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Have you heard about the new little store in the Spring Branch area of Houston called RENOVATE?  If you are going to IKEA or anywhere near you need to make plans to stop by RENOVATE as well?  It is the opposite experience of IKEA…small, local, easy parking and not overwhelming but instead delightful, cozy and charming.  And its full of local art and gifts, renovated furniture and pillows!  What’s not to like?

photo 2-2

I adore their sign, logo and “branding” it really shows how unique ideas and creativity  of owner Cathy and daughter Courtney!

And then you walk in sign and its art, gifts, furniture and more!

photo 3-3

They feature different artists each month.  The  work above is by Houstonian Kellie Morley. If you are looking for art in the Houston area but aren’t familiar or comfortable with art galleries this is a great way to learn about some local artists in a comfy way. I love that they are doing this! Makes art accessible and fun to find local artists.

photo 2-3

Oh my heart! I love these, I want to get some baby or teachers gifts or do a whole little section of like 9 of them of them for myself..they make me smile! The artist is  Austin James, his company is “Lawrence and Crane”!!!! They’re made from reclaimed wood and resin – only $24!

photo 3-2

Here is a photo of the Renovate layout in the recent Houston Scout book….if you haven’t see the Scout book its great and they have them at the store! Cathy and Courtney are so pretty. The store is a mix of gifts, accessories, “renovated” furniture and art!

photo 1-4

Love this blue piece they redid and brought to life!

And they have some Thomas Paul goodies.

photo 4-2

The charming exterior at Renovate! I love these planters too!

photo 1-2

And these bags..such a great mix of stuff….furniture, bags, pillows, gifts…awesome mix!

photo 4-3

and I love their tub of pillows of course.  So fun!

renovate pillows

Last but not least my planters and boxwood balls I got there recently for our new home! Love them.


 God bless you Renovate on this  journey of creativity and business.  I love what you are doing Cathy and Courtney! And Houstonians check them out and buy local!

RENOVATE, 7413 Westview Suite C, Houston, Texas

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  1. What a neat shop! I love a mother-daughter team! Thanks for the sneak peak of your front door. It looks great! I got on to copy your amazing light find. I was so surprised to find two great Allen and Roth choices. Love your Parson pick and also the new vineyard option, dead ringer for bevelo!

  2. So many pretty things. The planters are great.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to stop in and check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Whyyyyyy don’t I live in Houston!!!!!????? 😀

  5. Obsessed with the boxwood balls int those wood planters. Are they real??

  6. The planters are PERFECTION!

  7. We just moved to Houston a month ago. I cannot wait to visit this shop! It’s on my list of places to visit for the week! I love your blog so much! Your style is so welcoming and warm!

  8. Thank you, Holly! You are too kind! Your front porch looks fantastic!! Anyone interested, we have more of the planters, and a larger size. The boxwood topiary balls are made from real boxwood leaves and yes, they’re real! They do well in humid climates like Houston. Thanks again, Holly!!

  9. The planters look so pretty and welcoming!

  10. Elizabeth says

    Those planters are awesome, Holly! Love!!! And your paint color is pure perfection.

  11. Donna Slaybaugh says

    Can you please tell me the color of the fromt door! I LOVE IT.

  12. Kate Jarvis says

    Gorgeous site all round. Please could you share the color of the front door – that beautiful gray? Trying hard to find the right gray for our house exterior. This looks very promising!! Thanks in advance.

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