Mississippi road trip!

Our family of four recently embarked on a seven day road trip to Mississippi in search of good art, good food, good books, and good times with our boys! Yes, you heard correctly… we drove from Texas to Oxford, MS with a five year old and 13 month old.  We visited Vicksburg, Clarksdale, Oxford, Natchez and all points in between.  It was quite an experience as you can imagine.  We saw lots of kudzu and much more.

{kudzu growing near Natchez}

Not sure where to start in highlighting this trip, but from a cultural and historic preservation standpoint, Mississippi, like much of the South, is rich in history and architecture.  It all moves me deeply, everything from the grand views of Dunleith Plantation to the cotton fields, and life in the Delta pictured below.

It’s an interesting place Mississippi… not just Southern, but totally American and real, and we loved it!  Here is a glimpse of Drew pretending to be a lion at Dunleith Plantation, where we spent the last night in the Dairy Barn.   I wonder why they wouldn’t want our boys in the big house?   Ha!

We have many “statue” photos of Drew from the trip… I guess that is what happens to a child after you take them through the military park at Vicksburg (he. loved. it.) In fact, Drew had a great time the entire trip.  Henry, not so much.  He was more interested in keeping cool and snatching crackers!

Here is another “statue” photo below of big brother with Mr. Faulkner in Oxford.

And leave it to me to drive into blues town Clarksdale and instantly step out of the car and sniff out the coolest little store…

 and buy this apron…

If you are from the area, you know Clarksdale really isn’t a “cute apron” sort of town. It’s quite different from Oxford and Ole Miss which I will have to save for another post. But let me just says it’s very hip to be SQUARE in Oxford.   We had a blast exploring the bookstores, old homes, campus and quaint shops! Oh, and I saw the best looking man in all Mississippi while hanging out in the Grove at Ole Miss.  He sends his love!

Texans are friendly, but I have to say that the people of Mississippi were so nice and wonderful to our family, they made the trip better than any beautiful home or yummy food… thanks y’all!

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