Southern Living under the cover

Have you ever seen a magazine cover that you loved so much you wanted to just step inside and see more.  Isn’t it frustrating when an article leaves you wanting more.more photos, more information, more details.  Well today is your day.


I have some details . I recently visited this home in Birmingham.  Days after it came out on stands as Southern Living’s March cover. See the online article here.

Here is the before and after.  It was so cute before but the lighter colors and new details are amazing!


Exterior design by architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern,

The ironic thing is I bought the issue at the grocery the day before  my trip to Birmingham(because I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the post, I am impatient that way when I see a cover I love) then my client told me via email “oh BTW the house is on the cover of SL this month, I will tell you all about when  you arrive”  WHAAAAAAT??????? I was so excited of course.  Ragan, the homeowner is my e-client, we have been working nearly a year on a small space in her upstairs. (I will tell you more about that project in a later post)  Finally after a lot of back and forth about samples she said “just come to Birmingham” so I went last weekend, just days after cover came out.  Now let me make clear, I had nothing to do with the changes to the Ragan and Brad’s exterior. Their Mountain Brook home was already precious as you can see but they worked with  architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern to lighten it and add more detail, including the cedar shake roof and COPPER GUTTERS.  I didn’t know I could love a gutter so much.


The outside is utter perfection…..PERFECTION, wait until I show you the back with AWNINGS.   I love an awning.


And her sweet dogs Gypsy and Judge!


Not to mention the lanterns at the front. Seriously, huge, copper, GAS lanterns like none I have ever seen.  And I notice lanterns.


Check out the darling garage with apartment out back.  It  has some amazing nautical lights on it that I couldn’t get pics of with my phone but they are so good.  I like that they left the garage the darker color.


You can find more info on sources and the project in the current issue of Southern Living.  You can see the online article here. The house is painted BM White Choc and the shutters are Farow & Ball Railings.  My fave besides the gutters and awnings and lanterns and windbox are the cedar shake shingles on the roof.  Ragan and I bonded on our love for those.  So charming. The article discusses the pineapple as well…that is a new addition by the architect!

More on my trip to Birmingham in another post, first I want to take you inside Ragan and Brad’s home and show you more and then I want to post more on Birmingham..y’all the shopping there is GOOD! I really loved the city. And the people talk like me and are so friendly.

Asheville Shopping

I was in Asheville over the weekend working on a project and we did some fun shopping!

tobacco barn

First stop, Asheville’s Antique Tobacco Barn, which is literally an old tobacco barn filled to the brim with antique dealers! And course tobacco trays!


 I can’t believe we left this paintings at Tobacco Barn;(

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.26.37 AM

But we were moving fast..power shopping and it was cold in there! (take gloves if you go to the Tobacco Barn)

Next we hit up The Screened Door which is a avery hip “Asheville” version of the traditional antique mall. Awesome booth with vintage clothes!


I mean seriously..this desk..$185..what a great find!


Love the paint by number!


Great cabinet with blue interior..would be so cute in a nursery!


And I was excited to find the cute shop “Lost and Foundry” at the Screened Door in Asheville.. Lost and Foundry is by Susan Chancey, Susan was featured in Country Living this month!  Love her style! She also has a space at super cool DWELLINGS behind Biltmore Village. Info on Dwellings here.


Click here to see more on Susan’s home..i love the colors she uses..and the issue is still on stands I think!

We also visited Togar Rugs..the have amazing things…stacks and stacks of dreamy rugs, pillows, ottomans and bags!


There are some great shops in Asheville and wonderful vintage treasures in this part of the many mountain treasures but I also saw some great mid century things! No doubt, Asheville is a cool town!


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