Bigmama project update


Look what Bigmama and her child labor force have been doing at her historic cottage.  Tearing down walls.  Go read here..the post is hilarious and today she mentions as well.

Isn’t the old wallpaper pretty.  I urged her to save a piece to frame.  She did not respond to that idea.  Ha! But wouldnt it look neat matted and framed in the room maybe with this bedding (matine toile from PB)

No matter what she does with art and bedding, the walls loos much work i know because we did it upstairs at our house and those cheesecloth strings and remnants are not fun to deal with but look at the final product.  Wonderful wood walls slathered with BM edgecomb gray.  Pretty.

Proud of you Big..and in case yall didnt know Bigmama has a book in the works…its going to be great

Painting cabinets

Is hard work. Even if you pay someone else to do it.  Unless you are going on vacation and your husband loves to go out every single meal..i could go on and on, simply put..its an ordeal.  My painter is great, we are working with a great Low-VOC product, but face it, its still chaos to unload your cabinets and totally clear out your command central.  My kitchen is our mudroom, my office..not to mention the center hub for meals and medicine taking and homework etc..

But it needed to be done yall. I painted these green cabinets MYSELF 12 years ago and while i tried to do a good job with oil based paint, they were really showing wear and tear…especially the silverware drawer below. See the green peeking through…and then after he sanded and sanded all of the humidity bubbles and peeling paint. Now they are two toned!

And the insides were yellowing (you know oil based paint does that with age and no direct sunlight) and i had saved the money and was SO EXCITED and ready to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful i have the money and thankful i know a good painter but it is slow going.  Partially because my painter is so good…he does everything the right way..caulking, sanding, waiting until primer dries…important stuff i know.

If i had done a little more of that the first time they might have held up longer.  I am sure on the other side i will say its all worth it. 

Luckily we are using a low VOC paint that has allowed me to feel better about the kids being home at night and I am even working at my computer in the next room while the painter works and cant smell glad.  This product is from the Green Painter (which you will be able to buy online soon at a great price) in Houston…more coming on their colors and offerings…i am using a simple white called SUGAR DUST!

 And I am getting a new overhead light  (love me some schoolhouse lights) installed as we speak and the patient painter is also repainting my ceiling where my not so great painting of the walls last year bled a bit…so we should be all spiffed up and ready for a home cooked week maybe. I will keep you posted!

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