Soldiers + collage walls

Well our ARMY WIFE is hard at work scouring the thrift stores and internet for the perfect items to transform her master bedroom for this project.  The emails have been flying between Anisa and Julie (the design team from Milk & Honey Home), myself and our darling army wife!  As she finalizes paint color and bed linens, we have moved on to the collage wall.  We have started with a few basic items like a wedding photo and some word art from the talented Anisa (Army wife chose a beautiful verse from Song of Soloman)…she also wanted to use this wonderful vintage image of the couple saying farewell.

 But it needs more..a few final over to Milk and Honey Home to see what Julie and Anisa suggest..

And below are a few examples of different collage/gallery walls. See my post here for more ideas/suggestions. Barely scratchin the surface on this topic!

BUT i have to say, I love everything about this image below…the wall color, the symmetry and balance and the LIGHTING, how genius to add some special light and drama to your gallery walls. Yes, it is from Pottery Barn.

I am also loving the West Elm styling of the collage wall lately…on ledges..layers and leaning, baby!

And below is an example from my own home.  I have 3 or 4 or more collage walls in my small house..its like i used to be with plates..its a sickness…but i love how i did this one TIGHT in drew’s room.

Oh and look i spot another piece of Milk & Honey’s word art…this is like the kevin bacon game. Anisa’s work is my new works in every room.

So there you go, everyone wants or has a collage wall because they have meaning, the fill space and they just work!  I can’t wait to see how the wall turns out in our Army couple’s room, it is sure to be special and can move with them from place to place!

new year = new desk

Each January, every store, shelter magazine, and now blogs talk about organization and show home office and closet organization tips and goals…This year I am actually ready, which is a good thing because i need to be more organized with receipts, bookkeeping and just about everything else.

This little space between the dining and kitchen was originally intended for a banquet which i would love but my husband wisely says it would be a tough spot to keep clean and really what I need is a desk and a place for samples, etc..i have the little office upstairs but it was all piling up on the counters and rarely making it upstairs between client appointments.  SO this idea was born. 

See the thing is, this space is DIRECTLY in front of..well the FRONT DOOR.  This photo shows the context..the rooms are all open now which i love but it was a new challenge..i didn’t want fabric on the desk and on all of the windows so i added the wood blind to the one window above the desk and the another over the sink…love them. So bam you walk in and this is what you see…So I decided knew the mdf desk counter needed  to extend the entire span otherwise a mere desk would just have piles on each eyesore from the front door.

My friend Camille had tackled this project in one of her homes so she cheered me on with instructions…honestly, the husband and I are not really DIYers at ALL..but with shelf brackets, MDF and a support post, voila…we have a desk.  The MDF top is painted SW PEPPERCORN..and of course the linen skirt covers it all (no in fact it has NOT been hemmed but one day). The lamps were $10 from the mission thrift store…they had hideous shades..even with new shades and ribbon and spray paint the lamps were a huge bargain. I feel like they add a bit of needed drama to the front door view.  I love my ivory boxes from Wal-Mart and my framed scrap of this fabric. Blogs & coffee print from Made by Girl.

For more context, the view from the new dining room area. Notice the Christmas card frame, i hope to frame two of the original blueprints from 1941 and hang them here one above the other. But until then I am still enjoying all of the wonderful holiday cards. 

So basically, what was once our breakfast nook is now an open walkway..i keep stools here that can be used when i sit to feed Henry at the highchair or pulled to the desk or to the table for extra seating..i love the stools. And i am thinking if we have a gathering  I can clear everything off of the desktop and use it as a buffet! The desk won’t be there forever..we may have a piano there within the next year or two but for now it works. (can’t you just see a black spinet there with white ironstone acorss the top…oh imagine the fun and CHAOS that will add to our home!)

But for now, I love all of the black together..the chalkboard paint, black back door and floors…i am really pleased with how it FINALLY came together. Our stairs are behind that chalkboard door…

Can you spot Scout the kitty…he loves it when i take photos and open the doors. And  yes that is a pile of dishes in the sink!

I am a tad self conscious showing you all of these changes but we have worked so hard this past year and it is great to finally enjoy it.. It’s not fancy or perfect but it feels like home and functions so much better for my family. For the first time in a long time,  I don’t want to move. I am thankful.

Thanks for looking.

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