Start to school + what I am reading

I know I promised to post photos of two (maybe three) fantastic homes I have been working on.  And I will.  But for some of us mamas, school only started last week and for some this week or after labor day.  This is a tender time not only for kids, but for mamas too.  I had time management anxiety and tears a good 3 out of 5  days last week. It is transition time. That time when you have mountains to climb but you aren’t in that groove yet. I forget about this required transition time and I am hard on myself and crater when its not seamless. I know we are all trying to get back in a groove, start projects, get going on things at home, etc…  But before I start sharing homes that look perfect, with unlimited budgets, none of which are true but it can seem that way some times, I want to talk about some other things going on with me. And maybe you too. And I want to encourage you to be gentle with yourself as we enter the fall. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, God sees you and He will order our days and schedules and lives. Fabric can wait, tile can wait. First take some deep breaths and sit with Him. (preaching to myself here but maybe its for you too)

So first off (in that vein of STILLNESS) I have been reading this.  And it. is. good. stuff.  I have stacks of books and honestly don’t read many of them all the way through (ok most I don’t read completely, blame it on grad school and a bad skimming habit that developed, it happens when you are a history major and they give you a million books A WEEK).  Anyway, this book is good. All the way to the end! And not only because it’s saying “slow down” and “you need margin” buzzwords that are the “it” thing right now to talk about instead of “hustle” blah blah. No, this book is different, it’s more than that. Why? Because she shares so raw and PRACTICAL about how it feels and how hard it is to actually slow down and sit in silence. To stop the madness. To start to say no to even some good things.  And what it looks like and how ugly and difficult it really is.  And why we need it. And that we are not alone. Busyness truly is killing so many of us. We must slow down. Shauna goes and digs deeper than anyone I have read on this topic. THANK YOU SHAuNA NIEQUIST! You have helped save me from myself.  It is hard, thank you for saying it takes YEARS. It is not overnight.


And this book.


Again WHY? Aren’t there tons of bloggers writing books and sharing their stories? Being real and authentic. Yep and I am sure many are good and many are so so and I have not read them all but THIS ONE . . . IT. IS. A. MUST.  At least for me and I dare say for many of you that have been through anything tough, and face it, that is ALL OF US for the most part right?!  I’ve read and admired Edie for years, met her once and seen her beauty and glow and even tasted her fudge and loved her blog! Yep drinking the Kool-aid all the way but that did not prepare me for her book.  And how again, it made me feel. NOT ALONE.  Sure Edie’s walk and struggle hasn’t been the same as mine but it’s a story of beauty from ashes and God’s faithfulness and that WE ARE NOT ALONE. It is a raw, real, encouraging word. I think that is what we are all looking for. It’s what I get from Brene Brown, and my brilliant friend Whitney English and Donald Miller. And its the message of the Gospel too. EMPATHY, encouragement, community (there is that buzzword but its the truth, its a good word).  and most important. HOPE.

         You have a story. I have a story

You want be loved.  I want to be loved. And Seen.

You are not alone.

God sees you. Others feel pain too.

Things aren’t perfect. Not at your house but not even in other homes. Even the ones that seem perfect.

It is going to be okay. Even beautiful again.

I am not a writer, or a Bible teacher or even a certified ASID designer, just a pilgrim like you trying to raise kids, and make a home, and figure out what I am doing. And it’s ugly sometimes. A lot in fact.

Most days, I want to do exactly what Hunter is doing right here. Crawl back in bed.  Or just look at the ball. Or send a text or pick up my phone before I pray or think or just sit and be.


{seriously he laid there the longest just looking at that ball}

And so, I just had to write this post before I start showing house photos with watermarks and carrying on like nothing has happened or is happening.  So much is.  With you. with me. I still struggle a lot since my divorce.  A LOT. And honestly, I struggled before. A lot. And now, the world seems crazier than ever before. I know you don’t come to my blog to know that but just….please, please be gentle with yourself sisters. I am trying to and its hard with so much noise in the world. So much to do. But we have to keep trying to SLOW IT DOWN. and Love more, hope more.

I will be back with pretty houses next time I promise. In the meantime I will be trying to . . .


Oh and why the transfer paper?  Well that was my amazon delivery last Sunday.  I immediately texted Camille to show her my bounty..Edie’s book (early? I thought it wasn’t even released yet and I was not on some special list, i just pre-ordered it on on amazon?? An amazon angel clearly carried it to me early). Also in the box, Camille’s recommended transfer paper that she blogged about THREE YEARS ago here and I just now purchased! Now I can get with the times and make my own pretty chalkboards.  Perfect chalkboard = perfect house right? Nah but I am still loving this transfer paper! I actually did this myself with the magical paper!! That is not a pin/photo above, well the graphic I traced it from is a pin likely (don’t remember for sure just grabbed it off of a pinboard) but my actual real life hand and chalk did this (along with the magical paper), counts right?

Have a good week y’all!

{Stay tuned for more on marble counter alternatives, new portfolio photos, more on recent travels, struggles and studio happenings)

Planning for Round Top & Texas Antiques Week

Prep and planning are in full force for the big event! That’s right, it will soon be time for Texas Antiques Week or Round Top Antiques Week as it has been referred to for over 43 years.

We get pretty excited around here about antiques and junk and bluebonnets!! Just look at this face!


{Henry at La Bahia show ca.2014}

One of the number one questions I am asked is “When does Round Top start?”  and/or “When is the best time to visit Round Top?” My answer and suggestions vary based on the situation.  As a rule the fall show is the first weekend of October and the spring show is the first weekend of April (and the weeks before).  What started as 3 days is now approximately THREE WEEKS. And always remember different/specific shows start on different days.  These are my favorites and dates this year.  


Mucho info on ALL shows and just good general info here at Round Top Chamber. 

Also my friends Paige and Smoot Hull of The Vintage Round Top have put together a really good “Guide to Round Top” Be sure and check it out here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.22.38 PM

They answer all of the questions from what to wear etc to hints about when should you go?? I always ask “are you going with children or girlfriends?  “Are you going to shop or just browse and hang out?  “Recreational visit or SERIOUS GET OUT OF MY WAY SHOPPING?  And I am no expert these are just my humble suggestions, observations and recommendations. For instance Marburger is a beautiful show, if you are looking for something you will likely find it here but maybe not the best bargains.  Bargains you will find early or late out in the dusty fields.  Big Red Barn is the original show and fine antiques…really amazing pieces.

So there are a lot of variety and choices…but don’t get overwhelmed!


First off, come during the week if you want to do serious shopping.  The crowds aren’t as bad, less traffic and I think it’s just easier.  It is hard to say whether the beginning or end of show is better.  Sure if you get here early you get first pickings BUT many dealers have series of stuff they bring out.  So talk to dealers and others if you are looking for something specific.  They may have something in storage they haven’t brought to tent yet or know of something.

Friday/Sat/Sun are busier but fun… Just be patient with traffic and strollers. I did a post here about shopping Round Top with kids.  It can be really fun. But it takes patience and its just as a different type of shopping as you mamas understand.

My boys love Round Top … taking photos, seeing old Army stuff and treasures….but you can bet if my only chance to go was with out without them I would go without. Just being honest.  Luckily we live close and I can do mommy and work days as well as family days usually….


And of course, don’t miss a chance to eat some Royers Pie and visit my fave PIE HAVEN owned and operated by my beautiful friend Tara.  She is one of the most heartfelt and hard-working women in Round Top and there are many many! The town and shows are full of  just great people!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 4.50.34 PM

Also be sure to explore nearby small downtowns like Brenham and Burton and Chappell Hill.  Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream and of visit amazing stores like Leftovers Antiques (more about their annual party and store on the blog soon) which is on Hwy 290 between Round Top and Brenham and Old Glory Antiques in Burton (also off 290). And of course True Blue Home is on the way off Hwy 290 in Chappell Hill, Texas!.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 6.35.45 AM

SO whether eating, exploring tents or fields or stores its all wonderful and SO worth the trip! I will have more info and tips as the show nears! It’s coming like a freight your pennies!

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