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Local Boho Farmhouse

Our friend Brad and Kathleen have worked so hard (along with their talented son Mason) to transform this local little farm into an awesome big city getaway. Now it is for sale! I am a little sad, I hope they don’t move too far!

The property is near Hwy 290 in Brenham (halfway between to Houston and Austin) and very close to Leftovers Antiques and Truth BBQ! It would make a great primary home for anyone working in Austin or Houston or weekend home too…it’s also near cute Burton and “on the way” to Round Top but not too close! I would say perfect location.

But the kitchen is even more perfect!

They did so much work to open up the original, outdated kitchen to make it all open and flow. I love the cabinet color and shelves and the doors that slide back and forth over fridge and pantry! (photo on far right)

Love the living room too!

The house has three bedrooms and then a little back house at rear of property with another apartment/bedroom/living space, plus a large barn. But these bedrooms have so much character.

And the bathroom off the master is so full of charm! Yes Kathleen does accept styling clients if you are interested. They are an awesome team for sure!

Love the laundry room and back sitting porch too! There are just so many charming nooks and crannies this home

As well as wide open spaces outside and a big barn!

Bless you Geyer family in the next part of your journey. We have watched you work so hard on this home and land and can’t wait to see where you land next and what beauty and home you create in the next phase of life!

Remember to visit here to find out more https://www.har.com/homedetail/406-fm-2679-brenham-tx-77833/7252603?cid=TCurri

Checking in from our home to yours

A big hello and huge hug from Texas to everyone out there sheltering in place and hopefully keeping safe.  For anyone going through loss of a loved one or suffering with this awful virus. Please know my family is praying for you and send the deepest sympathy from our family to yours. We never knew this was going to happen and its such a sad reality for so many of our families to be apart and experiencing such isolation and suffering.  

For many of us, we are simply HOME.  HOME a lot.  And many of us LOVE OUR HOMES so this should be a no-brainer right?  But it can still be a challenge.  We miss going out, or having others over.  But we will be together soon.  And this post is just about that. …MOVING FORWARD, in small ways together, that is why I am working on some “designer downloads” and private discussion groups online

I even have decided I WILL do another HMI Creative Class as soon as safe, this summer hopefully or fall 2020 or maybe 2021 0r 2022 but I am NOT GIVING UP.  I have done 5 classes in the past years and while I enjoyed them all they pushed me so far out of my introvert-ness I wasn’t sure I wanted or could do more to be honest. I was pretty much done in many ways. BUT THIS EXPERIENCE HAS MADE ME SURE. Sure of my purpose to make the world beautiful, nurturing, not materialistic but homey. Its been a time of clarity. So there will be more ONLINE SOON because well we are home and need it But there will be more in PERSON in the future as well. Mark my word.

For months, honestly years I thought I would move “it” all online.  Make myself less out there less vulnerable, less a brand even if it meant a financial hit. But this Covid experience has convinced me of the need for BOTH. I need you and we need to talk about HOME and making homes and beauty together online but in person too! I feel finally read to DO THIS!

So CREATIVE CLASSES and more digital downloads will be going online soon (pray I can get the tech together not easy) and there will be continued LIVE appointments (of course but not many more e-consults like the olden days, big consults I am booked through end of year praise God) and EVENTUALLY EVENTS, maybe yearly…who knows?!

But this has to happen again. Its hard to replace a hug from this handsome fellow or hearing his voice but getting texts from him and others of you checking in is pretty awesome..seeing y’all connect and stay in touch and meet up on your own even and remember these classes means the world to me…we WILL create that community again online and IN PERSON! When time is safe and right, I know it in my bones, this is just a season y’all or staying apart, a refining fire to make us appreciate one another and home and beauty and our Creator and Master Designer even more.!

YEP, we need both, I finally get it! Covid taught me…its not all or nothing.
We don’t have to be in a classroom to learn and interact. . .But we can be and we can learn online too and Marco Polo to stay in touch, we can DO IT ALL. NOT ALL THE TIME MAYBE but a mix. We all know that more and more and I am trying to figure out the best way to deliver this kind of interaction to you as easily as possible.  Facebook groups, group chats, old time e-consults and OMG PHONE CALLS; Imagine that! I might even get a land line!

SO DO ME A FAVOR….Please check below if you are familiar with the following for online classes and communication:

  • Kajabi
  • Zoom
  • Or do you prefer private facebook groups
  • E-consult, phone call?
  • Marco Polo app

What will be on our talk agenda first??? yep COLOR!

There will be fresh flowers, hugs and mimosas again soon!
Porch luncheons and design talk will be back  but for now stay safe and hold on to the on to the ones you love! And watch for online offerings.

YASSSS, an ONLINE PAINT CLASS WILL BE UP SOON. And while the traditional classroom and design consult may be on hold, it’s not gone forever! But for now we will do a an online paint class delivered via video and multiple platforms likely KAJABI which I promise you is SO EASY FRIENDLY! There will be tutorials and more info coming soon regarding signup and how to get to the material and see it and learn and interact!

Image by French Blue Photography

Please know my family is praying for you and sends the deepest sympathy from our family to yours if you have lost loved ones or are on front lines. We never knew this was going to happen and its such a sad reality for so many of our families to be apart and experiencing such isolation and suffering.  

Image by Buff Strickland

For many of us, we are  simply HOME.  HOME a lot.  And many of us LOVE OUR HOMES so this should be a no-brainer right.  But it can still be a challenge.  We miss going out, or having others over.  But we will be together soon.  And we will talk about our homes and how they nurtured us and kept us safe and warm and helped up care for our families all the things. How we want to change them, be more content and more. Until then, stay safe and please leave comments about what you are enjoying about your home, what you are changing, what you hoped to accomplish, what you care about classes if you even care at all. Be unfiltered, I can take it and I want know how you are doing at your house and in your HOMES!

Because this country is truly only as strong as each home!

note: beautiful food by Tara Royers Steel or Royers Pie Haven and flowers by Maggie Bailey of Bramble and Bee….so many talented people helped pull this first amazing class together and we will do it again one day! Thanks also to Natalie Dawley of Two be Wed, Natalie Lacey Lange for Photos! I am surrounded by women who love and support me so well.

Southern Living House then and now

Our dear friends Patty and Paul Brown are selling their beautiful home in La Grange, Texas. La Grange is the county seat of Fayette County and has such a cute Square and downtown area. It’s about 30 minutes on the other side of Round Top opposite the direction where we live in Brenham. It is near a historic brewery and just such a pretty area. Every time I go to Patty’s I am amazed at the landscape, sunsets, and her trees. But what really amazes me is the attention to detail Patty went to in building this house and following inspiration from an official Southern Living Idea House. We all love a good house tour and especially a Southern Living Idea house!

Original inspiration…that is Patty & Pauls home inspiration in the middle! Wow remember when special magazine “books” were only $3.95 my how that has changed!
Paul and Patty visited this house in Austin in 1999 and fell in love!

And what amazes me is how all of it has stood the test of time. Classic choices remain classic! (Except the computer) The beautiful stone and fireplaces still resonate. And the Viking range is still going strong 20 years later.

Patty says she must cook with fire!

SW Peppercorn island BM Bruton White cabinets
That Viking hood! And notice how the Peppercorn island color changes color in different light!

Patty asked me to help her freshen the house recently and all we did was edit some of her accessories, paint and update kitchen tile. Her gorgeous original Viking range of course still looks amazing. The rock accents still read Texas Hill Country at its best. These exterior views never get old either. The island color reminds me of their great Texas sky views! Day and night!

The original paint colors through the home were SW Bleeker Beige, Manchester Tan and a lot of Navajo White. We chose SW Westhighland White to freshen up the walls and most spaces but kept with a bone beige color for the cabinets. I love the Benjamin Moore Colonial Williamsburg colors they never disappoint! It give that English manor house kitchen look but is still fresh and not gold and works well with the quartz marble look countertops.

The island was just painted SW Peppercorn.
Walker Zanger Cafe tile in the Milk color, that tile is one of my favorites and looks great with the new marble-look quartz.
These gorgeous dogs stand guard out front, they are from the Round Top show!
Stone in the kitchen..looks great with the BM Bruton White cabinets and the Cafe black fridge!
The Mary Gregory painting depicts the BACK of the home. The back is truly as beautiful as the front.
The stone pathways make me swoon.
View out the back to the lake, antique light!
All of the stone inside and out just flows so well.
Recognize this view of the house from the painting over mantle?
More Walker Zanger Tuilleries tile and fresh paint. The original doorknobs are lovely no need to update!
Wine room recently got an update in SW Urbane Bronze as well but floor is original!
Another gorgeous Mary Gregory painting in the family room and original stone fireplace.
More Beautiful trees outside out EVERY window!

For more info about the house contact Lilla Blackburn at Round Top Real Estate. Click over to the listing to see more photos including the gorgeous pool. I am excited to see who buys this home. It’s a treasure just like Patty and Paul! Don’t move too far away from us!

Happy New Year

Popping in to wish you all a Happy New Year and DECADE. Wow I just can’t believe it is really 2020! The last decade has been full of a lot of ups and downs for our family and I am grateful for all of you here and IRL that have followed along with our story, this blog and Holly Mathis Interiors.

So a few exciting things to share…

First off, a new website will be launching here sometime soon, likely before the end of January. The new site will continue to have a blog space where I will periodically check in like I am now; But more importantly it will have an updated portfolio FINALLY and more! Y’all I have blessed with so many wonderful clients and projects in the last few years and there are so many photos and much inspiration coming!

Recent projects in progress

The new site will also have more digital resources dropping throughout the coming year! Quick and easy digital downloads, online classes, video and more! I know we are all so bombarded with beautiful content and it can be overwhelming. You can go anywhere to get your inspiration and ideas but for those of you who want to see MY recommendations and what excites and inspires me it will be here and more importantly I will be here, Through better e-consults/home coaching, classes, downloads and new ways to work together that WILL work even better for you to get YOU where you want to be with your home in the coming year and decade.

Because don’t we need homes we love that comfort and shelter us more than ever from this crazy world?! Not just stuff and unattainable perfection but conversation and ideas about creating real homes for our families and lives. That is what I want to bring you in the next decade. Beauty + Inspiration with Authenticity.

I also celebrate a major anniversary this year, 15 years in this business! It is hard to believe this all began when my big teenager was just a newborn. How many of you remember this article that started it all. Much of the early part of my business and the next decade included e-consultations as we called them back in the day before instagram, even Pinterest and other apps. My online business grew even faster than my local business early on and eventually it became very overwhelming and I backed off accepting that type of consulting. And then my local work soared and now it has maxed me out somewhat. But I love them both. And I want to do to them both but better with more intention. I have just had crazy growth and I am grateful, it has been a wild ride! After nearly FIFTEEN years of this back of forth balancing both online and local clients (and raising kids, flipping houses, surviving divorce and hard transitions) I am ready to hone in on new services. I have spent time being mentored, coached, thinking, praying, and figuring out what mix of business works for our family and my clients moving forward. I will be talking more to you about this coming weeks both here and in your mailbox if you subscribe. It’s mind boggling how we can communicate and learn and create in 2020 compared to even 2012.

So I am rebooting much of my thinking and planning around digital and local services and how those offerings will look in 2020 and beyond.

Looking back I see God’s plan, wisdom and provision in the push and pull I have seen in myself and my business as far as working with clients online, then more local, then rethinking online and a healthy mix, classes etc. Even (or maybe especially) my personal trials have taught me so much about the home and priorities. It’s has been hard but beautiful to see how God does truly bring beauty from ashes. Easy? NO, but rich and full of lessons I wouldn’t trade and have me made more prepared me for this new chapter!

Some amazing local projects I have worked on the last 5 years have really taught me so much about every aspect of style and design at all budget levels. I am ready to share all of this with my wider audience online. That is exciting!

I have learned so much through both life and big design projects in recent years and I am ready to share some of that with you here! I have good nuggets that can be used at any level in your home. I have realized I can’t travel to every state or take every project and work with everyone individually but there are so many ways we CAN work together and create in the next decade! I can’t wait to inspire and help you with your homes in the coming years!

And as all working women know, so much of our work life reflects our seasons with our children and what we are able to do when they are napping versus driving etc. Hard to believe I have been decorating that long but it is here and I am grateful for the road and all of the lessons and ready to bring some of that back to you here, ONLINE!

So stay tuned. I am here for you as we wade through this mountain of content on social media and all of the home sites and real life. I know it’s a lot y’all. It is a lot for me. But we can keep it in perspective and keep the main thing the main thing as we create homes in the years to come!

Homemaking should be a joy not stressful or anxious and I want to help you navigate and feel good about your spaces so you can live life!

Drop me a note in comments if you have thoughts on any specific download sheets on online class you would like to see from Holly Mathis Interiors.

Maybe a series on paint colors, a course on kitchen remodel tips and tricks, how to navigate choosing a home builder? Or just my favorite ceiling fans or shopping hacks? I know I have asked this before probably and I have heard from some of you and it has helped me get to this place.

Don’t be shy, tell me what you see out there and like, don’t like and would like to see HERE!

[A note about LOCAL projects: I am booked locally for Spring/Summer 2020 but please email if you want to get on waiting list for Fall 2020 and tell me about your local project if you live in Brenham or Round Top, Texas area]

Round Top + an update

The fall 2019 show is coming soon. Tents are already going up around Round Top and surrounding areas for Texas Antique Week. Hard to believe, it doesn’t feel like “Fall” for sure but along with Friday Night Lights, and school buses running up and down the road, we have hope for an eventual fall right?;

Cover art by Round Top artist Natalie Hadaway

I spent some time today going through the fall issue of the Round Top Antiques Show Guide put out by the Round Top Register and y’all it is a great issue!

KUDOS to you Round Top Register and everyone who worked on this issue, it is organized and easy to follow and CHALK FULL of great information to plan any type of Round Top adventure.

And this is not a sponsored post. I just get many emails and messages each show asking for tips and this really is a helpful source for anyone.

And for me personally this fall and Holly Mathis Interiors???? I am not doing any classes or pop ups in the near future. I do not currently have a storefront or public space to visit I am back to home studio and that is okay, more than okay. I am finding it a good life y’all, a sweet spot. Content. I am happily busy with private residential projects and want to devote my full attention to those clients. Very grateful for some great projects. I do have a waiting list for small “mini” projects if you would like help with something small in your home. Late fall or 2020 are def a possibility. Just shoot me an email at holly@hollymathisnteriors.com and I will try to get back to you asap and see if we are a good fit. Please keep in mind I continue my work going into my 15th year of decorating as a SOLO-Entrepeneur. Meaning I do it all (most of it, my saintly mother does lots of errands and school runs and LAUNDRY bless her soul seriously) but business wise I do it all including answering emails, scheduling appointments, site visits, etc so I don’t always get to everything and can’t take every project. I am sorry if you have reached via instagram or some other way and we were not able to connect. This is never a slight toward anyone. This is just how I am working this season. Expansion only seems more complicated to me. This is how I attempt to balance making a living, creating and motherhood. I know based on capitalism and the “world’s standards” to borrow a trigger phrase; I need an assistant and to grow wisely and purposefully. Or maybe not. Maybe I am living my purpose and doing great just the way I am doing things. What a revolutionary thought for me. This is where I am right now and I am learning to lean in to it and give it my best where I am at the moment. In time I will expand possibly or not. BUT right now I am focusing only on the consulting and design work right in front of me. My goal is to give my current clients building or remodeling homes my very best.

Who knows what may come down the road…more local classes, a podcast, e-classes, home coaching, an enneagram and the home focus, a BOOK, a real estate component to the business, a partnership or storefront..who knows but for this year this season I am 100% all in with my residential clients and my BOYS who are growing like big beautiful weeds that need lots of tending and love! I refuse to waste this sweet time in my life as a mother and creative feeling like I am professionally inept, unsuccessful an/or behind in work if I am not producing workshops, dollars, instagram videos and content at every point and turn. It is just exactly enough working on my clients homes and raising my boys in fact it is MORE than enough . . .it is a good place! A sweet spot and just enough for right now.

Thank you to all of the people that have had so much patience and love for me, my kids, and my business through my divorce recovery. It is not very professional to mix personal and business I know BUT it is real life and that is what this blog has always been. Call me the holistic decorator maybe. Or just a little crazy for oversharing but small businesses and PEOPLE can not help but be affected when sickness or tragedy hit. And y’all it takes time to get over things. And humans are behind all of this content and creativity you see online and in magazines. We are not machines. I am amazed this business has not only survived but thrived, what a miracle. I am FINALLY excited for the days to come. But not rushing, there is a time to every season and a purpose to every thing under heaven. Amiright?


True Blue Home~ A New Chapter

True Blue Home, the brick and mortar store I helped develop in 2015 with the Taylor family, is closing in Chappell Hill, Texas. You have probably already heard on social media but for those of you not on instagram or facebook, I wanted you to be sure and know about the new season for this wonderful store and family.

Yes, the physical doors are closing for now. BUT the online presence of TBH will remain and be growing so keep watch. I know Cindy plans to expand monogramming and still offer some of the customer faves, including this monogrammed pillow below. We have discussed collaborating on in depth and hopefully we will be able to offer it online soon. Other items are planned for the online store as well.

TBH evolved from the first building into the bistro space and this is just another step in that odyssey. Jane Gianarelli  first and later sketches of the storefronts and Meg from Belle & Union’s branding for the shop will always make my heart flutter…so many talented people worked on, loved and nurtured this business and mission! Thank you to the photographers, seamstresses, stylists, best shop girls  and craftsman that worked on this dream.  I was honored to be a small part, especially in that grueling but sweet time in the beginning of this dream!

That spot and tese drapes!

I am sad but also excited for the Taylor family as they enter this new season.  Brian and Cindy’s youngest daughter is the same age as my oldest Drew and they are in high school!  Time is precious and goes oh so fast.  Cindy loves being a shopkeeper but life is layered and full and I admire the way she has come to this decision.  Read her facebook post here for more.

I hear lots of people saying “brick and mortar” is dead and “its just so hard” and it is not easy BUT I DO think it is still possible and I think TBH is a great example along with what Ben and Erin Napier are doing in Laurel, Mississippi and Ballad of the Bird Dog in our own county!  Yes brick and mortar is tricky but it is not fading into the past completely!

So if your dream is to be Meg Ryan with a bookshop don’t give up. All is not lost.  ES we all love to shop on Amazon and Nordstrom on a Sunday morning in cozy socks or at 2 am BUT there is still a need for connection and community too in local shops. 

God bless you to the Taylor family and True Blue Home.  Don’t miss the big sale going on…Today would be a great day to drive out to the country and visit! They will be open Tue-Sat ~10-5 pm for the sale until further notice.

And thank you TBH family for letting me a part of this journey.  And keep shopping local when you can y’all!

#shoplocal #truebluehome


Cute Brenham house!

First off, this is NOT a sponsored post. But the yellow front door and visions of how one of my favorite fabrics would look in this house have me eager to share. This house has just been remodeled in my old neighborhood, east Brenham! I love this part of Brenham because it has so much history and and there are many diamonds in the rough ready for revitalization! East Brenham reminds me of the Houston Heights somewhat. This house is on a corner of Gayhill and Crockett..and its two streets over from the cutest street in town in my opinion (any idea the name of that street local experts)??

This house the original wood floors and some great patterned tile in the master bath and laundry.  I love how they used both blue and white and black and white.  The kitchen is a blank slate with subway tile and a great hood and range. I love how they took the tile to the ceiling.  

The house also has great doors I noticed, something rare in a remodel at this price range.  All of the detail and finish work is really nice again for this price range.  It has new roof, windows, siding, paint, just need a fence and a patio umbrella! 

SO ready for a s summer party and back to school for a family!

just add Fabric love

I ca also see a Lauren Ross-like skirt on this island maybe ..so many possibilities for this house!  

If you are nearby and house shopping, def go see the blue paint and cute tile!

I think the master bath vanity and barn door are Behr Color of the Year Blueprint

or maybe BM Newburyport Blue??..love th0se colors!

Blank slate, walls are all Repose Gray paint on the walls (I think) I can see a great gallery wall and Turkish rug in here!

#brenhamrealestate #renovationsdoneright #woodfloors #sofresh #blankslate #happilyeverafter #smalltownliving

Contact Cyndee Smith at Oldham Goodnan Group to see this home….Good job #teamknowles!

Mount Vernon Part One (of Many)

This home in Washington County is so special.  The homeowners and I (and their architect and builder and many wonderful craftsmen) have been working for some time to see this beauty finally emerge and boy is it emerging to be everything we hoped!

Every site visit I am so excited to see it come to life and near completion!


Is there anything better than the smell of sawdust and fresh paint and the sound of saws and hammers!  Not to me!  

These colors are soft but fresh and feel so organic and fitting to their landscape, especially with the wildflowers still blooming just outside!

Most of the house is painted BM Pale Oak, SW Eider White with dark accents of SW Dorian Gray and SW Classic French Gray.  And SW Peppercorn in one very special room!  We may be discussing a drinking game with the aim of naming these colors!  The top color is custom just for the lady of the house!

I like to think Mr A. Hayes Town himself would approve of this color palette, I am so pleased with how they play of one another and the natural light. Not all my doing, the homeowners did a lot of samples and comparing colors, total team effort to get to this point.  Houses like this don’t just happen! I couldn’t help but think of this famous image of him today when I saw this Duxbury and Classic French Gray paint on the walls!

More to come including some wonderful exterior photos and brick flooring and grasscloth.  Also I am hoping the homeowners will let me share some of the tips and tricks they learned in researching some historic Natchez, Mississippi, paint colors!  They did their homework. It’s been such a joy to be a part..amazing team of architectural design, builder, craftsmen and more.  Including Fischer Tile of Brenham Texas and JM Floors. I can’t wait to see the lighting via True Blue Home installed and marble via BRENHAM AREA MARBLE in place.

#mountvernon #hollymathisinteriors #buildinghousesbuildinghomes

Round Top 2019

Round Top is in full swing..this is an oldie but goodie with precious Rachel and Clover of NewStory Media..so much to do, so much to share.  Check here and here for show times and lot of info.  I know it can be overwhelming but just hit the road, pack a hat and extra jacket, grab some water and boots and just head out and see what you can find!  You can tell how long ago this was by the bubble necklace lol!


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