The Down the Road Show

Last week during the Round Top Antique show, I had the opportunity to film a little web-TV pilot at Marburger Farm for Texas Live!  Texas Live Magazine is a regional publication that is also developing an online presence with the Texas Live Network.  “Down the Road” is a show produced by Clover Carroll starring he and his darling wife, Rachel.

We met up at Marburger to a explore and discuss a bit about the Round Top Antiques experience, interview Rachel Ashwell at a book-signing and attend the Marburger blogger party.  We had a blast.  Even if the Martha Stewart crew did keep getting in our way..ha!

Was I nervous, YES..not talking about Round Top or why I love it or what items were good buys etc..oh no, I was nervous about appearing on camera.  It’s one thing to blog but to be on camera?!  So I really tried to just trust God with this latest adventure and do what I know in my heart He created me to do, look for and point others to beauty in the decorative arts and help create homes.

Working with my friends Rachel and Clover Carroll (they are expecting their third child soon if you hadn’t notice;;) couldn’t have made my step of faith in front of the camera any more easier or fun …

Thank you guys for your hard work and belief in what I do.

So stay tuned..this may never make it on the Texas Live Network (and don’t even mention HGTV in the comments) BUT it has been fun to stick my toe in the water and we will see what happens DOWN THE ROAD.  I will keep you posted!

(Top image by James Pharaon Creative) iphone snapshots by moi.


Annie Sloan comes to America!

I am sure you have heard the buzz about Annie Sloan’s amazing chalk paint! 

Pinned Image

Well she is currently touring America to demonstrate the wonders of this great product!

 She is also having an amazing giveaway that ends tomorrow, February 14th,  you need to get in on this you can win a quart of EVERY COLOR!  amazing! If you register for the workshop you are automatically entered but everyone else can as purchase or workshop entry necessary!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway

email lisa to enter at

 Pinned Image

 Annie Sloan’s blues and grays are great

so many great colors.i love the bright ones as well as the gray and subtle shades

and they say it will stick to sanding! And the colors are beautiful and its easy to of my clients used the phrase “no fail!” i like that!

Be sure and sign up for the Valentine Giveaway by emailing to register and see if Annie is visiting a city near you! You know she must have a charming accent and its going to be a lot of fun!

for more info on Annie Sloan paint click here!

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