Well it happens tomorrow. School starts.  I am so excited on one hand to get to work and have guilt free work time during the day.  On the other hand, my oldest starts Third Grade and I know that is going to bring new challenges for him, some that will be tough.  I know that is a part of growing and of course necessary and normal but still a bit melancholy about it all.


These photos kill me ::sniff sniff:: Time truly does fly doesn’t it?

 The little guy starts PreK and he is very excited and I think he will do great.  I know they both will. They have a wonderful school with great classmates and teachers.  We mamas are just full of emotion huh?!

So special prayer today and this week for all you mamas, teachers and students!

{On a side note my portfolio images have not been working correctly and we are aware of that and working on that problem…they should be up and running by7 mid week so please check back if interested and I look forward to adding more images and examples of my work this fall!}

Summer entertaining + mosquitos

Summer Entertaining

It’s that time of year for some closing summer celebration outside.  Before the busyness of school starts its fun to have one last get-together outside. Of course there is the heat but timing of your party and water for the kids to play in can help cope with that… But when you live in the South you also deal with mosquitos. I hate mosquitos.  I know hate is a strong word but they bite my babies and me and they suck blood. I am a mama. I hate them.  The especially seem to love the fleshy legs of my youngest. Makes me rabid when I see him scatching and bleeding.  Mosquito bites aren’t for white slipcovers either, just sayin’. . . and during the summer when you are trying to entertain outside, nothing puts a damper on things like someone announcing “oh Y’all, the mosquitos are BITING!”

From 'Once Wed' a forest wedding reception table idea

{source} do they have mosquitos in England?

Despite the mosquitos some of my favorite things to use when entertaining outside:

mason jars

hand-picked flowers or herbs

kraft paper

wooden utensils


string lights

fun paper napkins

Have you seen these tear off napkins?

Tear Off Napkins {other colors available}Roll of 20 cm tear-off napkins Merci 19 €

I have found them at Wisteria and Amazon and you can wash them up to six times (unless you have BBQ or mustard and they get stained;)

I love those little wooden spoons so much but my favorite outdoor entertaining tip every is stringing photos on a tree.

My friends and I did this for an anniversary party and it was so fun and a big hit!

But no matter how fun the party or get-together, the mosquitos can ruin it…

SO What do you do when your kids have a mosquito bite or bites?  Do you bath them in Avon’s Skin so soft?

Avon advertisement, 1960s - Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first humans on the Moon, Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on July 20, 1969

1960s Avon advertisement, Skin So Soft has been around a long time for a reason people! I have heard that it is helpful! I’ve done the Avon thing,  I have purchased patches even a little fan to attach to my toddlers belt..weird.  But it doesn’t really work and the chemicals of sprays can’t be good.


Well would you believe One King’s Lane has some advice on this topic. That’s right, One Kings Lane not only provides beautiful items to decorate your home, but also is a great resource for tips on how to decorate your home to be a space you love. According to their information catnip is really good and lemongrass! Check out all of their great ideas for dealing with mosquitos

The Poteragie post is just one of many blog posts from One Kings Lane and shares the best types of potted plants to use in your outdoor entertaining space to help keep mosquitos and bugs away.


Thanks to One Kings Lane for sponsoring today’s discussion.

Middle photos from The Shady Acre blog. Source of top photo unknown.


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