Classic Connecticut Kate

Kate lives in a traditional home in Connecticut. She works at a day school and her husband commutes into NYC daily, they have an active family and busy schedule. Kate has commitment issues when it comes to design..she likes everything..this is something i understand so we totally get one another. SOOO we are working on her entry..the walls are a nice creamy butter, slate tile dark floors, pretty railing and she wants the entry to set the tone for their home..on a tight budget for this space but we want to achieve a nice traditional,interesting look…so we are brainstorming and this is what we’ve come up with so far…i love the light, it is on sale right now at PB…she is unsure because she has some brass fixtures in other areas of the home..i say SO WHAT..go for the new finish…the prints and other little accessory ideas from Nell Hill are a great value..she has so much more in her online store now..check it out…

Why the leopard flats?? because Kate sent me a picture of her room and i could see her little shoes peeking out on the edge of the image (and i actualy think a touch of leopard would be great in here..maybe a tortious frame or box or little pillow or seat of a side chair) funny…i LOVE my clients.

IN fact, can i just tell yall what a fun bunch of people email me for help.they are funny, have great taste, many are working or busy at home moms and yall all just really inspire me. they dont care that my blog posts and/or emails have typos and lack capitalization…they know i dont have time to proof and/or i am typing while i am holding a they dont care..why? because many times they are too…and when they see an email dated at 4 am they smile and think to ask why i was up so late “did the baby not sleep”…they understand if i dont reply right away because of something at school or a sick child..often they have to take a break from the design process for the same fact, they even occasionally tell me “get off the internet and go rest or snuggle with your babies” my clients are the greatest. THANK YOU! I love that they are interested in creating a beautiful home for their families but at the end of the day, their priorities are in awesome order and if they have to leave it for a few days or week to give care to kids and family they are ok with that..they are patient in creating their homes., that encourages and teaches me so thanks for allowing me in to your homes and for being such dedicated moms and women!

ok so back to Kate, we are not using this black cabinet, she has one similar and the blue and white transferware..just there for an idea..we need to find a big cheap blue and white repro bowl for keys and such or a blue and white stool to beside the her little black cabinet.

oh and Target has those leopard flats for $20 if you dont want to buy the Tory Burch;;

{note: i dont know why my polyvore is saving so small..if anyone is an expert please email me.i have played with this program a lot and thought i had it down but i have hard time getting things to “stay big”}

Arizona Chic

Lisa is a mom who lives in Arizona, she has two young boys and horses..she loves to shop at Anthropologie and Boden and pottery barn..she is a blog reader and asked me to help with their family has terra cotta tile floors (classic arizona space), arched doorways (love that), and a rustic rock fireplace..she has a tobacco dark brown leather sofa..

let the fun begin..

now these mood boards are for brainstorming so she does not need to use everything, for instance there are several rug options…and drape options (either a solid or the nice key/trellis brown and white that..makes this all fresh and not too rustic)..the fireplace screen is a little cheesy but it is there to illustrate the idea of the metal scrolly railing to replace the wall behind the sofa..there is a funky half wall there..i want it demolished..we’ll see if she does it or not..wall color will be neutral..and a nice metal firecreen might be the horse prints..elegant.not too country..very american. like lisa.

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