Holiday Update Part II-

So I posted here back in SEPTEMBER about a venture in downtown Brenham, Texas, and some exciting changes.  And then I went crickets on you.  Well I am back to share more on this amazing space.  I think I have been in such shock that this actually is happening, maybe not believing the good thing after 5 years of so much hard stuff, but it IS truly happening and it is a direct answer to prayer. And I am ready to share and tell you more.  It’s just a building in some ways but it represents so much more #community #buildinghomes #beinghome #lesstraffic and did I say #community yes I did! Both community on the macro and micro levels.  So yes when you are an Enneagram 4 and overthink and over feel every.single.thing.  getting a blog post up can be a challenge.  But I have to share. And it may not be so concise so buckle up!

First off, I have loved this building forever.  Before I even lived in this specific town.  It was once a beautiful home store named Beadboard Upcountry, some of you may remember.  It was so pretty!  Well I have had my eye on it for ages, especially after my friend Katie and Ken Burch of PlanNorth Architecture leased it for their office and then outgrew and moved two doors down!  As soon as it was vacant I was thinking of ways to use it and wondering if it could be a possible Cowork space like I had seen in Laurel Mississippi. The Shop in Laurel is so inspiring and I could see the same thing working in Brenham. So I made a proposal and pitched it to all of my favorite artsy creative friends.  But the timing was not right.  

That was in the spring, in the fall I began visiting with Brandt & John at Willmark Homes in Bellville (neighboring town) about working together on some of their custom home projects.   We began brainstorming and throwing ideas around about how to collaborate and the concept of this building came up.  And y’all it just happened.  They took a chance, I am taking a chance (hello I want to hide from the internet see previous post) and WE ARE HERE on the corner of S. Baylor and Main Streets ON THE SQUARE in Brenham, Texas!

So not only do I get to work more local and in this beautiful space, I have a new little work community. I have work friends. (that felt vulnerable to type but I hope that makes sense to some of you solo-entrepreneurs out there, I think it will) It is co-working even if not quite what I had envisioned last spring.  We are still growing into the space and our relationship but I have realized… I was lonely y’all.  Like professionally lonely.  I don’t know when the last time was I saw my boo Becki Griffin or our partner in crime Jenny Johnston, and while I get to work with wonderful people like Cindy at True Blue home, Nancy of Calvert Collection, Gracie and Heather at Traditions Windows, I wasn’t getting to see them often enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I still wish I could see them more but we live miles and miles apart. It just wasn’t happening unless I moved to the big city and me and my boys, we are country mice!  Little did I know God was working this out behind the scenes. I know, I should have known but the last five years have been hard. I’ve been solo on every project for the most part and it was isolating and just not working for me.  Don’t get me wrong I know Brandt Wilkie of Willmark may DRIVE. ME. CRAZY. (jk jk Brandt ha ha) but I was going crazy hustlin’ all over 4 counties on my own!  Maybe this is too honest and transparent, but for those of you in small business I just want you to know how some things can begin to work out and look different.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or working alone isn’t fine.  I just know for me this has been a much needed transition. I will tell you about their right hand Sabrina another day, she deserves her own post!

For now let’s focus on the space and location!

I mean look at these floors and the history!  This was Farmers National Bank originally.   Y’all.  This building is on the National Register.  It was built in the 1870s!

So to say we are inspired is an understatement!  And thank you to the talented Krista Goebel Photography for these shots!

Now let’s talk more about our space and our mission:

  • Willmark and I envision “a space where homeowners and potential clients can see materials and discuss their custom home dreams and details . . .”  We love this space because it has soul and that is goal of our work together to create homes with soul for families that want something unique and yet timeless for their homes.  After all, Home is where we live out our stories right? (I swear I was the first that came up with that idea;;)
  • We will have tile samples, counter samples, paint samples, cabinet samples, fabric and wallpaper (of course if I am involved) and even shiplap samples so we can discuss that issue if needed!
  • We will have select plumbing samples including our favorite faucets and finishes
  • We also have info and samples of less glamorous things like windows and door hardware and hinges and roofing
  • We have amazing natural light in this space so you will be able to truly see what man made quartz stone looks and feels like next to real marble etc
  • We will be showcasing some of our favorite lighting and furniture from True Blue Home and Moss Studios also available locally but it is nice to have some of it in THIS space with all of the house things so you can see how it all works together!
  • Basically we will have #allthethings for creating a home and if not we will get them here asap and get you what you need, because we all want to go to the big city less right??

        It is going to be so great for everyone to see EVERYTHING for their home, all of the materials and finishes, all together and in a cool space with great light! That is our goal!

Your next question may be “will anyone be able to shop and use the space and see samples or just those building homes with Willmark?” The question is we aren’t sure yet.  I can see our assemblage of samples as a great asset to someone just looking to order new drapes or freshen hardware.  My clients certainly will have access to the space but we are still working out the details for “showroom visits” and a small fee for that and how we might structure that kind of option…So the answer is, possibly!  Some of you that have worked with me for years have also asked if these means I am exclusively working with Willmark? I am still Holly Mathis Interiors and have my own independent projects (one VIP in particular I can’t wait to tell you about, really special project RIGHT HERE IN BRENHAM TEXAS) but time is limited and I am not sure how we will grow. So if you want to work with me on a project big or small please let me know asap.  And thank you for understanding if I can’t take on out of state or non-local projects, I will still be accepting e-clients on a rolling basis, at least for now.

So there you have it, a sneak peek about what we have in mind for this space.  We also hope to have some classes on topics such as: planning a new build, building custom, our new Farmhouse Series, and more specific topics monthly.

and better yet you can come SEE OUR SPACE tomorrow evening and all day Saturday and after the Christmas Lights Parade!  Have a Topo Chico with us and see how we are growing into the space and see some sneak peaks to what is right around the corner #farmhouseseries #designstudio


Holiday Update Part I

It is hard to believe it has been a year since this beautiful event! In other ways it seems a lifetime ago! Time is a crazy thing isn’t it?!

2018 has been full of new challenges and and more change for our family and my business. We moved again, my office moved again, new clients and partnerships forged and my boys are getting so so tall! And you know what, we are still healing. Maybe you are healing or hoping to heal from something too? Be gentle with yourself, it takes time, sometimes more time than we want. Call me crazy, but I was hoping a season would literally be A SEASON but no, a season can take years apparently!  And that is okay. You can’t put healing on a time table, you can dress it up and make it happy for a little while but it still requires time and attention.  

I keep coming back to the fact that the important things in various areas of our lives truly do take time. Whether it is building a new relationship or business collaboration, moving and getting settled in a new home or work space, raising kids and helping them through challenges or recovery from a major life such as a divorce or death. Important things take time and deserve time. And that is hard in this fast paced world where clients are demanding, school and activities are demanding and let’s be honest, we expect a lot from ourselves.  We need to MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. And that can cause stress and pressure, things that don’t help healing or productivity necessarily. It is easy to think “when will I ever get it together and be enough” Especially with the rapidly changing images on social media scrolling greatness at us constantly.  So maybe we withdraw in the name of simplifying.  Our poor little brains just can’t take one more thing. We aren’t machines after all and we do have to prioritize energy.  But then suddenly a break from Instagram becomes a long silence that has people concerned.  But in your heart of hearts (I switched persons here didn’t I, but I can do that, because its my blog; one reason I love social media, it gives us each a VOICE) you know social media isn’t going way, the world isn’t slowing down, it can be fun and has its place, and so YOU HAVE TO MANAGE.  And that is what I am trying to do (yet again) manage my involvement in social media, along with my local design jobs and clients and my important role as a mom and a human.  Because at the end of the day, the Internet, like the printing press and tv are not evil its just how we react to them as humans. And isolation can be damaging too.  I am learning I have to walk a thin line.  Stay involved, pray about transparency and privacy, but not give up or isolate. How you regulate the social media in your business and or personal life?  Doesn’t it feel good when you have some boundaries!  But we all still want to know what is going on right?? It is fun and its okay to say that too! 

           Social media in moderation vs. total ISOLATION

 So as yet ANOTHER NEW YEAR APPROACHES, I look forward to spending more time here with you, because I truly do love connecting with readers and clients and friends online, and also myself time to continue healing, mothering and working on EXCITING NEW PROJECTS GOD HAS PUT IN MY LIFE.  So thank you for your patience with me during this “season.”

One of the good things ahead in my business and life is a new collaboration with Willmark Custom Homes, a local homebuilder! I am going to tell you more about them in the coming days and in part 2!


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