A New Venture

The past year has been full of changes for our family and my business. I have been overwhelmed with love and grace through this blog and from you, the readers, as I have shared some of my life’s hardest moments. So its only fair and normal I would be excited to share this new chapter. An exciting blessing! Good news!


Almost all of my life I have dreamed of dabbling in retail, and finally after months of discussion and planning I am thrilled to announce a new venture with some wonderful people. I am collaborating with friends Brian & Cindy Taylor to open a new store called True Blue Home in Chappell Hill, Texas, this fall! Brian & Cindy have owned property in the area for years and have a deep love for the community. I lived in Chappell Hill over 15 years ago when first moving to this area as a newlywed. So I feel I am coming full circle in some respects as well. And the Taylors’ passion for the community and doing something in this historic downtown are both contagious and inspiring. Brian and Cindy are both CPAs with a business brain but also a love of all things Southern and local and special. To put it simply. They have heart and style. They are originally from Louisiana what more can I say?!

They will be owners and operators of the store and I will be creative director/consultant/curator/stylist/buyer etc…

Cindy has great taste and Brian does too wait until you see some of the salvage pieces he will be bringing to the store. So they do not really need to have me but I am sure glad they want me and are giving me this opportunity!


And by curate and collaborate I mean every detail, inside and out. I can’t wait to share with you about this process.

Like the idea boards (inspiration from Schumacher, LS Slipcovers, Miss Mustard Seed, Les Indiennes, Curious Sofa and more), buying and planning! And yes we will have items that are not only blue and white. But you will definitely be able to find lots of blue and white in our store!

trueblueinspire2 (1)

And of course branding…more on that later for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.55.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.42.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.43.05 PM

Details like do we do check drapes or blue and white floral?


Renderings with professionals like the amazing Jane Gianarelli.

So the next weeks will be full of posts about what we will be doing and details on opening…we plan to open during Round Top Antiques Week (Late September). The True Blue Home website will be fully working in early September and we are already on Instagram @truebluehome so be sure and follow us there and on Facebook!


So there it is…welcome to True Blue Home y’all! Can you even believe how God can make beauty from such ashes? Of course you can because many of you have seen it over and over. When one of the toughest times in one’s life can bloom into something new. Not better, not replacing the other but just another chapter, another door. And yes I will keep doing design work and my own Holly Mathis Interiors projects but I will be doing less online which is a blessing while my kids are young (less computer time is a good thing I am learning) and I will be driving in the city less and near my children more! And I know you all understand and support that even more than good shopping right!?!;;

A holy hope

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.39.04 PM

A friend sent me this today. A blog post by Ann Voskamp you can see the entire post here.  It’s so timely and spot on for so many of us… it seems there is a lot of hopelessness and sadness in the world.  I blog about beauty and decorating and not super deep things but the truth is since I shared about my family hardships, I have been getting a lot of emails from people going through similar situations. Pain. Tough stuff. This life isn’t easy, no matter the house or economic situation. Pain and sorrow are experienced by all in different seasons. But He sees us.  God sees me and He sees you.  I am going to leave it to the bible teacher to flesh out . . . I just wanted to share some snippets.  This encouraged me. Let’s try not to worry. And be scared.  Lean in to Him if you are going through a dark time. With open hands.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.37.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.37.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.34.42 PM

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