Round Top & kids

Is it wise to bring children to Round Top or other antique markets or shops?  That is an interesting question.  I think it depends on your goals and the type of trip. It depends on the venue. Outdoor is best.  And it depends on you. And your children?  Their ages and if they are interested in history etc.


If you are hardcore shopping, I recommend coming solo or with your decorator and a good measuring tape.  Don’t bring children or a gaggle of girlfriends if you are really doing serious shopping.


Unless you are Lynsey Kramer of Yonder Way Farm…her girls are amazing little Round Top shoppers! (fyi you should follow Lynsey on instagram @fivechicksandafarmer her photos and insight are wonderful) She could shop the fields and purchase a trailer load of amazing good at rock bottom prices and still have the Yonder Way Farmer’s dinner on the table by six.  Just kidding;  She says they have actually had kettle corn for supper out there some nights..A perk of living close by.


Some of the Kramer girls charming their way around Round Top with their curls and cuteness.

Lynsey and I actually had a flat at Round Top years ago when we were both very was crazy but funny looking back. Point being you never know what might fluid! I once went with a newborn and could tell he was too getting too hot and I simply had to leave;( It happens. But it can work if you think through a bit.


Henry spent a lot of time out there when he was still in the stroller (see photo below, oh my heart). And aside from the tough newborn visit, we usually did pretty well, if not we left knowing that is just how it is some days with a little in tow.


But as soon as he was eager to get out and run we had to take a break.  Some years it would have been totally nuts to have taken him to the shows.Those were good years for mama to go alone or meet friends.  Now he is finally getting old enough to be a little more civilized around breakables and follow directions (sometimes).

photo-109 photo-110

Henry feeling a little Round Top excitement at La Bahia


So if shopping with kids at Round Top I suggest:

*Take it slow

*Be realistic about shopping agenda

*Teach kids to respect other’s property and be polite to vendors

*Remind them to be careful not to run or roughhouse because there are a lot of old and precarious objects and displays including rusty metal and glass


*Be careful with drinks and shoes on light upholstery or around linens or fabrics (we still stear clear of those things, save looking for those items when alone or without littles) Even if you think something looks shabby or dirty and ratty don’t let your kids sit or lounge on textiles, even that leather was not a good idea for Henry, shame on mama


*Talk about history and recycling, teachable moments mama!

* Model the habit of asking before taking photos

*Take a wagon

*Bring snacks and think through potty situations, large strollers will not fit in a port potty, just saying

*No when it’s time to leave

*Consider bringing old cameras for older children to use

I always say that giving a kid a camera to use when out and about both gives them something to do with their hands and feeds their creativity!


Drew the photographer

Bottom line I intended to stay home sunday and recoup from a busy week but our oldest asked to go to Round Top because it is fun and it is something we can do together.  Taking your kids antiquing can be great family time and teach kids an appreciation for history and creativity. Most dealers are happy to chat with little people and teach them about their items. Age and other issues may not make it wise for every season of life but with a little direction your little people might surprise you.


Lynsey Kramer says “we pack a wagon and snacks and I have found dealers to be very warm and friendly to my children giving them trinkets and treats and good memories.” That sums it up, go forth and have fun using common sense and courtesy.

 How about you? Do you take  your children to markets or antique shops?  What works for you??


Well it happens tomorrow. School starts.  I am so excited on one hand to get to work and have guilt free work time during the day.  On the other hand, my oldest starts Third Grade and I know that is going to bring new challenges for him, some that will be tough.  I know that is a part of growing and of course necessary and normal but still a bit melancholy about it all.


These photos kill me ::sniff sniff:: Time truly does fly doesn’t it?

 The little guy starts PreK and he is very excited and I think he will do great.  I know they both will. They have a wonderful school with great classmates and teachers.  We mamas are just full of emotion huh?!

So special prayer today and this week for all you mamas, teachers and students!

{On a side note my portfolio images have not been working correctly and we are aware of that and working on that problem…they should be up and running by7 mid week so please check back if interested and I look forward to adding more images and examples of my work this fall!}

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