Annie Sloan comes to America!

I am sure you have heard the buzz about Annie Sloan’s amazing chalk paint! 

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Well she is currently touring America to demonstrate the wonders of this great product!

 She is also having an amazing giveaway that ends tomorrow, February 14th,  you need to get in on this you can win a quart of EVERY COLOR!  amazing! If you register for the workshop you are automatically entered but everyone else can as purchase or workshop entry necessary!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway

email lisa to enter at

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 Annie Sloan’s blues and grays are great

so many great colors.i love the bright ones as well as the gray and subtle shades

and they say it will stick to sanding! And the colors are beautiful and its easy to of my clients used the phrase “no fail!” i like that!

Be sure and sign up for the Valentine Giveaway by emailing to register and see if Annie is visiting a city near you! You know she must have a charming accent and its going to be a lot of fun!

for more info on Annie Sloan paint click here!

annie sloan

Have yall heard the buzz about the Annie Sloan chalk paint…

Chest of drawers

I am a little slow to the show but apparently it is awesome… This client i posted about earlier in the week has transformed several pieces for her home.  She says it is “no fail.”  Those are words i like.  I also like phrases like “no sanding!  no priming!” Apparently the waxes and brush are really cool. AND there website says you can mix with their recipes and create even more colors (or colours as they say) or layer colors..pretty cool.

Then i visited this blog and was amazed at this kitchen table transformation…

and after

she even did her island!

See more on the Estes Family Blog (I met this blogger at the Rachel Ashwell nice!)

The possibilities are endless..i think my fave is the idea of red with duck egg that combo!

French bedside table

FYI here are some more great tips for this blog on using this paint. And you can find tutorials on youtube this one looks especially helpful!


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