Staffordshire dogs

I just love Staffordshire figurines..especially dogs. How about you?? I dont even have a dog but i fell in love with these years know, the King Charles Spaniels..some black, some white…you’ve seen them in magazines and homes stacked inside of primitive pine cupboards sticking their noses around huge transferware platters and majolica. The epitome of the English country look.
{forgive my bookshelf..a little stuffed..not styled for this photo but i wanted to can see i also like the little vintage dime store dogs too!}

Of course, an original pair of these little doggies could cost around 12K i discovered..,but lucky for us reproductions have been being made for hundreds of years. not so lucky for museums and collectors, it can be very difficult to discern the difference between an 18th centry original and a 19th century copy..

I love this set with Queen Victoria’s children..and the greyhound, oh how i love the greyhounds!

I have a pair that are new, but say Staffordshire and England on the bottom..allegedly they were made from the original molds…they were very reasonably priced and are great looking…my little white set were my grandmas and i think they were 1930s reprods? not really sure…i have also seen copies at Garden ridge years ago (pretty bad..i can say that because i bought a pair and then sold them later in a garage sale)…

{image from HSN}

Most recently Carleton Varney (yes of Dorothy Draper) is selling reproductions of this Staffordshire classic on HSN!!!!!!! yep, home shopping network..they are $25 for a pair…interesting huh?

{image from Dorothy Draper}

whatcha think?? beware though, the HSN reviews said the white is actually beigey and sort of dark??

so there you go, staffordshire for any budget!

Schumacher’s Chiang Mai

{image from Hudson in Boston}

The blog world has been a buzz for about, oh TWO years apparently about this amazing fabric.. what do you think?? love it hate it?? I think the aquamarine (robins egg) is wonderful, though some of the colorways i dont care for…i have noticed several bloggers (Sloanie Home and LGN) even using it (the aquamarine) in their blog header/designs…i am telling you, everyone loves this almost like the trellis craze!

what i also love/find interesting is that i have noticed this fabric on various blogs..both modern AND traditional and very preppy and all seem to love it and use it in wonderful ways…everything from high end articles in Domino, to Kristen Bell’s apartment in InStyle recently, to Little Green Notebook’s darling rental dining room too! (love her settee with the dining table)

{image from Little Green Notebook}

even Vera Bradley used it for chairs in one of her new stores.. and YES it is expensive BUT you can have pillows made out of it from this great shop on etsy and they even have Christmas stockings!

{image from Plum Cushion}

i think it would make great roman shades in my little kitchen! who am i kidding, i could get a new dishwasher (which i badly need) AND a fridge for what that would cost!;; but it is fun to admire a gorgeous fabric, keep my eye peeled for a scrap to call my own, and notice the knocks offs (pottery barn what a shock) and influences popping up everywhere…thoughts??? is there another fabric you are obsessing over lately??

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