Favorite paint colors: part 4

Many of us know the Nester and her freeing theory of decorating,”it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”..say it often-it is good advice.  We all struggle with contentment and God is using the Nester to remind women that perfection and accumulating aren’t the requirement for home + beauty.  Thanks Nester (and I keep calling her Nester because I frankly don’t know her real name but she is an actual person I just know it, because we are ‘internet friends’  ha!) All of this to say, I am thrilled the Nester is sharing with us today…read here for more on her favorite colors.

Ok so the Nester LOVES Duron’s Tobacco Road (pictured above in her former dining room..dont you love the kid on the table?!)…in fact there has been MUCH written about this color and how to have it mixed and where, etc…check it ALL out here.

She also adores Svelte Sage (SW) ..pictured below…and Oyster Bay (SW).

AND, here is another great post I found via the Nester’s blog with lots of links to favorite colors..hgtv also has a color forum.  So if you aren’t overwhelmed yet, just go there! You will be.

Oh and someone asked about paint FINISH-I think most agree on eggshell or satin for the walls and semi-gloss for trim and cabinets…thoughts???

Favorite Colors: Part three

Next on our color train we visit Joetta Moulden of Shelterstyle.com.  Whether you realize it or not, you have seen Joetta’s work as a stylist in Better Homes & Garden, Country Home, Mary Englebreit Home Companion, This Old House and others! She is also a longtime columnist for the popular publication Houston House & Home. Her amazing business, Shelterstyle (I love that name..so clever), focuses on helping clients “use what they have” and rearrange rooms for maximum use and beauty..and she was doing it long before HGTV and other people jumped on the bandwagon.  Her father was a AIA Church Architect. Joetta is a natural and a class act to boot!

Many of you ask how/why I was featured by BHG…well the answer is Joetta Moulden..she scouted my house and encouraged me to do the shoot and she continued to encourage me when my business began to shift from ‘painting and selling junk’ and casually helping friends to actually taking on real-life clients!  Joetta is generous with her time and knowledge and it is such a pleasure to feature her on my blog.

This first photo is from Joetta’s own Houston home…this was her daughter’s room, she recently married so Joetta has converted the room into a lovely sitting area. She notes she is still looking for the perfect rug!

{Photo by Joetta Moulden}

Like many designers, Joetta is partial to Benjamin Moore colors. She likes Nantucket Gray by Benjamin Moore, HC 111. “This is a lovely rich muddy green.  I like the Historic Color Collection that Benjamin Moore offers–the colors are soft and muddied up– not circus-strident,” she says. Joetta used this color in the new sitting room pictured above and says it would work great in a dining room, living room and even an entryway.

She also recommends Alexandria Beige, by Benjamin Moore, HC 77. It would be great on living room walls Joetta says…she used here to update kitchen cabinets!

A great brown Joetta suggest could be  used anywhere you want a stronger color or trim is Davenport Tan, by Benjamin Moore, HC 76. Here it is on a fireplace mantel.

If you are interested in a lovely taupey wall color that can be used anywhere, Joetta suggests Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, HC-172. Here it is in a living room:

{photos by Janet Lenzen}

When it comes to whites, Joetta’s favorite  soft white trim color is Benjamin Moore White Dove ( ready-mix). If a bright white trim is needed,  Super White by Benjamin Moore (ready-mix).

Someone mentioned in the previous comments about non-white ceilings, Joetta is a big fan of this..in fact she is the first person I ever heard state the theory that white ceilings really don’t make the ceiling look higher, in fact it “stunts” your view..so paint them a few shades lighter than the walls or have the ceiling mixed “half strength” but reconsider the standard “bright white ceiling paint.”

Thanks Joetta for all of the wonderful neutrals and to round out, here is her favorite RED.. Benjamin Moore Spanish Red #1301. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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