christmas)

 It has been perfect.  When i bought it, black (classic color i know but it went through a trend period you have to admit) was so the color of choice and the large scale pattern was and still is so pretty.  We had just bought our house in 2000 and were still sanding and painting the downstairs while living upstairs.  My mom and I were shopping at that  large home EXPO store (no longer in business?) and I spotted this rug and we both gasped, it was on sale and large and cottage-y and black and i had to have it! And i have loved it a long time.  But it’s time to move on!

The other component to this room..the toile drapes made from inexpensive Waverly toile.  I was so nervous making those drapes.  They were my first pair to make on my own without my friend Camille present and i measured and measured and tried to hard to get the scenes lined up.  The previous owners had a yellow painted wood rod  and rings, I painted them on and sewed the rings on (notice the rod and rings in the photo above to the left of the Christmas tree top if you care about details like that)..didn’t even attempt or care about pinch pleats..i had LINED and that was all that mattered!

So yes i am emotionally attached to these items, the rug and the drapes (still using the sofa and the antique coffeetable was sold when the stork arrived) BUT i am willing to share them with you.  I have had so many requests to buy this rug over the years of blogging..Don’t laugh, I am serious, so i hate to just throw it in the attic..if anyone loves it as much as I once did, EMAIL me at ehmathis@ gmail DOT com and we will talk..same goes for the drapes.  I added the black check panels on the bottom a few years later when the “raise your rods” craze hit.  It did really help the room!

AND don’t worry the new look doesn’t stray far…what did I replace the drapes with. . . RED TOILE, i just can’t totally leave it behind…vintage french red toile this time…probably from the 70s or 80s..i love it! and this time pinch pleats and a new rod and ME NOT SEWING!   And the new rug is just plain jute chenille from good ol’ pottery barn.  I have to say it hides crumbs much better than black!


[items are best for local pickup in Houston, Texas vicinity]

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